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Which 3D Printer should I buy? is the most common question we at 3D Hubs are asked.

We reached out to our global community of Hubs to learn from their experience and see what they thought of the 3D Printers they own. The 2015 3D Printer Guide is based on the reviews of 2,279 verified 3D Printer owners. Their collective 1623 years of 3D Printing experience coupled with 317,000 prints completed on 235 different 3D Printer models, makes this the most comprehensive guide available.

Together with our community we explored the different aspects that make a great 3D Printer. We investigated the following parameters; print quality, ease-of-use, build quality, reliability, failure rate, customer service, community, running expenses, openness, software and value.

In this guide you'll be able to find the top Printers for 5 different categories: Enthusiast Printers, Plug-n-Play Printers, Kit/DIY Printers, Budget Printers, and last but not least Resin Printers. In total 18 models made it to the top of our communities' list. With reliability in mind, only printers with more than 10 reviews are included in the guide.

Our Printer Index includes all 67 3D Printers that didn't make it to the top of their categories. Only Printers with more than 5 reviews are displayed in the Index.

A big thank you to our community. Without you, the 2015 3D Printer Guide would not be possible.

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