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Current (Take.5) Program

Enter Google Map of All Artists Here Suggested Donation $1-15 — Venmo @Falls-Kennedy ~ Proceeds will be evenly distributed among the artists. ~ Location 1: Entrance to Harry’s Wall — Molly Gorin Title: “Draw Me In” Choreographer: Molly Gorin Performer: Molly Gorin Sound: "Dance Only With Me" by Blossom Dearie Instagram: @mollygorin Website: Location 2: Benches — Augie Sherman Title: “you were saying” Choreographer: Augie Sherman Performer: Augie Sherman Sound: "Water" by Sō Percussion, Matmos Instagram: @augiesherms Website: Location 3: Rotunda — Phoebe Ballard & Natalie Stehly Title: “go again” Choreographers: Phoebe Ballard and Natalie Stehly Performers: Phoebe Ballard and Natalie Stehly Instagram: @pballard41 @nataliestehly Website:

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