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Location 4: Grieg Statue — Eleanor, Katherine, & Yuma Title: “Miniature Improvisations” Choreographers: Improvised based on a loose score created by the artists. Performers: Eleanor Altholz, Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim, Yuma Uesaka Sound (Live): Katherine Kyu Hyeon Lim and Yuma Uesaka Notes: This is an improvisational performance, which will include ten minutes of 1-2 minute miniature improvisations, and an extended 25-30 minute free improvisation. We are thinking about the spectrum between blending in and standing out, especially in the context of performing in public places. Instagrams: @el_lenore @katherineviolin @yumasax Websites: Katherine: Yuma: Location 5: Stairs/Trees — Emily Kessler Title: “Warbler” Choreographer: Emily Kessler Performer: Emily Kessler Instagram: Website: Location 6: Railing/Lawn — Project Herkimer Title: “Project Herkimer” Choreographers: Paris Cullen, Shannon Yu, Sarah Zucchero, MJ Markovitz, Bri Nerud, Colson Lynn Performers: Paris Cullen, Shannon Yu, Sarah Zucchero, MJ Markovitz, Bri Nerud, Colson Lynn Notes: We are Project Herkimer, a collective of six queer movement artists currently sharing a home in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Inspired by playful improvisation, connecting with one another, objects in our living room, and the abundance of an empty day of quarantine, we come together as six babies to share love and creativity through performance. Hailing from different parts of the country and world, with different dance backgrounds including everything from breaking to ballet to salsa, we each bring a unique skill set, way of thinking, and flavor to the creation table. Instagram: @pariecullen @hsiangru.yu @thatsacarefulzoo @mjmarkovitz @stitchforealz_ @cocoblynn

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