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Location 7: Wall — Amanda Stambrosky Title: “Kermit” Choreographer: Amanda Stambrosky Performers: Amanda Stambrosky Sound: LCD Soundsystem, Kermit (voiced by Jim Henson) Notes: I still love New York Instagram: @astambrosky Location 8: Enclave by Pond — Noa Weiss & Paolina Marina Title: “End Titles” Choreographer: Noa Rui-Piin Weiss Performers: Paolina Marina Gómez-Gonzales and Noa Rui-Piin Weiss Sound: Compiled by Noa Rui-Piin Weiss, edited by Robert Boston Notes: This is a request for 8 minutes of your attention. Stick around for the whole thing if you want :) Instagram: @weiss.soserious; Location 9: Behind Lincoln Statue — JP Viernes Title: “fall grooves, prospect park 10/3/2020” Choreographer: JP Viernes Performer: JP Viernes Sound: Music may include works by Camera Obscura, Coleman Hawkins, Frank Ocean, Twisted Pine, and The Quebe Sisters Notes: “The most beautiful part of your body is where it’s headed." - Ocean Vuong to dance percussively is to amplify our bodies. this specific style of amplified movement, tap, is a Black American dance form whose history spans genre and geography. to appreciate tap dance is to appreciate rhythms brought by enslaved West Africans; jigs from Irish and Scottish migrants; styles from minstrelsy, vaudeville, Broadway, and Hollywood; and innovations from swing, bebop, hip-hop, and Afro-Caribbean music. my amplified improvisation goes out to being a voice, insisting on our futures, and taking care of ourselves and each other as we head out of 2020. enjoy the grooves! Instagram: @jpfriday Websites:

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