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Amanda Alessandra Andrade dos Santos
Content thumbnail Why interactive digital Content? And why with Relayto?
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Why interactive digital Content? And why with Relayto?

What Relayto can offer in this amazing new way to engage your target.

The world today demands us to be agile and organised. However, we produce and consume an incredible amount of information all the time.

Now, I invite you to imagine how long it takes for you to organise your company's information for managing purposes or even to prepare a presentation for a client. How long does it take for you? I do believe it takes hours, perhaps days. And that is exhausting, right?

I know you don't want to spend so much of your time organising files. So thinking about the importance of your time, Relayto invites you to discover the new way to prepare presentations and optimise your information: The Digital Content Experience.

With the interactive Digital Content Experience is easier to explore all the possibilities of presenting and sharing your ideas at their maximum, expanding the best of your work to your target, and everything whenever and whatever you want.

And Relayto transforms your PDF files into a unique interactive experience for your clients in simple steps:

1: Upload your PDF files

2: Organise and optimise your content the way you wish by utilising our delivered tools

3: Generate your own personalized content experience 

4: Provide your clients with a whole new digital experience.


Relayto delivers reports and data analyses based on your audience engagement. So you can boost your interactions, sharing possibilities and customer engagement by creating Scrollable Microsites, Interactive Presentations, Web Publications and Flipbooks.

Optimise your work with Relayto. The number one interactive experience platform.



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