Consumer Behavior Audit

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AUDIT THE MARKETING WORK WITH WINE & SPIRITS AGENCY INDUSTRY EXPERTS We are deeply connected and networked within the wine & spirits industry, so you can trust that we are the experts FOR WINE & you need to market your spirits. We only hire former or current bartenders who have SPIRITS other specialized marketing skills, so that everyone involved with your brand understands the wine & spirits world from the inside out. BRANDS All of our team stays up on trends not just in the marketing scene, but also for cocktails, spirits, and what’s happening in bars and restaurants around the world. Every photo or video shoot features a specialized beverage stylist to make sure your product is presented correctly by industry standards.

About Us A spirited team passionate about elevating the industry. Our driving mission as an agency is to elevate the beverage industry by merging bartender fundamentals with alcohol brand Twist & Tailor wants to see a world in marketing strategies and approaching the which wine & spirits brands are focused beverage brand marketing with an industry- on providing the best experience for their holistic approach. customers. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT? We bring expert end-use technical experience to digital marketing by utilizing bartenders-turned-creatives who intimately understand the consumer use of the products.

SPIRITS BRANDS ARE DETACHED THE FROM THEIR CONSUMERS BY SHEER TRUCTURE OF THE INDUSTRY-WIDE INDUSTRY We’re talking about that notorious three-tier system. It keeps spirits brands distanced from the people actually PROBLEM enjoying their product. The problems we’ve seen arise from this is a very obvious lack of understanding from spirits brands about how their consumers like to use their product. In practice, this looks like spirits brands thinking their spirits brand is mostly enjoyed by af昀氀uent women, when in fact it’s blue collar men with a lot of disposable incomes who are their main consumer. Or it looks like spirits brands posting incorrect cocktail recipes, or showing overservice in their photos, or only posting neat pours of their product when most are enjoying it in cocktails. We see it all the time, from small brands to huge brands that everyone knows.

WHO KNOWS THE MOST ABOUT OUR HOW PEOPLE DRINK SPIRITS? BARTENDERS SOLUTION Our agency only hires bartenders-turned-marketers, because they’re the ones who’ve put in the hours talking to YOUR customers about how they best like to enjoy their liquor. We bring the decades of experience and knowledge of our team to the table to help you better understand how your product is enjoyed. We lean on our years of service in the industry, as well as our deep connections to those who have helped shape the industry to provide insight to your brand to help you succeed. It’s our guiding belief that brand success is found in understanding the customer and shaping the brand around their needs and desires. Your brand is the guide. The customer is the hero. It’s your brand’s job to lead them where they are trying to go. So let’s 昀椀gure out how to do that... by asking them.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AUDIT Brand Audit • Competition Analysis • Brand Clarity • Brand Cohesion • Brand Ef昀椀cacy Marketing Audit • Digital Marketing Funnel • Online Brand Presence • Email Marketing • Traditional Marketing Customer Audit • Customer Email Survey • Current Customer Data Analysis • Advertising Data Analysis Opportunities • Easy Wins • Long Term Gains

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AUDIT Brand Audit We’ll look at your current brand and provide a report on the following: Competition • We’ll look at how your brand is stacking up against current competition, industry leaders, and peers. Brand Clarity • We’ll look at your current brand elements in market and make sure they are saying what you want them to say. • We provide reports on what elements might need new “translation” from internal brand memos into customer-speak. Brand Cohesion • We’ll look at all the pieces of your brand that are being put out and make sure they all work cohesively. Sometimes outside eyes can see some confusion in the mix.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AUDIT Marketing Audit We’ll look at your current marketing efforts and provide a report on the following: Digital Marketing Funnel • Do you have at least the minimum to move customers through a digital funnel? Online Brand Presence • How well is your brand showing up for customers on social media/web site/ email. • This includes an SEO optimization report Email Marketing • Assessment of your current email marketing and report on what can be optimized, what is missing, and what is working and why. Traditional Marketing • Assessment of your current traditional marketing efforts and report on what can be optimized, what is missing, and what is working and why.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AUDIT Customer Audit We’ll look at your customers who have already bought from you and 昀椀nd data on their demographics, behavior, and preferences: Customer Email Survey • We will run an email survey to get your own customers’ words about your brand, and provide a report based on the 昀椀ndings, as well as the results of the survey. Current Customer Data Analysis • A look at demographics of your current customers, as well as a customer cohort report assessing consumer behavior. Advertising Data Analysis • A look at demographics from your advertising, and analysis of the results.

CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AUDIT Opportunities This part of the report will sum up our 昀椀ndings and assess opportunities for your brand Easy Wins • The name says it all. We want to 昀椀nd quick and easy ways for your brand to take our 昀椀ndings and put them to use. Long Term Gains • What are some long-term opportunities your brand can start to look at and tackle?

BREAK THROUGH STRATEGY PACKAGE Includes Everything in the Consumer Behavior Audit, plus: Experts Panel We introduce your brand to 4 bartenders from various restaurant and bar types, and provide insight into their initial perception of your brand and product. Half of the panel will include a blind taste test with thoughts, and the second half will be about the bottle/label/and visual branding of the product. In-Depth Customer Research We will schedule calls with 3-5 of your current or previous customers to ask them about their perception of the brand and product on a recorded call. We’ll provide the recording and our analysis after. Marketing Strategy • Covers 6-12 months of marketing strategy and includes a PDF 昀椀le of the following: • Category Analysis • Brand Architecture • Cocktail Strategy • Consumer Analysis • Brand Vision • Channels Strategy • Competition Analysis • Brand Persona • Content Pillars • Opportunity • Customer Avatar(s) • Brand Tone

What Our Marketing Strategy Includes • Category Analysis • Consumer Analysis TEGY • Competition Analysis • Opportunity • Brand Architecture • Brand Vision • Brand Persona • Customer Avatar(s) • Cocktail Strategy • Channels Strategy • Content Pillars • Brand Tone This can be added on to th Consumer Behavior Audit for an additional $3,500. We don’t do cookie-cutter. Every Marketing Strategy is different, based on the needs and growth stage of the client. This does not include the implementation and execution of the strategy. There is no long-term commitment - you can work with us to execute or let your in- house team do the heavy lifting, whatever you prefer. You’ll walk away with the Strategy as a solidi昀椀ed plan to enact your marketing goals. MARKETING STRA

吀栀e T&T Team the perfect team for the job. Our Team is Composed Of Industry Experts The industry is held so important to us and our team. All of our team of experience in the food and beverage industry, and have a passion for elevating it.

Meet Agency Director, Andi Whiskey Andi started her 昀椀rst business Her passion for customer at 16 years old, and never held experience in service guides a normal job since. She cut her everything she does. She has teeth working in the creative been behind a camera since world when she started a she 昀椀rst picked up her 昀椀rst skateboard magazine in 2010. Canon in Long Beach, and the She went on to run a private repeating comment on her event bartending business service is how amazing and in LA, where she bartended comfortable the experience at celebrities’ homes and is to work with her. In 2020, events. Among her many using her storied background other businesses, she later in marketing and business, she founded a luxury barbershop founded Twist & Tailor to help for celebrities, music artists, elevate the beverage industry producers, and VIP clientele in she had fallen so in love with. Nashville, TN.

Meet Creative Director, Nemo Whiskey Nemo is the literal hands of He has an extensive history the operation. He helped start behind the bar. His approach to Twist & Tailor as bartender cocktails is nerdy and he’s often and hand model. Soon after described as a mad scientist. founding the agency with His graphic design background Andi, he was designing cocktail lends to his scuplture-artist- books and packaging design approach to crafting cocktails. for brands around the world. He holds the bar high for the He has crafted thousands of cocktail content we put out in custom cocktail recipes for over any form. 300 brands since starting T&T in 2020. You can 昀椀nd them in You can trust your brand’s style bars and restaurants and on and presentation in his hands. brand sales sheets around the world.

BAR-EXPERIENCED CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS We have found that most spirits brands lack a thorough understanding of the end use of their product. Our industry uniquely has professionals who are well-versed and trained in the W end use of the products: bartenders. We approach all of our marketing services with the bartender mindset of guest-昀椀rst. What do they like, what do they generally prefer, and how can we craft the experience to 昀椀t OUR CRE their desires best.

Our Experience Some Brands We’ve Worked With Weller Garrison Brothers Other Industry related clients: Jefferson’s TX Whiskey James Beard Foundation Angel’s Envy Old Elk Richard Sandoval Highland Park Bird Dog Sean Brock Woody Creek XOBC Cellars Google Woodinville Jack Daniels Lyft Priest Ranch Wine NEFT Nestle Stranahan’s St. George Spirits Jenny Craig Corralejo Tequila Busker Resy Templeton Purity Vodka Torres Brandy Linden Leaf We’ve worked with over 400 labels in 2.5 years, so we can’t list them all here. See more at:

TWIST & TAILOR At Your Service We would love the opportunity to work on this project for you. Let us know what you need, and we’re here to help make it happen. Contact: Andi Whiskey Agency Director 213-293-9689 [email protected]

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