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This section should contain detailed information about all medicines that are in hospitals (date of delivery, quantity, expiration date, field of use, side effects, etc.). This section will help keep track of medical stocks and other essential medical supplies. Billing & Finance All financial information (services payment, bills, salaries, etc.) should be stored here. Insurance This section should contain all the hospital’s insurances (number of insurances, types of insurances, amount of insurances, insurance period, etc.). Statistical reports This section should display all reports and all hospital statistics. Depending on what you want to analyze, you can customize the statistics output. For example, you want to know about the number of successful surgeries performed over the last six months. You enter this section and see a report on the surgeries performed for the previous six months and their results. Then you can check statistics of successful and unsuccessful surgeries. Ready-made vs. Custom Solution Before delving into the hospital management system feature list and capabilities of each software kind, let us first define what they mean. Ready-made hospital management system It is a ready-to-use hospital management system that focuses on regular hospital operations. It is usually wholly created following the fundamental requirements of each hospital and is quite simple to implement.

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