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S 01 Ep 22 | From Operational Roles to Marketing Genius: Domestic & General's Sustainability Mission | Show notes

Gayle Terry is a customer-focused commercial leader with 20 years of experience in the financial services and utility industries. She's the CMO of Domestic & General group and President of Domestic & General US. D&G is the leading appliance care provider worldwide with a century-long history and over 3,000 employees.


Gayle Terry is a customer-focused commercial leader with 20 years of experience in the financial services and utility industries.

She's the CMO and President of Domestic & General US, the leading appliance care provider worldwide with over a century of history and over 3000 employees.



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Exploring Customer Experience and Marketing Strategies 



Domestic in general started out, as you say, over 100 years ago ensuring cattle and sheep right. So not long after the Titanic went down there was a need all of a sudden right to have protection and insurance on your livestock...



Really, what we want to do is put ourselves right at the center ofmake surand when that moment of truth around. Something's broken down, your washing machine is pouring water over the floor. How do we get out to make sure that customer gets the solution that they need as quickly as possible and get them back up and running?



The speakers discuss the special sauce of Gayle Terry's success as CMO and President of Domestic & General US Business. Gayle started in operational roles before moving into customer retention and product development, and eventually marketing. She emphasizes the importance of connecting with the customer experience and engaging employees that are delivering it. She also talks about Domestic & General's 100-year-old brand and how they have pivoted and specialized in appliances and consumer electronics in the last 20-30 years. Finally, the speakers explore how the company has changed the insurance industry by launching a subscription protection pay-as-you-go policy.





Marketing Builds Brands, Expands Into Markets



Alex and Gayle explore how Domestic & General's US business has created a brand experience that allows them to maintain customer loyalty and keep the client-customer relationship alive. 









Driving Change and Innovation in Organizations



Make sure you recruit people that don't look and kind of behave or have the same experience as yourself, right, because that doesn't get you, that doesn't really get you anywhere if you're surrounded by lots of people that are similar to you...



Success beats success. And when, um, you're surrounded by good people and you're empowering them and giving them their chance to shine. 



Gayle Terry's strategies for fostering a successful team and her approach to driving innovation and change within large organizations are discussed. Gayle emphasizes the importance of surrounding herself with good people and being open to learning and listening when tackling new topics. 





Future of a Hundred-Year-Old Brand



Gayle Terry's approach to creating a holistic customer experience is explored. Her strategies for Domestic & General US Business are discussed, showing how she has used her marketing background to empower her team to think more holistically about customer journeys.






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