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S 01 | Ep 30 Breaking the Mold: Integrating Personal and Professional Growth for Success | Show notes

Alan Lazaros is the host of the Next Level University podcast and CEO of Next Level University. With over 1,500 episodes broadcast, his podcast ranks among the top podcasts for self-development. Alan's expertise extends beyond the mic; he's a peak performance business coach, using his background in computer engineering and an MBA to offer unique insights. Boasting 900K+ listens, and a global presence in 160+ countries, Alan Lazaros is a powerhouse in the world of self-improvement and entrepreneurial guidance!



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The Power of Being Real in Work & Life 



Everyone I've ever met is either more into professional development or personal development. What I've found really fascinating is that people who are into professional development tend to be very successful in their careers and, quite frankly, wealthy. And the people into personal development are not necessarily very well off career-wise. I never fully understood it. (Alan Lazaros)


Alan Lazaros, CEO of Next Level University and a seasoned podcaster, joins Experience-focused Leaders to talk about something important: blending personal and professional growth. Alan's journey began years ago when he realized a surprising divide: many folks focus on either personal or professional development, rarely both.

He's noticed a trend: those into professional growth often ace their careers but might struggle in personal relationships. On the flip side, those keen on personal development thrive in relationships but might lag in their careers. Alan's coaching experiences across different countries have shown this pattern repeatedly.

What's missing, he suggests, is integrating personal and professional growth. Alan believes success lies in being authentic in both aspects of life. He urges us to break down the barrier between these two worlds to achieve genuine success.

Joined by Alex Shevelenko, they discuss how authentic relationships impact business communication. Their chat hints at a simple yet powerful idea: being true to ourselves not only makes us better at work but also in life. 





Balancing Work, Family, and Purpose


I think being a parent forces you to grow up in a way that maybe even an entrepreneur doesn't. You feel more in control over a startup, as crazy as that may be, or a high-growth company than you would be over a one-year-old, two-year-old, or 13-year-old with raging hormones. (Alex Shevelenko)


Alex and Alan discuss how work and personal life aren’t separate entities but interconnected experiences. They highlight how being a parent or a leader offers similar lessons and how these lessons often go unnoticed.

They challenge the idea of work-life balance, saying it's outdated, especially in today's tech-driven world. Alan shares his experience working closely with his partner, showing how work and personal life blend together.

They talk about pursuing a meaningful life over just seeking happiness. They share stories about the effort behind seemingly perfect moments, emphasizing that true fulfillment comes from facing challenges and pursuing purpose.









Growth, Meaning, and Co-Creation


Life isn't supposed to be easy, it's hard. But despite that inevitable truth, you can make something of yourself. You can make something of your life and have a deeply meaningful life of growth and contribution. (Alan Lazaros)

Alan talks about the real deal behind life's shiny appearances, emphasizing that everything valuable comes with struggle. He shares his tough upbringing and how it shaped his belief that growth and meaning stem from facing difficulties.

Shifting to B2B empowerment, Alex discusses engaging audiences by creating meaningful connections rather than passive content. Alan compares life's journey to climbing Mount Everest, focusing on guiding people through their personal growth stages.

He stresses the importance of learning and aiding others, highlighting that his advice aligns with his own practices. This conversation reminds us that facing challenges is key to a meaningful life journey and helping others along the way.





Lead by Example and Engage Through Action 


The people in the industry that don't lead by example, it's just been heartbreaking. I had so many heroes. (Alan Lazaros)


Alan shares his commitment to lead by example, vowing to only advocate for things he's done or is doing. He addresses the disillusionment he faced in the self-help industry, witnessing idols fall short of their portrayed personas.






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