Why Opt For React Native Framework for App Development Project?


11 Reasons to Opt React Native Framework for App Development Project Cross-platform development is trending among developers worldwide. When it comes to cross- platform development, React Native technology is the first thing that comes to mind. The reasons why React Native is so popular among developers for building mobile apps are its fast performance, flawless development, and synchronous API. These aspects and many others are helping React Native gain immense popularity across the world. Apart from the above reasons, there are many other reasons why you need to hire an expert React Native app developer to work on the next project. Enables Cross-platform App Development With React Native you can use a single platform to build a robust & impressive apps over multiple platforms. If you opt for cross-platform development, Need to have proficiency with native UI ibraries, native APIs, and hybrid app development. Faster App Development With a single code, you can cutdown the chances of identifying https://brainstreamtechnolabs.com/react-native-app-development/ the bugs in React Native app development. So, this helps create an MVPmodel for your product faster than before. It helps you launch the MVP version of your app within less time. Helps Update Apps Without Accessing App There is no more the concern with Code Push which is utilized by React Native & Apache Cordova. The app gets updated automatically in run time with App Center cloud service. This helps users view the changes without re-installing the app. Offers Budget-friendly Solutions Undoubtedly, React Native apps can be developed faster as it doesn’t need separate code for Android & iOS apps. It helps save time and in turn money as well. So, it turns out to be budget-friendly for start-ups to enterprises. Offers A Simple Process For Development Hot Reload is one of the vital features of React Native. This feature allows the app developers to preview the code and how it works parallelly with coding. It helps the developers make sure that there are fewer errors and app becomes bug-free. Appears Like A Native App React Native lets your app utilize native elements in the mobile design. Hence, Apps appear and function like native apps. It enhances the overall user experience. Also, React utilizes similar building blocks for Android and iOS. Similar Programming Makes Process Simple When building an app with React Native, the main code base utilizes a similar programming language for iOS and Android. The app can be recompiled easily without making any changes to the framework. Plenty Of Ready-made Libraries React Native comes with tons of ready-made libraries and solutions that make the development task easier. The excellent tools and libraries that come with React Native help you build cloud-native apps. Users Get A Personalized User Experience(UX) Developers can offer personalized user experience to every user on the same app. Personalization is possible with React Native to a greater extent wherein you can personalize style for every user and user group. It helps them enjoy their own customized UX. Third-party plugins The challenge of using the existing components, again and again, can be resolved by using 3rd party plug-ins. You will find a range of options to link the processes. Well, these options support seamless running and faster loading. Developer Availability One of the main reasons to utilize React Native is the availa- bility of developers and a large community base. You can find React Native developers easily. For More Details [email protected] +91 635 364 1990 www.brainstreamtechnolabs.com