Jamaica Independence Gala NY Journal 2023

The Journal of Jamaica Independence Gala Held at the New York Hilton Midtown

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st Jamaica 61 Independence Gala, New York Presentation of Flags National Anthems – United States & Jamaica Maxine Reyes Mistresses of Ceremonies Checkey Beckford Journalist, NBC Khadine Hylton Media Personality, Attorney at Law Invocation Rev. Edward-Richard Hinds The Rugby Deliverance Tabernacle Welcome Alsion Wilson, OD Consul General of Jamaica, New York Greetings and Introduction of Keynote Speaker Senator The Honourable Kamina Johnson Smith Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Keynote Speaker The Most Honourable Andrew Holness, ON, PC, MP Prime Minister of Jamaica Dinner Presentation of Awards Orville “Shaggy” Burrell, CD Stephen Facey, CD Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton Marc Jerome Marlon Lindsay The Hon. Sheryl Lee Ralph, OJ Assistant Chief Ruel Stephenson Vote of Thanks alerie Gray, Esq. V Entertainment Derrick Barnett and 吀栀e Statement Band Road International 5 5

HIS EXCELLENCY THE MOST HONOURABLE SIR PATRICK ALLEN, ON, GCMG, CD, KST.J GOVERNOR-GENERAL OF JAMAICA “Journey to Greatness” My fellow Jamaicans at home and in the Diaspora: st I am honored to address you on this signi昀椀cant day, as we celebrate the 61 anniversary of our na琀椀on’s Independence under the theme, “61: Proud and Strong”. This moment marks the triumph of our forebears’ vision, the strength of our people, and the enduring spirit of our great na琀椀on. For six decades and coun琀椀ng, we have steadfastly navigated our collec琀椀ve journey, resiliently shaping our des琀椀ny. Over the years, we have shown that unity, when coupled with an unwavering commitment to our na琀椀onal ethos, can create ripples of change powerful enough to surmount the tallest mountains. In the areas of technology, infrastructure, healthcare, educa琀椀on, and social jus琀椀ce, we have made strides worthy of recogni琀椀on. Each sector has contributed invaluably to the development and growth of our na琀椀on. Your 琀椀reless e昀昀orts, the sacri昀椀ces you make, and your unwavering commitment, are the bedrock of our na琀椀onal success. So we are here today, not merely because of our predecessors, but also due to your leadership and service. And for this I most sincerely thank all of you. Even as we celebrate this historic milestone, we are aware of the uncertain 琀椀mes that lie ahead. Our world is constantly evolving, bringing forth complex challenges that test our for琀椀tude and resilience. I will not downplay these challenges, but today I want to reassure you that our collec琀椀ve strength, crea琀椀vity, and spirit are migh琀椀er than the challenges. In the words of the esteemed writer, J.K. Rowling, “We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.” Our na琀椀on is a testament to this truth. Our history is punctuated with instances where we turned adversity into opportunity, brought light into the dark, and inspired hope amidst despair. In the face of looming uncertain琀椀es, let us not forget our past triumphs in all the sectors of our country. These are not just markers of our history, but torches to light our way forward. Together, we have the power to shape our future, no ma琀琀er the challenges that stand in our path. Helen Keller reminds us that, “Alone we can do so li琀琀le; together we can do so much” The power of collec琀椀ve ac琀椀on, the power of uni昀椀ed purpose, has been and will always be, our greatest strength. As we chart the course for the next chapter in our na琀椀on’s history, I humbly ask each of you to recommit to the work at hand. Let us carry with us the lessons of the past, the ambi琀椀ons of the present, and the dreams of a brighter future. With our combined e昀昀ort, there is no limit to what we can achieve. May our country forever stand as a beacon of unity, resilience, and progress. The future is not something that just happens. It is up to us to create it. Happy Independence Day Jamaica, “land we love!” 6 6

THE MOST HONOURABLE ANDREW HOLNESS, ON, MP, PC PRIME MINISTER OF JAMAICA I am pleased to extend warm Jamaican gree琀椀ngs to the Consulate General of Jamaica as well as the esteemed a琀琀endees marking Jamaica’s 61st anniversary of independence with a gala event. This momentous occasion not only commemorates our na琀椀on’s rich history but also pays tribute to the remarkable achievements of our people who have made invaluable contribu琀椀ons to their homeland. The Consulate General of Jamaica has been a steadfast advocate and guardian of our Jamaican heritage, pro- mo琀椀ng our vibrant culture, tradi琀椀ons, and values around the world. Their 琀椀reless e昀昀orts in fostering strong bonds with the Jamaican diaspora and represen琀椀ng our na琀椀on with integrity and excellence are truly com- mendable. As you gather to celebrate this signi昀椀cant milestone, I encourage you to re昀氀ect on the progress we have made as a na琀椀on and the countless contribu琀椀ons our people have made to society. Jamaica’s journey has been one of resilience, innova琀椀on, and determina琀椀on, and it is through events like this gala, that we recognize and honour the indomitable spirit of our people. I am pleased that the Consulate General of Jamaica has organized this gala event which will bring our people together in a 琀椀me of celebra琀椀on, re昀氀ec琀椀on and forecas琀椀ng, as we turn our eyes to the future we want for our great na琀椀on. Importantly, this event represents the Consulate’s con琀椀nued commitment to showcasing the best of Jamaica and fostering unity and goodwill. st So, as we come together to celebrate Jamaica’s 61 year of independence, let us con琀椀nue to embrace our shared values of unity, inclusivity, and resilience. May this gala serve as a reminder of the strength and beauty of our na琀椀on and inspire us to strive for even greater heights in the years to come. I know this celebra琀椀on will be a successful and memorable one, 昀椀lled with joy and a renewed sense of pride and purpose as we embrace our Jamaican iden琀椀ty and con琀椀nue to chart our path towards a future of peace and prosperity for all our people. God bless Jamaica, and God bless all Jamaicans, at home and abroad. 7 7

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SENATOR THE HONOURABLE KAMINA JOHNSON SMITH Minister of Foreign A昀昀airs and Foreign Trade Fellow Jamaicans, We celebrate yet another milestone in our na琀椀on’s history, 昀椀lled with pride at our many triumphs and sober apprecia琀椀on that the journey of na琀椀on-building con琀椀nues. This year, we embrace the theme “Jamaica 61, Proud and Strong”, honouring the bold and courageous a琀琀ributes of the Jamaican people, which have remained evident throughout the years. As we re昀氀ect on and celebrate our many accomplishments, we pause to also acknowledge the struggles of the brave men and women who helped to pave the way for our Independence and the establishment of na琀椀onhood. Today, we embrace this milestone with much vigor and enthusiasm, cognizant that over the last six decades, Jamaica has steadfastly punched above her weight, making contribu琀椀ons far greater than might be expected of a na琀椀on our size. On the interna琀椀onal stage, Jamaicans are trailblazers in many 昀椀elds, with sports and music among the most notable, represen琀椀ng the na琀椀on proud and strong. As we commemorate our 61st anniversary, we note with utmost pride that Jamaica reached the semi-昀椀nals of the CONCACAF Gold Cup 2023 and has quali昀椀ed for the 2023 Netball World Cup, and the FIFA Women’s World Cup for the second consecu琀椀ve tournament. Likewise, our world-class track and 昀椀eld athletes are well on their way to defend their 琀椀tles and reach new heights at the World Athle琀椀cs Championships to be held in Budapest, Hungary later this August. On the na琀椀onal front, the Jamaican economy has been performing well by every measure. Indicators con琀椀nue to show pos- i琀椀ve signs for con琀椀nued growth, development and prosperity. Jamaica’s economic stability and recovery in spite of myriad global challenges, is a great accomplishment which has gained recogni琀椀on and acclaim by our interna琀椀onal partners. This has undoubtedly been recorded with the support of our Diaspora. The Government remains commi琀琀ed to this longstanding partnership with you and looks forward to your con琀椀nued collabora琀椀on as cri琀椀cal players in na琀椀on-building. As we celebrate these and many other achievements, we are also working assiduously to overcome the challenges which confront us as a na琀椀on, including in the areas of crime and security. We are commi琀琀ed to implemen琀椀ng innova琀椀ve ap- proaches towards crime 昀椀gh琀椀ng, strengthened by the greatest level of investment in na琀椀onal security in Jamaica’s history, as well as appropriate social interven琀椀on programmes and legisla琀椀ve reform. Our unmatched e昀昀orts also include vast improve- ments in policing facili琀椀es, recruitment and training, to strengthen ins琀椀tu琀椀onal capacity. Our e昀昀orts have been bearing fruit, including a double digit decrease in major crimes. These challenges have been deeply entrenched for years, and so we s琀椀ll have a di昀케cult road ahead, but be assured that we are commi琀琀ed to this journey and that Jamaica is becoming a safer and more peaceful country of which we can all be proud. Buoyed by our na琀椀onal aspira琀椀on towards cons琀椀tu琀椀onal reform and the transi琀椀on from a cons琀椀tu琀椀onal monarchy to a republic, this year’s anniversary of independence takes on added signi昀椀cance as we embark on this genera琀椀on-de昀椀ning project. The Diaspora is a cri琀椀cal stakeholder in this process, and arrangements have been put in place to have your input on this all-important ma琀琀er. As our resilience con琀椀nues to shine in this post-pandemic era, as Minister of Foreign A昀昀airs and Foreign Trade, I look forward to Jamaica’s increased visibility within the various geopoli琀椀cal spheres of interest and in昀氀uence. Jamaica also depends on you to be good ambassadors, who are fully involved in crea琀椀ng linkages that increase our interna琀椀onal prospects. I therefore welcome re-energized engagements with our global Diaspora, including at the 10th Biennial Jamaica Diaspora Conference to be held in June 2024. In the spirit of patrio琀椀sm and unity, let us con琀椀nue to forge the legacies that we desire, let us charge ourselves with the will to work collec琀椀vely at home and abroad, with dedica琀椀on and commitment, making “Jamaica 61, Proud and Strong”, anoth- er mantra to build on. Happy Independence 2023! 9 9

吀栀e Honourable ALANDO TERRELONGE Minister of State in the Ministry of Foreign A昀昀airs and Foreign Trade Fellow Jamaicans in the Diaspora, Happy Independence to you all! This year, we commemorate our anniversary of Independence under the theme, “Jamaica 61: Proud and Strong”, one which epitomises the popular Jamaican adage, “wi likkle but wi tallawah”. In de昀椀ance of our compara琀椀vely small physical size, as a country and as a people, we exude resilience, for琀椀tude and determina琀椀on - intrinsic quali琀椀es imparted to us by our forebearers over hundreds of years. The Jamaica we call home today, is the legacy of our ancestors and the manifesta- 琀椀on of our con琀椀nued quest for prosperity and development. This is a reality of which we must never lose sight. A blessed na琀椀on, Jamaica con琀椀nues to shine in the interna琀椀onal arena, receiving many accolades, supported by a strong brand, driven mainly by our cultural, sport and ar琀椀s琀椀c a琀琀ributes and the na琀椀onal characteris琀椀cs that de昀椀ne us. As we recall the struggles for independence, we are reminded of the seminal role ingenuity, courage and vision have played in uni琀椀ng our people in the call to freedom and to stand up against injus琀椀ce. We can take our encouragement from the past to inspire us to reap new victories in the years ahead. Our Independence anniversary is also a 琀椀me for celebra琀椀on and we take great pride in the various ac琀椀vi琀椀es that are or- ganised, both locally and across the global diaspora, to commemorate our rich cultural heritage. In par琀椀cular, we must also re昀氀ect upon and pay homage to our magni昀椀cent African legacy and our mighty ancestors who fought and sacri昀椀ced their lives to win our freedom from the period of enslavement as pronounced in the edict of Emancipa琀椀on 185 years ago. These events represent a signi昀椀cant investment in keeping our heritage alive, for “a people without knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” This also allows for the further development of projects and programmes to engage our diaspora, connect them with their glorious roots, and empower them with the knowledge that they are descended from a proud and strong people. For we must never forget that the same strength and resilience of our forebearers course through our veins and 昀氀ourish across nd rd th the diaspora in the untapped resources of 2 3 and 4 genera琀椀ons of LIT Jamaican youth who no doubt have a role to play in Leading, Inspiring and Transforming not just their communi琀椀es abroad, but also in making a posi琀椀ve impact to the further growth, sustainable development and prosperity of Jamaica. Consequently, I am forever mindful that our youth is a cri琀椀cal cohort in our development agenda and I am commi琀琀ed to pursuing ini琀椀a琀椀ves for their engagement in the Diaspora. It is my convic琀椀on that our enduring cultural heritage, an endow- ment which we share as a people, remains an important lever in enabling greater connec琀椀vity and empowerment, as we seek to further advance our development agenda. As we look ahead, the Government of Jamaica remains steadfast in our duty to build our great na琀椀on in alignment with Vision 2030, our Na琀椀onal Development plan. It is signi昀椀cant that the Na琀椀onal Diaspora Policy is also 昀椀rmly aligned with Vi- sion 2030. As Minister of State with responsibility for Diaspora A昀昀airs, this singular fact is an important focus of my e昀昀orts. My vision for Diaspora engagement is anchored in the commonali琀椀es that unify us and the collec琀椀ve thrust in our mutual Jamaica-Diaspora partnership. The full implementa琀椀on of the Na琀椀onal Diaspora Policy requires con琀椀nued dedica琀椀on and commitment, even as we draw on the experiences of the past to re昀椀ne and re-energise a robust approach going forward. st On this our 61 Anniversary of Independence, let us re-dedicate ourselves in unwavering service to our homeland, to our fellow Jamaicans, to our brothers and sisters. Let us enlarge the boundaries of Brand Jamaica into the depths of lands not usually trodden, as we play our part to advance the welfare of the whole human race and con琀椀nue to make Jamaica “proud and strong”. 10 10

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Michele Rollins Honorary Patron st It is exci琀椀ng to share this 61 Anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence, hosted by our Consulate General of Jamaica in associa琀椀on with Jamaica’s Promise. The Country has grown on so many levels, a tourist MECCA for the world, the Jamaican stock exchange as the center of its business community. But Jamaica’s largest contribu琀椀on to the western world is its people. Whether it is the nurses deployed around the globe or its hospitality personnel in all corners of the vaca琀椀on world, the Jamaican people are the essence of what is Jamaica. I sat in a co昀昀ee shop in Ukraine and listened to Bob Marley before the Russian invasion- the music, the musician- recognizable everywhere. I’ve eaten jerk seasoned food on several con琀椀nents. The world even recognizes Scotchies, the jerk center of Jamai- ca. The fruits and vegetables, the pumpkin soup and of course THE MANGO. Brown stewed chicken, escovitched snapper are all part of the sensory appeal of Jamaica. The wellness center emphasizes the herbs and spices that contribute to good health and provide healing. The landscape of fabulous 昀氀owers and vegeta琀椀on welcoming visitors and Jamaican alike when we step o昀昀 the plane. Jamaica has come of age with the World Bank President, Ajay Banga, having high praises for Jamaica’s current eco- nomic health, no琀椀ng that the country has managed its macro situa琀椀on very well with growth surpassing pre-COVID levels. The na琀椀onal debt policy, favoured by both poli琀椀cal par琀椀es, has delivered debt now below pre-covid levels. Jamaica has “grown into its skin” while the government tackle issues of crime, educa琀椀on, health, and infrastructure to name a few. The Rollins family looks forward to the next decades of Jamaica’s development. Rose Hall was created in 1963. We have watched Jamaica grow. What will the next sixty-one years mean to this island jewel? My thanks to you all for suppor琀椀ng and a琀琀ending this great event. You are what makes Jamaica great! 12 12

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Checkey Beckford is a seasoned, Emmy® Award-winning reporter for NBC 4 New York with nearly 20 year’s experience as a journalist. She covers breaking news and general assignment stories, appearing weekdays at 5 PM, 6 PM and 11 PM. Ms. Beckford’s repor琀椀ng was a key component of NBC 4 New York’s award-winning COVID-19 coverage, honored in Jan- uary 2021 with the pres琀椀gious Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award for “creat(ing) a 360 view in real 琀椀me of the coronavirus pandemic, with courageous and thorough repor琀椀ng on the virus’s explosion in New York City.” The duPont has long been recognized as the broadcast, documentary, and on-line equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize, also awarded by Columbia University. Her commitment to journalis琀椀c excellence has been recognized with two New York Emmys® for her coverage of the 2017 Tribeca terrorist a琀琀acks. She was also presented with ESSENCE Magazine’s “Essen琀椀al Heroes Award,” recognizing her cov- erage of 2020’s COVID-19 outbreak. Throughout her 琀椀me at NBC 4, Ms. Beckford has covered many of the region’s most memorable news stories. In addi琀椀on to the Tribeca a琀琀acks, Ms. Beckford provided breaking news coverage of Superstorm Sandy in 2012, New York City’s ebola scare in 2014, the deadly Metro-North crash in Valhalla in 2015, and the twin mur- ders of NYPD O昀케cers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos in 2015. Checkey Beckford joined NBC 4 New York as a general assignment reporter in October 2012 from KOVR CBS13 in Sacra- mento, CA where she served as a live reporter for dayside newscasts. She began her career at WPTV in West Palm Beach, Florida, where she was hired as an associate producer. Here, Ms. Beckford was promoted twice in one year to weekend morning producer and then weekday morning producer. Prior to joining KOVR CBS13, Ms. Beckford was a live reporter for WICD/WICS in Champaign/Spring昀椀eld, IL where she shot, wrote, and edited mul琀椀ple stories for the 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 10 p.m. newscasts. A proud daughter of Jamaica, Ms. Beckford immigrated to the U.S. when she was 昀椀ve. She grew up in Westchester County and Palm Beach County, FL where she a琀琀ended Florida Atlan琀椀c University receiving her bachelor’s degree in Communica- 琀椀ons with Minors in Poli琀椀cal Science and Sociology. In her spare 琀椀me, Ms. Beckford enjoys mentoring young women who aspire to go to college and begin careers in journal- ism. She resides with her family in New Jersey. 14 14

Khadine Hylton Khadine Hylton, popularly known as Miss Ki琀琀y, is a Jamaican radio & television personality, actress, author, emcee, voiceover talent entertainer and mo琀椀va琀椀onal speaker. She has become one of the most popular female hosts in media as the “昀氀u昀昀y diva" urging women that beauty doesn't stop at 'size zero', along with her famed "Lalalalalala". She ac琀椀vely entered the entertainment scene in 1999 when she hosted RJR 94FM's Youth Factor. However, it was decided that she would not limit herself, and thus ventured into other areas in the media. Thanks to her sparkling personality, she was recruited by cable channel Reggae Entertainment Television (RETV) to serve as host for their VIP Backstage feature. She has interviewed and networked with various promoters as well as interna琀椀onal recording ar琀椀stes from all over the world. The 昀氀oodgates were opened, and she has not slowed down since. Miss Ki琀琀y has hosted signature events like Reggae Sumfest and Rebel Salute. She has also hosted the 2007 Fully Loaded concert alongside Hot 97’s Jabba from New York City and Jamaica's Tony 'Mentally ill' Ma琀琀erhorn, the most visible and a琀琀ended STING stage show in 2013 which was aired on Pay Per View, several other high pro昀椀le entertainment events and was a staple judge on the popular TV series “Magnum Kins & Queens of Dancehall”. Her fun and undeniable stage presence has made her the 'go-to-di- va' for hos琀椀ng events. Always one to broaden her knowledge base and experience she has delved into standup comedy by both hos琀椀ng and presen琀椀ng at the lty & FancyCat Christmas Comedy Cook Up Comedy Show. She has appeared in the epic movie Des琀椀ny alongside singer Christopher Mar琀椀n and Karrian Sang and has also appeared in popular music videos by Mr. Vegas and pla琀椀num selling ar琀椀ste Shaggy. She has also been featured on several songs including Grammy Award Winning Rapper Eve. It is no surprise that she was a columnist in the JAMAICA STAR newspaper column dubbed Talk di Tings. A stunning MC and media personality, Ms. Ki琀琀y purred entertainment magic on Na琀椀onwide 90FM's with Miss Ki琀琀y Live for a decade, closing the chapter in December 2022. During that 琀椀me, she started the Miss Ki琀琀y School Life tour; a project to edify and entertain high school students across Jamaica. In 2018, as part of her civic duty and responsibility she launched the Miss Ki琀琀y Blood Drive to emboldened the e昀昀orts of the Na- 琀椀onal Blood Bank of Jamaica. The 昀椀rst year of this ini琀椀a琀椀ve saw 122 units of blood collected, while 147 units and 200 units were collected in the second and third years respec琀椀vely. Known for her uncanny ability to e昀昀ortlessly move from the 'Queen's English' to the Jamaican 'patois', she has cap琀椀vated a wide fan base that spans from two years old to ninety-nine years old. She con琀椀nues to strive for bigger, be琀琀er, and extraordinary things. We've come to know her for being the fun, fashionable, 昀氀u昀昀y and fabulous diva who reigns on both the big screen and on the airwaves. In 2018, she graduated as one of the top students from the Faculty of Law, with a Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of the West Indies and was elected Class Valedictorian. In 2021, she was one of three persons honored by the Governor General of Jamaica with the special 30th Anniversary Governor General's Achievement Awards (GGAA) for Excellence and Valuable Contribu- 琀椀ons to Community Development. Never one to limit herself, she is now an A琀琀orney-at-Law a昀琀er being called to the Bar in 2020. 15 15


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Orville “Shaggy” Burrell, CD Orville Richard Burrell, be琀琀er known as Shaggy, emerged from Kingston, Jamaica, and made a signi昀椀cant mark in the music industry. His journey began as an MC in New York City’s thriving dancehall scene a昀琀er reloca琀椀ng to Brooklyn during his teenage years. Following a period of service in the U.S. Marines, including ac琀椀ve duty in the Middle East during Opera琀椀on Desert Storm, Shaggy’s music career soared with the release of his debut hit, “Oh Carolina,” which became a global crossover sensa琀椀on. Shaggy’s success is undeniable, with over 40 million album units sold and eight singles on the Billboard Hot 100. His impact is immortalized in being the only dancehall ar琀椀st to achieve diamond-selling status. Moreover, his music has found a permanent place on the Billboard 200, with seven albums char琀椀ng, including four in the top 40. In the realm of streaming, Shaggy is among the top three most-streamed reggae ar琀椀sts of all 琀椀me on Spo琀椀fy. Notably, Shaggy’s career is punctuated by remarkable milestones and awards. His collabora琀椀on with S琀椀ng, the album “44/876,” was honored with the Best Reggae Album award at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards. This collabora琀椀on, along with his unparalleled talent, contributed to his consistently high streaming numbers and album chart posi琀椀ons. Moreover, Shaggy’s “Banana,” a viral hit with Conkarah, garnered over 2 billion streams and ignited a global #bananadrop TikTok challenge with 5 billion video views. Shaggy’s in昀氀uence extends beyond music. He is recognized for his humanitarian e昀昀orts, having established the Shaggy Make a Di昀昀erence Founda琀椀on in 2009. His annual Shaggy & Friends bene昀椀t concerts have raised mil- lions of dollars for the Bustamante Children’s Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. His commitment to community and homeland strengthens his legacy. In recent years, Shaggy’s prowess has graced television screens, including a cap琀椀va琀椀ng performance as Space Bunny on Fox’s The Masked Singer. His rendi琀椀on of classic songs like “Jump in the Line” and “All Night Long (All Night)” showcased his 琀椀meless charm and musical versa琀椀lity. Collabora琀椀ons with fellow icons Sean Paul and Spice have propelled him to the top of the reggae charts, and his weekly radio show, Shaggy’s Yaad, on SiriusXM FLY, o昀昀ers insights into his Jamaican heritage’s musical history. Shaggy’s in昀氀uence is set to con琀椀nue with his soca-inspired EP, “In the Mood,” which celebrates the vibrancy of Caribbean Carnival tradi琀椀ons. Addi琀椀onally, his modern rendi琀椀on of “Electric Boogie” with Marcia Gri昀케ths and emerging female ar琀椀sts a琀琀ests to his las琀椀ng impact. Shaggy’s journey is not only a testament to his musical genius but also to his unwavering commitment to bringing joy to countless lives through his art. 17 18

Stephen Brian Facey, CD, BA, M. Arch. Stephen Brian Facey has played a key role in promo琀椀ng economic growth in Jamaica through his excep琀椀onal con- tribu琀椀ons to asset investment, real estate development, urban planning, philanthropy, and the preserva琀椀on of our cultural heritage. He has dedicated his life to the development of his island-na琀椀on home through his visionary leadership and endur- ing altruism. Mr. Facey’s contribu琀椀ons to the 昀椀nance and real estate sectors in Jamaica have been instrumental in crea琀椀ng opportuni琀椀es that have a琀琀racted both local and foreign investors. He has become a well-respected voice and was recognised with the inves琀椀ture of the na琀椀onal Order of Dis琀椀nc琀椀on, in the rank of Commander (CD). As Chairman of Pan Jamaica Group Limited, Mr. Facey has led the company through a number of transac琀椀ons that resulted in signi昀椀cant value crea琀椀on for all stakeholders, most recently the company’s amalgama琀椀on with Jamaica Producers Group Limited. He is Chairman of Jamaica Property Company Limited, Kingston Restora琀椀on Company Limited, the New Kingston Civic Associa琀椀on, and the Caribbean Policy Research Ins琀椀tute (CaPRI). He is a Director of Sagicor Group Jamaica Limited, Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited and Sagicor Financial Company Limited. While leading a well-diversi昀椀ed, Jamaican investment holding company and suppor琀椀ng mul琀椀ple chari琀椀es, Mr. Facey remains passionate about preserving Jamaica’s historical legacy. He supports the Na琀椀onal Gallery, a vital ins琀椀tu琀椀on in presen琀椀ng, promo琀椀ng and preserving Jamaican culture through art. Mr. Facey’s vision for revitalising Downtown Kingston as an iconic and culturally relevant space is truly inspiring. His passion for urban development was brought to life through the innova琀椀ve mixed-use facility ROK Residences and ROK Hotel Kingston, Tapestry Collec琀椀on by Hilton, which emerged from the former Oceana Hotel. In 2016, he led the design, development, construc琀椀on and opening of the 昀椀rst new, interna琀椀onally-昀氀agged hotel in Kingston in 30 years – the Courtyard by Marrio琀琀 Kingston, which is located across from the landmark Emancipa琀椀on Park. Mr. Facey’s social investments have made a signi昀椀cant impact in Jamaica. He is the Chairman of the Cecil Boswell Facey Founda琀椀on, the charitable arm of Pan Jamaica Group Limited, which supports local ini琀椀a琀椀ves focused on educa琀椀on, the arts, and the the environment. He also chairs the board of Jamaica Conserva琀椀on Partners whose stated purpose is to support Jamaica-based en琀椀琀椀es with long-term projects and programmes focused on environmental conserva琀椀on and sustainable environ- mental development. Mr. Facey’s dedica琀椀on, leadership, and philanthropy have made a signi昀椀cant and las琀椀ng impact on Jamaica. On behalf of the shareholders of Pan Jamaica Group Limited and the people of Jamaica, we o昀昀er our sincere gra琀椀tude and apprecia琀椀on for his excep琀椀onal contribu琀椀ons to the preserva琀椀on, development, and growth of our country. We wish him con琀椀nued success and happiness in his future endeavours 18 19

Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton is a Jamaican born board-cer琀椀昀椀ed NYC dermatologist with over 20 years of experience. She is the Medical Director of Ingleton Dermatology, where she serves as a na琀椀onal authority in general and cosme琀椀c dermatology, adult acne, and dermatologic surgery. Dr. Ingleton is widely recognized as an expert in trea琀椀ng skin of color. As the creator of ROSE Ingleton MD, a derma- tologist-developed skincare line, she has set a new standard in the 昀椀eld. Driven by her mission to educate the community, she has developed science-forward formulas that are both e昀昀ec琀椀ve and gentle for all skin tones. Dr. Ingleton's skincare line, ROSE Ingleton MD, is available at various reputable retailers, including Sephora.com, Thirteen Lune, Saks, Violet Grey, and rosemdskin.com. In addi琀椀on to her Medical Director role at Ingleton Dermatology and as the founder of ROSE Ingleton MD, Dr. Ingleton holds the posi琀椀on of Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital. She completed high school in Jamaica, a琀琀ending Wolmer’s Girls School. Dr. Ingleton earned her BA in Psychobiology from New York University and her medical degree from the University of Maryland. Her medical training includes comple琀椀ng an Internal Medicine residency at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York and a Dermatology residency at New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York. Dr. Ingleton is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and a member of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgeons, the Dermatology Society of New York, and Skin of Color Society. 19 20

Marc M. Jerome Marc Jerome is president of Bronx-based Monroe College, a recognized leader in urban educa琀椀on that delivers some of the best outcomes in the United States for 昀椀rst-genera琀椀on and interna琀椀onal students. He is the architect of many of the College’s pioneering ini琀椀a琀椀ves to improve college access, a昀昀ordability, and outcomes, including those created speci昀椀cally to bene昀椀t students in Jamaica and across the Carib- bean. Marc has dedicated his career to higher educa琀椀on, playing an integral role in leading the College for nearly three decades. Prior to his eleva琀椀on to President in January 2017, he served as Execu琀椀ve Vice President for 22 years. It was in that la琀琀er capacity that he personally welcomed Monroe’s very 昀椀rst interna琀椀onal students – all Jamaicans – to campus in 1995. A 琀椀reless champion for students, Marc is commi琀琀ed to helping students and their families improve their lives through educa琀椀on. This ins琀椀tu琀椀onal priority is re昀氀ected in the na琀椀onal recogni琀椀on Monroe has received during his leadership its strong impact on students’ social mobility. Marc graduated magna cum laude from Tu昀琀s University with a degree in Poli琀椀cal Science; he earned his juris doctor degree at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He and his wife, Helen, have three daughters. 20 21

Marlon Lindsay Marlon Lindsay is a Jamaican-born business leader and writer dedicated to empowering young people to achieve their full poten琀椀al. He is the Founder and CEO of 21stCentEd, an organiza琀椀on that specializes in delivering Comprehensive STEM™ educa琀椀on to school districts and communi琀椀es throughout the United States and the world. Marlon’s passion lies in equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathema琀椀cs (STEM) to thrive in the 21st century. Aside from his work in educa琀椀on, Marlon is also an accomplished author. He has wri琀琀en the book “Reminder to Self: The Eight Life Principles for Living From Your Truest Self,” which serves as a guide for individuals seeking to live authen琀椀cally and ful昀椀ll their personal and professional aspira琀椀ons. Addi琀椀onally, Marlon is a bestselling author of the book series STEM Century: It Takes A Village To Raise A 21st Century Graduate. Collabora琀椀ng with educators and thought leaders from around the world, he contributes to the series, which emphasizes the collec琀椀ve e昀昀ort required to prepare students for success in the modern era. Marlon’s dedica琀椀on to educa琀椀on and youth development extends beyond his role at 21stCentEd. He serves on various boards, including an appointment by the Governor of Utah to serve as a trust- ee of Mountainland Technical College (MTCEH), where he ac琀椀vely par琀椀cipates in shaping the ins琀椀- tu琀椀on’s strategies and ini琀椀a琀椀ves. Furthermore, he is involved with the STEM for Growth Founda琀椀on in Jamaica, which aims to promote and advance STEM educa琀椀on within the country, transforming it into a STEM Island. Marlon’s mul琀椀faceted involvement in educa琀椀on, entrepreneurship, and community engagement re昀氀ects his dedica琀椀on to improving educa琀椀onal outcomes and providing opportuni琀椀es for young people to succeed. 21 22

The Honourable Sheryl Lee Ralph, OJ Sheryl Lee Ralph has carved an illustrious path in the entertainment industry, spanning over three decades. She is cele- brated for her versa琀椀lity as an Emmy Winner, Golden Globe nominee, Cri琀椀cs Choice Winner, Tony Award nominee, NAACP Image Award nominee, and Independent Spirit Award winner. At present, Sheryl graces the screens on ABC's hit comedy series "Abbo琀琀 Elementary," portraying Barbara, a revered teacher. This workplace comedy, centered around a group of dedicated teachers, has received rave reviews, with Sheryl's performance earning her numerous accolades. Her portrayal garnered her the Outstanding Suppor琀椀ng Actress in a Come- dy Series Emmy award, the Cri琀椀cs Choice award for Best Suppor琀椀ng Actor, a Golden Globe nomina琀椀on, and recogni琀椀on at the Film Independent Spirit Awards and Hollywood Cri琀椀cs Associa琀椀on Awards. Her television journey has seen her excel in various roles, including her appearances in over 100 episodes of "Moesha" alongside Brandy, and a leading role opposite Tia Mowry in Nickelodeon's "Instant Mom." Notably, she starred with Jon Voight in Show琀椀me's "Ray Donovan" and has made guest appearances on several series, showcasing her dynamic range. Sheryl's cinema琀椀c endeavors are equally impressive. She has shared the screen with iconic names like Denzel Washington, Robert de Niro, Danny Glover, and Eddie Murphy. Her Independent Spirit Award for Best Suppor琀椀ng Actress is a testament to her impac琀昀ul performance in "To Sleep with Anger." She also le昀琀 her mark in "Sister Act II" alongside Whoopi Goldberg. Beyond ac琀椀ng, Sheryl has excelled as a writer and director. Her short 昀椀lm "Secrets," featuring Alfre Woodard and Robin Givens, earned recogni琀椀on in various compe琀椀琀椀ons and 昀椀lm fes琀椀vals. She is also the crea琀椀ve force behind the Jamerican Film and Music Fes琀椀val. Her recent movies include collabora琀椀ons with Morgan Freeman, Naturi Naughton, and Lena Waithe. Theater has witnessed Sheryl's ar琀椀stry as well. She originated the role of Deena Jones in the iconic Broadway musical "Dreamgirls," which garnered her Tony and Drama Desk Award nomina琀椀ons. Sheryl's recent Broadway appearance as Ma- dame Horrible in "Wicked" broke barriers as the 昀椀rst African-American actress to take on the role. Her producing credits extend to Broadway's "Thoughts of a Colored Man," a profound explora琀椀on of Black lives. Sheryl's debut book, "Rede昀椀ning Diva: Life Lessons from the Original Dreamgirl," achieved na琀椀onal bestseller status. Through her wri琀椀ng, she o昀昀ers personal insights into her journey, empowering others with courage, wit, and resilience. Beyond her ar琀椀s琀椀c endeavors, Sheryl's commitment to philanthropy and advocacy is remarkable. She founded the DIVA Founda琀椀on in memory of friends lost to HIV/AIDS, using her pla琀昀orm to raise awareness. Her enduring "Divas Simply Singing!" AIDS bene昀椀t event has gained recogni琀椀on as the longest consecu琀椀ve running musical AIDS bene昀椀t in the United States. She received the inaugural Red Ribbon Award at the UN for her impac琀昀ul use of the arts in HIV/AIDS ac琀椀vism. Jamaica's Ministry of Health appointed her as an AIDS Ambassador. In her personal life, Sheryl thrives as a devoted mother and spouse to Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Hughes. 22 23

Assistant Chief Ruel Stephenson Ruel Stephenson graduated from Xavarian High School in 1988 and went on to a琀琀end the College of St. Rose in Albany, New York for two years. He played Division 3 basketball during both years at The College of St. Rose. In February 2003, Assistant Chief Stephenson graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Jus琀椀ce with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Jus琀椀ce, and in May, 2020 he obtained a Master’s degree in Criminal Jus琀椀ce. On June 30, 1995, he joined the New York City Police Department as a Police O昀케cer and a昀琀er gradua琀椀ng the Police Academy he was assigned to the 70th Precinct in East Flatbush, the community where he was raised. With his hard work and ambi琀椀on, he steadily elevated through the ranks. He successfully passed three compe琀椀琀椀ve promo琀椀onal exams and was promoted to Sergeant on September 29th, 2000, to Lieutenant on November 23, 2004, and to Captain on December 23rd, 2008. On September 22, 2010, he was assigned as Commanding O昀케cer of the 30th Precinct. On October 31, 2011, he received a Discre琀椀onary promo琀椀on to Deputy Inspector from Police Commissioner Raymond Kel- ly. On April 7, 2013, he was assigned as the Commanding O昀케cer of the 47th. On November 25, 2014, he was promoted to Inspector by Police Commissioner William Bra琀琀on. On November 21, 2017, he was promoted to Deputy Chief by Police Commissioner James O’Neil and was transferred to the Housing Bureau. On August 31, 2020, he was transferred to Patrol Borough Brooklyn South where he was assigned as the Execu琀椀ve O昀케cer. He is currently assigned as the Com- manding O昀케cer of Patrol Borough Manha琀琀an North since his promo琀椀on to Assistant Chief on April 28, 2023. During his tenure as Commanding O昀케cer in the 30th & 47th Precinct, Assistant Chief Ruel Stephenson shared a gen- uine bond with the community. He had a great rela琀椀onship with the community and demonstrated a commitment to reduce crime and improve the quality of life for all community residents while maintaining a level of respect and trust. In order to achieve this, he quickly recognized the importance of linking neighborhood residents, speci昀椀cally the youth, to the New York City Police Department. Incorpora琀椀ng this as a top priority in his management style as a precinct com- mander, he inspired the development of the West Harlem Empowerment Coali琀椀on (WHEC) to achieve greater youth involvement and coopera琀椀on in crea琀椀ng a be琀琀er quality of life. A key component in building a rela琀椀onship of trust and coopera琀椀on between the police and the community was the use of the clergy as a liaison between the police depart- ment and various congrega琀椀ons and faith base groups in the community. Assistant Chief Stephenson prides himself in fostering one of the strongest and most commi琀琀ed Precinct Clergy Pro- gram in the 30th precinct, Patrol Borough Manha琀琀an North, and the 47th Precinct, the Patrol Borough Bronx. He start- ed a program called Building Bridges, which was designed to foster a more trus琀椀ng rela琀椀onship between community members and police personnel. Police O昀케cers were charged with ini琀椀a琀椀ng posi琀椀ve contacts with community residents to ul琀椀mately open avenues for be琀琀er lines of communica琀椀on as it relates to informa琀椀on exchange and increase shared policing by both community members and the police. U琀椀lizing the community as a resource, Assistant Chief Stephen- son organized several outreach programs geared at assis琀椀ng disadvantaged families and improving community police rela琀椀ons. Programs such as, “47 Precinct Back to School Giveaway”, “47 Precinct Turkey Giveaway”, “47 Precinct Annual Toy Drive”, “47 Precinct Annual Senior Dinner”, “47 Precinct Memorial 5k Run”, “Call 2 Duty” (police o昀케cer youth men- torship group), “Shoot Hoops Not Youth” (basketball tournament, cops vs gang/crew & rival crews against each other). As a result of the implementa琀椀on of these various programs and other crime 昀椀gh琀椀ng strategies the 47th precinct recorded a record low in overall violence (homicides, shoo琀椀ng incidents and shoo琀椀ng vic琀椀ms) in year ending 2015. Assistant Chief Ruel Stephenson is married to his wife Andrea and from this union he has three children, Dyondra (26), Jenaye (22) and Ruel, Jr. (20). During his leisure 琀椀me, he enjoys playing basketball, cross training and running. He com- pleted two full New York City marathons (26.2 miles each) and two New York City Half marathons (13.1 miles). Assistant Chief Ruel Stephenson is widely known for his engaging manner and calm demeanor and those who have worked with him throughout his career in the New York City Police Department will also recognize that beneath that composed, genial exterior is a very disciplined, dedicated, and humble man. 23 24



The Consulate General of Jamaica, New York OUR MISSION To promote and safeguard the interests of Jamaica and its na琀椀onals in the thirty-three (33) States of the United States of America which fall under its jurisdic琀椀on, as well as the territories of Puerto Rico and Bermuda. To strengthen partnership with the Jamaican Diaspora in a manner that is mutually bene昀椀cial to the well-being of the Diaspora and the country’s na琀椀onal development processes. To promote the Government of Jamaica’s Economic Diplomacy Programme, by leveraging poten琀椀al business connec琀椀ons and partners in pursuit of commercially viable and investment-oriented opportuni琀椀es for Jamaica and its Diaspora. OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES AND VALUES People • Partnership • Integrity • Excellence • Na琀椀onal Pride •Strong Work Ethic 24 27

Jamaica’s Promise Jamaica’s Promise started in 2001 when Ambassador Audrey Marks approached the then- U.S. Secretary of State, Jamaican-American General Colin Powell, asking for his support in crea琀椀ng a founda琀椀on modeled a昀琀er his Amer- ica’s Promise founda琀椀on, speci昀椀cally catering to Jamaica. Since then, in her capacity as the patron for Jamaica's Promise, Ambassador Marks has con琀椀nued to develop a comprehensive system by which to support Jamaica's youths; through mediums ranging from scholarship funds and fundraising to direct mentorship. Jamaica's Promise seeks to mobilize resources from Jamaicans both at home & abroad, and friends of Jamaica, for the purpose of allevia琀椀ng the social condi琀椀ons, lack of educa琀椀on and skill training on the Island. Inspired by America's Promise, Jamaica's Promise targets young people between the ages of 0 to 25 who are unable to pursue their educa琀椀on or skill training due to economic challenges. Jamaica's Promise will increase access to invaluable resources and opportuni琀椀es for these at-risk youths. We are a voluntary, non-pro昀椀t organiza琀椀on that provides the resources and support needed by local organiza琀椀ons to improve the educa琀椀on and training of young people from disadvantaged circumstances and communi琀椀es and your 昀椀nancial and or technical support as a sponsor will be vital in the successful execu琀椀on of our development and humanitarian projects. Just as America's Promise Alliance is the largest cross-sector alliance of nonpro昀椀t, community organiza琀椀ons, businesses, and government organiza琀椀on dedicated to improving the lives of young people in the United States, Jamaica's Promise intends to bring together the private and public sector with the common goal of advancing the welfare of Jamaica's underprivileged youths. 25 28

Dashanelle Bailey CASE - College of Agriculture, Science and Educa琀椀on A notable writer once penned these words of wisdom which I have adopted as my mantra “The price of success is hard work dedica琀椀on, to the job at hand, and the determina琀椀on that whether we win or lose, we have ap- plied the best of ourselves to the task at hand”. A humble girl from St. Elizabeth with big dreams now a young lady making her dreams a reality. I never thought I could achieve such a pres琀椀gious award. Being granted this opportunity really opened my eyes and showed me what I’m capable of doing. The scholarship made me want to excel more. It made me feel like I could achieve anything. It was an award to myself telling me well done! You are doing good!. One of the biggest ways the scholarship has impacted me is by easing my 昀椀nancial burdens. Overall, the scholarship has had a huge impact on my personal growth and character development. It has helped me to become more con昀椀dent and self-assured, and it has given me the mo琀椀va琀椀on to pursue my dreams and aspira琀椀ons. I’m so grateful for the support of the donors who made this scholarship possible, and I want to encourage others to donate to support students like me who are trying to Dashanelle Bailey achieve their goals. With a heart 昀椀lled with joy I say a big THANK YOU to the Jamaica 60 Diamond Jubilee Scholarship commi琀琀ee and all CASE -College of Agriculture, Science and Education who contributed to making my dreams a reality. A notable writer once penned these words of wisdom which I have adopted as my mantra “The price of success is hard work dedication, to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand". Arianna Buchanan A humble girl from St. Elizabeth with big dreams now a young lady making her dreams a reality. Sam Sharpe Teachers College I never thought I could achieve such a prestigious award. Being granted this opportunity really opened my eyes and showed me what I’m capable of doing. The scholarship made me want to excel more. It made me feel like I could achieve anything. It was an award to myself telling me I am immensely grateful – and I don’t think I will ever stop being grateful – for being chosen as a recipient of the well done! You are doing good!. Jamaica 60 Diamond Jubilee Scholarship. This scholarship has been a life-changing gi昀琀, posi琀椀vely in昀氀uencing my One of the biggest ways the scholarship has impacted me is by easing my financial burdens. academic journey. Overall, the scholarship has had a huge impact on my personal growth and character development. It has helped me to become more confident and self-assured, and it has given me the motivation to pursue my dreams and aspirations. I'm so grateful for the support of the The 昀椀nancial support provided has been a tremendous relief for both me and my mother. With the burden of donors who made this scholarship possible, and I want to encourage others to donate to searching for my 昀椀nal year school fees li昀琀ed, we could allocate the funds to essen琀椀al needs like uniforms, school support students like me who are trying to achieve their goals. With a heart filled with joy I say a shoes, and school materials without any major sacri昀椀ce. It has truly eased our 昀椀nancial stress. Furthermore, the scholarship has reignited my sense of con昀椀dence and ambi琀椀on, for my future, in me. It further pushed me to pursue my dream of studying for a Master’s in La琀椀n American and Iberian Culture studies, as well as Language, Culture, and History. Ini琀椀ally, I worried about the 昀椀nancial burden, past and future, but my mother’s encouragement and the scholarship’s assistance Arianna Buchanan have alleviated some concerns. Sam SharpeTeachersCollege The impact extends beyond me. It has inspired me to help others, knowing 昀椀rsthand how crucial support can be. I aspire to un- derstand and assist people from diverse backgrounds, teaching and empowering them to reach their poten琀椀al. I want to express hear琀昀elt gra琀椀tude to the donors for their incredible generosity. Your belief in my poten琀椀al and investment in my future I am immensely grateful – and I don’t think I will ever stop being grateful – for being have made a signi昀椀cant di昀昀erence. I had considered many 琀椀mes giving up on my educa琀椀on, and the future I wanted, to ease my mother’s 昀椀nancial burden, but your support has changed my life and mo琀椀vates me to make a posi琀椀ve impact on the world. I encourage you, our chosen as a recipient of the Jamaica 60 Diamond Jubilee Scholarship. This scholarship has poten琀椀al donors, to con琀椀nue your vital work. Your contribu琀椀ons provide hope and opportuni琀椀es for students facing di昀케cult circumstances. Your kindness has inspired me and countless others to pursue our dreams and pay forward the assistance we have received. been a life-changing gift, positively influencing my academic journey. In conclusion, thank you for the Jamaica 60 Diamond Jubilee Scholarship. I promise to make the most of this opportunity and strive to be a responsible and compassionate ci琀椀zen, contribu琀椀ng posi琀椀vely to society. Your kindness has inspired me to work harder to- The financial support provided has been a tremendous relief for both me and my wards my goals and help others in their journeys. mother. With the burden of searching for my final year school fees lifted, we could allocate Demoy Calvin the funds to essential needs like uniforms, school shoes, and school materials without any University of the West Indies major sacrifice. It has truly eased our financial stress. The scholarship I received has been an incredible gi昀琀, li昀琀ing the heavy burden of 昀椀nancial worries during my 昀椀rst semester. With this newfound freedom, I can wholeheartedly focus on my studies, without the fear of being excluded from exams or facing deregistra琀椀on. Furthermore, the scholarship has reignited my sense of confidence and ambition, for In the past, I grappled with doubts about my pursuit of medicine, despite my parents’ unwavering encourage- ment and support. The relentless struggle to make ends meet cast a shadow of self-doubt upon my aspira琀椀ons, my future, in me. It further pushed me to pursue my dream of studying for a Master's in Latin making me ques琀椀on if I was being sel昀椀sh in following my dreams. However, the 琀椀des turned when my prayers were answered and the benevolence of several scholarship providers came to my aid, a昀케rming that my journey American and Iberian Culture studies, as well as Language, Culture, and History. Initially, I was meant to be. worried about the financial burden, past and future, but my mother’s encouragement and the Demoy Calvin The Jamaica 60 Diamond Jubilee Scholarship shines as a beacon of hope, illumina琀椀ng my path and 昀椀lling me with con昀椀dence in my chosen University of the West Indies voca琀椀on. I am deeply grateful to the Consulate General of Jamaica for their commendable e昀昀orts in raising funds to help students in need, scholarship's assistance have alleviated some concerns. The scholarship I received has been an incredible gift, lifting the heavy burden of financial fostering dreams for a brighter future. worries during my first semester. With this newfound freedom, I can wholeheartedly focus on I want to extend my hear琀昀elt thanks to the donors who have generously contributed to this ini琀椀a琀椀ve. Your support makes all the di昀昀erence, my studies, without the fear of being excluded from exams or facing deregistration. and I implore you to con琀椀nue helping others like me, paving the way for their dreams to come true. In the past, I grappled with doubts about my pursuit of medicine, despite my parents' unwavering encouragement and support. The relentless struggle to make ends meet cast a One day I yearn to extend a helping hand to those who face challenges akin to those I have encountered. I aspire to pay forward the bless- shadow of self-doubt upon my aspirations, making me question if I was being selfish in following my dreams. However, the tides turned when my prayers were answered and the ings I have received, becoming a guiding light and a source of hope for those on their journey to ful昀椀lling their dreams. benevolence of several scholarship providers came to my aid, affirming that my journey was meant to be. The Jamaica 60 Diamond Jubilee Scholarship shines as a beacon of hope, illuminating my path and filling me with confidence in my chosen vocation. I am deeply grateful to the Consulate General of Jamaica for their commendable efforts in raising funds to help students in need, fostering dreams for a brighter future. 26 I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the donors who have generously contributed to this 29 initiative. Your support makes all the difference, and I implore you to continue helping others like me, paving the way for their dreams to come true. One day I yearn to extend a helping hand to those who face challenges akin to those I have encountered. I aspire to pay forward the blessings I have received, becoming a guiding light and a source of hope for those on their journey to fulfilling their dreams.

Jamaica Independence Gala NY Journal 2023 - Page 30


Alsion Wilson, OD Shaune Anthony Christopher Benjamin Consul General Brown Donna Brown Andrea Bullens Juline Douglas Valerie Gray, Esq. Jacqueline Lightbody Shashana Goulbourne Sandra Lindsay Marsha T. Wallace Clive Williams 28 32

Jamaica Independence Gala NY Journal 2023 - Page 33

Fascinating Geographical Facts About •Jamaica is the third-largest Caribbean island, covering an area of 4, 411 square miles (11,424 square kilometres). It is 146 miles (235km) long, with widths varying between 22 and 51 miles (35-82km). •The island is divided into 3 coun琀椀es and 14 parishes, each of which has its own capital town. •More mountainous than most Caribbean countries, nearly half of Jamaica sits over 1,000 feet (305m) above sea level. •The longest mountain range in Jamaica is the Blue Mountains. Blue Mountain Peak is the highest point on the island, with an eleva琀椀on of 7,402 feet (2,256m). •Jamaica has a tropical climate with humid weather and temperatures averaging 27ºC. The ho琀琀est months are during the summer from June through August, and the coolest months are January and February. Areas at higher eleva琀椀ons are much cooler, such as the Blue Mountain Peak, which has an average annual temperature of 13ºC. •The Blue Mountains in Jamaica got their name from the blueish mist that covers its peaks. •The average rainfall in Jamaica is 78 inches, and while that seems like a lot, the bulk of the rain falls on the island’s hilly interior. October is the we琀琀est month on the island, averaging around 7 inches of rainfall. •Jamaica’s warm tropical climate is ideal for farming. The island’s original inhabitants, the Tanio, cul琀椀vated corn and yams. Today, they primarily grow sugar cane, bananas and mangoes, all of which are non-indigenous to the area. •There are an es琀椀mated 120 rivers in Jamaica, most of which 昀氀ow out- wards from the central mountain ranges. The longest river on the island is the Rio Minho while the widest river is the Black River. •There are several mineral baths and hot springs in Jamaica which are said to have therapeu琀椀c proper琀椀es. Five of these legendary loca琀椀ons have been developed as tourist a琀琀rac琀椀ons, featuring facili琀椀es for bathing and/or accommoda琀椀on. One is connected to the Couples Sans Souci Resort, another is at the Bath Fountain Hotel & Spa in St. Thomas and the other three are public. They are the Bath Mineral Spring in St. Thomas, the Milk River in Clarendon and the Rockfort Mineral Bath in Kingston. •The Milk River Bath is known to be the most radioac琀椀ve mineral spa in the world with radioac琀椀vity levels of 16m curries per litre. It’s rec- ommended to spend no more than 20 minutes in this mineral spa at a maximum of three 琀椀mes per day. 30 34

The Blue Mountain Coffee Planta'on produces some of the rarest coffee in the world. Black River is the longest river in Jamaica 31 35

Pieces of Jamaica Photos by David I. Muir Breaking and Entering (Strawberry Fields Together) Canopies of Commerce (Downtown Kgn) 32 36

Pieces of Jamaica Photos by David I. Muir Contained (Mandeville) Downtown Meds (Kingston Harbour) 33 37

Pieces of Jamaica Photos by David I. Muir For Kicks (Reggae Falls) Free Fall (Reggae Falls) 34 38

Pieces of Jamaica Photos by David I. Muir Gather ‘Round (St Thomas) Low Hanging Fruits 35 39

Pieces of Jamaica Photos by David I. Muir A Likkle Rusty (Balaclava) The Path Home (Clarendon) 36 40

Pieces of Jamaica Photos by David I. Muir Passing Through (Portland) On the Market (Ackee Mkt) 37 41

38 42

39 43

CELEBRATING THE LEGACY OF JAMAICAN CONSULS GENERAL REPRESENTING NATIONALS IN THE UNITED STATES FROM NEW YORK As we gather to commemorate Jamaica’s Independence at the Gala, it is essential to acknowledge the long-standing tradition of our Consuls General who have diligently represented our nation’s interests in the vibrant city of New York. The Consulate General of Jamaica in New York holds the esteemed responsibility of serving Jamaicans across 33 States, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, fostering connections and supporting the Jamaican diaspora. Let is pay tribute to the dedicated individuals who have upheld this role with distinction, guiding and championing the welfare of our nationals for decades. At the helm of this honorable mission is the current Consul General, Mrs. Alison Roach Wilson, who has been serving since 2019. Mrs. Roach Wilson’s leadership, while charting her own course, continues a legacy that was set in motion over six decades ago when the Consulate General of Jamaica New York 昀椀rst began its vital work. From the early years of Jamaica’s independence, Ambassador Hon Keith Johnson, OJ, navigated the diplomatic landscape with distinction from 1962 to 1967. His tenure laid the foundation for a legacy of excellence that successive Consuls General would build upon. Mr. Gerald Groves followed, serving from 1969 to 1977. Mrs. Myrtle Johnson-Abrahams (1979 - 1981) took the baton next as the 昀椀rst woman to serve in the of昀椀ce. It was then the turn of Mr. Lorrell Bruce (1981 - 1989), and Ambassador Hon Derrick Heaven, OJ (1989 - 1992), each contributing uniquely to the consulate’s mission. Mrs. Kay Baxter A. Baxter, OD, took up the mantle from 1992 to 1998, a period marked by steadfast advocacy and support for the Jamaican community, serving until her passing. Dr. Basil K. Bryan (1998 - 2007) then too of昀椀ce and was followed by Mrs. Genevieve Brown Metzger (2008 - 2012), Mr. Herman LaMont (2012 - 2016) and Miss Trudy Deans, (2016 to 2018). Through the contributions of these remarkable individuals, the Consulate General of Jamaica New York has become a vital resource for Jamaicans living In United States. Their dedication has forti昀椀ed the bond between Jamaica, the host country, and its diaspora, ensuring that our nationals have access to support, resources, and opportunities. This commitment to service has propelled our community’s growth and prosperity. As we celebrate Jamaica’s Independence and the legacy of our Consuls General at this Gala, let us acknowledge their tireless efforts, resilience, and unwavering commitment to representing the interests of our nation and its people. Their legacy inspires us to continue forging connections, fostering unity, and building a brighter future for all Jamaicans, both at home and abroad. Untitled-1 1Untitled-1 1 8/10/2023 10:46:00 PM8/10/2023 10:46:00 PM 40 44

41 45

Our Donors 21 CENTED Byrnham Wood Somerset Caribbean Food Delights McCall's Bronxwood Funeral Home Inc Tower Isles Frozen Foods Ltd CCaarriimmeedd Colgate Exact Capital Prestige Financials Jammins Events Iberia Foods JetBlue MMiicchheellee RRoolllliinnss && RRoossee HHaallll Northwell Health Quality Automall Vita Coco VP Records Caribbean Airlines Emblem Health AApppplleettoonn EEssttaatteess//CCaammppaarrii Bestrow Real Estate BET Biolife Health & Wellness Borough of Manhattan Community College Burgher Gray Dr. Robert Clarke JJKKGG HHoollddiinngg Fosrich Jamaica Tourist Board Monroe College Northwell Health Palm Haven Real Estate Proven RReedd SSuunn OOcceeaann IInncc JS Restaurant Corp. JMMB Sun Coast Resorts World New York World Business Capital 46



42 49


The Monroe Foundation is especially honored to extend our congratulations to this year’s honoree Marc Jerome For his contribution to the Education and Development of Jamaica. Congratulations to The Jamaica Independence Gala, NY as they celebrate another year. –‡’Š‡ ‡”‘‡ǡ‘„‡”–ƒ ”‡‡„‡”‰ǡƒ”‹‡ ‡”‰—•‘  Š‡‘”‘‡ ‘—†ƒ–‹‘ǡ ͳͶͷ —‰—‡‘––”‡‡– ‡™‘…Š‡ŽŽ‡ǡͳͲͺͲͳ ǣ͸Ͷ͸Ǥ͵ͻ͵Ǥͺ͵ͷʹ 44 51

Congratulations, Dr. Ingleton! Your dedication, passion, and remarkable ability to turn dreams into reality inspire us every day. With love, your ROSE Ingleton MD & Ingleton Dermatology Family 45 52

Congratulations Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton on your Jamaica Independence Award for Woman of Excellence in Medicine and Business THE LAW OFFICE OF SPECIALIZING IN MATRIMONIAL LAW, REAL ESTATE, WILLS & ESTATE, CIVIL SUPREME COURT LITIGATIONS 3539 TIEMANN AVE., BRONX, NY 10469 46 TEL.: 718-231-4285 • E-MAIL: [email protected] 46 53 46

Shaggy Is In The Mood.pdf 1 8/10/23 4:22 PM C M Y CM MY CY CMY K 47 54


The Colgate-Palmolive Company congratulates The Consulate General of Jamaica, New York and Jamaica's Promise as they celebrate the 61st year of Jamaica's Independence. We salute Jamaica's Promise Foundation for providing resources and support needed by local organizations to improve the education and training of young people from disadvantaged circumstances and communities. 48 56

SSTT HHAAPPPPYY 6611 AANNNNIIVVEERRSSAARRYY FEELING THE PRIDE! EMBRACING THE PROMISE! “We are committed to serving you” A Dignified Funeral Every Family Can Afford SERVING OUR COMMUNITY SINCE 1966 PATRICIA MYERS, MANAGER 4035 Bronxwood Avenue Bronx, NY 10466 Phone: (718) 231 - 7647 (24 hours) Fax: (718) 231 – 7665 LIVESTREAMING WORLDWIDE TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS www.mccalls.net 49 49 57

The entire team at Record and Return Title is proud to support The Consulate General of Jamaica, New York and Jamaica's Promise and we wish to congratulate you on 61 years of independence! 7 Dempsey Place, Eastchester, NY 10709 (914) 395-2285 Fax (914) 395-1028 www.recordandreturn.com 50 58

51 59

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53 61

54 62

The health of one of us is the health of all of us. Northwell.edu 55 63

IMPROVING WOMEN'S HEALTH HERE— AND BEYOND Northwell’s Department of OB/GYN Congratulations to the team: is proud to recognize the women’s health team for the recent, successful MONIQUE DE FOUR JONES, MD, MS, MBA surgeries performed in Jamaica, Associate Chief of Labor and Delivery, and for all they’ve done to help the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion women there lead healthier lives. SANDRA LINDSAY, DHSC, MBA, MS, RN Vice President, Public Health Advocacy, Northwell MICHAEL NIMAROFF, MD, MBA SVP/ Executive Director, OB/Gyn Service Line POOJA UPPALAPATI, MD Fellow, Minimally Invasive Gynecology RACHEL KIRSCHENBAUM, MD Fellow, Ob/Gyn Hospitalist SERENA JONES, OMS-I, MS Medical student, NYIT School of Osteopathic Medicine DAVE LIVINGSTON, MD Anesthesiologist, Long Island Jewish Medical Center GARFIELD LINDSAY, DHSC, RT Department of Respiratory Therapy 56 64

57 65

58 66

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60 68


TITLE COMPANY New Way Abstract Title Company is a full-service agency that offers a complete range of title services. We are an experienced title company in all real estate matters. From a vast array of real estate transactions, ranging from multi-million dollar commercial transactions to single family homes. TITLE AND ESCROW SERVICES IN ALL NEW YORK CITY BOROUGHS, HUDSON VALLEY & LONG ISLAND! Basic Refinance 10-20 years Judgment & Lien Search Time-Sensitive Purchases Business Search Attorney Search Deed Preparation/Correction Bankruptcy Search Acris Preparation Foreclosure Search Notary Commercial Transaction Loans National Underwriters WE ARE DEDICATED AND FOCUSED ON PROVIDING OUR CLIENTS WITH AN EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE By working with us you will be able to rest easy knowing you and your home are protected once the closing process is complete! 1979 MARCUS AVE SUITE C100 CONTACT LAKE SUCCESS, NY 11042 Amanda Persaud | 917-579-5728 516-414-6895 [email protected] 516-414-6887 FAX Maria Otero | 917-870-9415 [email protected] 62 70

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Judicial Title is a Proud Supporter of the Jamaica Independence Gala, New York Celebrating 61 Years of Independence Offices in Westchester, Manhattan & Long Island 800-281-TITLE − [email protected] www.judicialtitle.com 65 65 73

Miller Zeiderman LLP Congratulations Jamaica on your st 61 Independence and to this year's honorees. The attorneys at Miller Zeiderman LLP collectively have over 100 years of experience providing insightful and proactive legal representation in matrimonial and family law cases. We understand the nuances and complexities of such matters, including divorce, child custody, child support, financial issues, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, domestic violence, abuse and neglect, and international child custody. 140 Grand Ave - White Plains, NY 10601 914-455-100 150 East 52nd Street - Ste 1002 - New York - NY 10022 212-769-3500 66 74

Dalling & Dalling Real Estate, Inc. Salutes Jamaica on its 61st year of Independence Trevor Dalling NYS Lic. Real Estate Broker E-mail: [email protected] O昀케ce: [email protected] www.dallingrealestate.com O昀케ce: (914) 663-9780 Ext. 16 Mobile: (914) 525-2777 Fax: (914) 664-8601 120 Stevens Ave., Mt. Vernon, NY 10550 67 67 75

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WE CONGRATULATE Jamaica’s Promise Foundation for providing resources and support needed by local organizations to improve the education and training of young people from disadvantaged circumstances and communities. At EmblemHealth, we go beyond coverage to support the health of our communities because we mean health. Thank you Jamaica’s Promise Foundation for going beyond to make a di昀昀erence. emblemhealth.com/wemeanhealth we mean health EMB_JA_JamaicaPromiseFoundation_8-22.indd 1EMB_JA_JamaicaPromiseFoundation_8-22.indd 1 8/16/22 4:25 PM8/16/22 4:25 PM 69 77

70 78

Resorts World New York City is proud to support the Consulate General of Jamaica, New York Tonight we celebrate Jamaica’s economic and cultural contributions and the strength of the Jamaican people worldwide. NEW YORK CITY @resortsworldnyc RWNewYork.com 71 79

72 80

TM American Foundation for The University of the West Indies Celebrates the ST 61 Anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence ‘’Proud and Strong, Jamaica, Land We Love” Our Work Our Mission Our Vision 600 Scholarships and bursaries Provide Increased access to higher To be recognized as a leading advocate and $8.3 M in donated items education for exceptionally tallented, facilator of increased access to higher education ambitious yet financially disadvantaged as the pathway to progress in the Caribbean and the students at The University of the West Indies. USA. DONATE American Foundation for The University of the West Indies TO 767 Third Ave., Ste. 301, New York, NY 10017 EDUCATE e-mail: [email protected] Visit www.afuwi.org Tel. (212) 759-9345 • Fax. (212) 759-9366 73 81

WorldBusiness Capital® Financing Business Across Borders WWoorrllddBBuussiinneessss CCaappiittaall,, IInncc.. iiss aa pprroouudd ssuuppppoorrtteerr ooff tthhee JJaammaaiiccaa IInnddeeppeennddeennccee GGaallaa ffoorr tthheeiirr ccoommmmiittmmeenntt ttoo JJaammaaiiccaa’’ss PPrroommiissee FFoouunnddaattiioonn OOnnee SSttaattee SSttrreeeett HHaarrttffoorrdd,, CCTT 0066110033 886600--224466--66330000 wwwwww..wwoorrllddbbuussiinneessssccaappiittaall..ccoomm 74 82

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FEURTADO SHIPPING DIRECT TO: Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands • Kingston & Montego Bay • Trinidad & Tobago • Barbados New York New Jersey Connecticut & Delaware Special Rates for Returning Residents EST.1981 All goods delivered from a privately owned warehouse 112-37 Guy R. Brewer Blvd., Jamaica NY 11433 All Major Credit Cards Accepted Email: [email protected] Website: www.jafship.com Toll Free: (800) 640-1463 Tel: (718) 523-5099 Fax: (718) 523-0384 77 85

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79 87

John Gallin & Son would like to congratulate The Consulate General of Jamaica, New York and Jamaica’s Promise as they celebrate Jamaica’s Independence. 102 Madison Avenue, 9th Floor New York, NY 10016 212.252.8900 | GALLIN.COM Over 135 Years of Construction Excellence 80 88

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Celebrating Together 61 years of Independence Jamaica Proudly distributed by New York, NY Miami, FL Orlando, FL Atlanta, GA Palmer, MA Chicago, IL Central NJ 1900 Linden Blvd. 12300 NW 32nd Ave. 1125 Gills Dr., Ste. 600 5405 Buford Highway 21 Wilbraham St. 121 Foster Ave. 1 Matrix Drive, Brooklyn, NY 11207 Miami, FL 33167 Orlando, FL 32724 Narcross, GA 30092 Palmer, MA 01069 Bensenville, IL 60106 Monroe Township, NJ 08831 (718) 649-6500 (305) 863-8840 (407) 857-5905 (770) 840 0878 (413) 289-9809 (847) 678-2200 (732) 798-9051 85 93

Celebrating Jamaica's 61st Independence Day! Proudly waving our flag high, we honor our rich culture, vib vibrant spirit, and the strength of our people! BIOLIFENOW.STORE FOLLOW US! 866-628-5433 www.biolifenow.com 86 94

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PRE-ORDER TODAY Get your copy of David I. Muir’s Pieces of Jamaica: Jamrock Edition, the keepsake coffee table book with more than 250 images offering a visual narrative of Jamaica’s beauty. Celebrate Jamaica 60 with your copy. Also makes a great gift! 88 96

National Accounting Firm, LLC Manage your Health we will mannage your Wealth Derrick L. Shippy Congratulations President Jamaica [email protected] on 61 years of Independence. TAXMANSHIPPY We continue to stand proud and strong. Cell: (201) 726-3292 • Tel: (718) 231-2058 • Fax: (718) 231-2067 960 East 233 rd Street, Bronx, NY 10466 www.taxmanshippy.com 89 97


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