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Ascent IOM Solution Overview Deck (SE Version) 4.5.20

Ascent IOM: Achieve Operations 360 with Inventory and Order Management For Salesforce SEs Please send questions to our Chatter Group April 2020

The Customer Struggle Common business challenges and pains Outgrow tools - Poor visibility - Missed revenue - spreadsheets & siloed data not lack omni-channel legacy systems standardized on tools & insights Salesforce

The Solution: Ascent IOM Achieve Operations 360 with Inventory and Order Management Ascent IM and OM are standalone products. Installing together enables: ● App Intelligence using Ascent data model ● Seamless user experience for inventory, orders, returns ● More data integrity without requiring painful integrations Extends Salesforce with inventory and PARTNERSHIP order management use cases GOALS Win competitive Hybrid Cloud opportunities (e.g. SAP, Oracle)

Ascent Solutions Vision: To deliver an enterprise-class experience at an SMB price.

Ascent Solutions on AppExchange 10+ years ISV experience; 100% native apps for digital transformation

Ascent Solutions + Salesforce Ecosystem Alignment INDUSTRY PRODUCT MARKET SI PARTNERS ALIGNMENT STRATEGY SEGMENTS Sales Service Manufacturing Consumer Good Coastal Cloud AMER/EMEA World-Class Growth Business Industrial Network Analytic Field Service Healthcare & Medical Mid-Commercial Retail Devices Aethon GRB Coacto SMB Communities FullCRM Plumlogix

Ascent IOM: Extends Salesforce Functionality

Ascent IOM: Leveraged Across the Organization

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Ascent IOM Demonstration

Internal or External Point of Contact Salesforce Partner Manager Fabio Massetta Vice President, Ascent IOM [email protected]

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