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IM Datasheet

DATA SHEET Ascent Inventory Management (IM): Control Inventory with Ease Ascent Inventory Management is the hub of a many spoke system for an organization striving for a 360 degree view of its operations. Ideal for companies with a strategic desire to assemble best-in-class Salesforce applications to dramatically improve operations, revenue, and customer satisfaction across lines of business. Ascent Inventory Management extends the value of Salesforce for purchasing, accounting/finance, sales, and warehouse teams. For products, Ascent IM extends the Salesforce product object adding fields and functions to assist in tracking inventory and costing data. Inventory Control Manage Products Efficiently manage inventory in multiple Update products, price books, units of warehouses, for serialized or non-serialized measure or view transaction histories to products, receiving to or moving to a location more effectively manage the lifecycle of a or specific lot, while capturing critical product or service. attributes on each transaction such as cost. Gain Lot Visibility and Tracking Financial Insights Monitor inventory by lot and expiration date to closely manage perishable products with Record and review costing types (AVG, STD, ease such as medical supplies and food or LOT, ASSET), costing models (FIFO, LIFO, higher stakes industry inventory for airlines, and FEFO), and product transaction histories. oil, and energy. Movement from location to l ocation does not create new lots so lifetime Purchase Orders traceability is available. Create purchase orders to meet stock levels or the need for products to meet demand. Returns to Vendor Select the right supplier based on price and Create and process returns to vendors product availability. Receive to specific when defective or poor quality products l ocations and lots to automatically adjust are received. i nventory. Seamlessly manage the purchase order (PO) process & powerful insights into suppliers, vendors, and warehouse fulfillment.

Benefits Affordable: Reduce Operational Costs: With pricing starting at $25/user/month, Ascent Lower costs associated with excess inventory, IM means you don’t need to break the bank for slow fulfillment and inefficient vendors. a powerful inventory management application. Evaluate suppliers, negotiate costs and improve vendor performance to enhance your overall operations. Increased Visibility: Service customers more effectively with Drive incremental revenue: deeper insights into inventory, costs, vendors and fulfillment from the warehouse to the field. Manage products, accurately control inventory, and ensure speedy warehouse fulfillment so you always have the right products in stock, at the right time. Extends Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, & Field Service Lightning: Learn More: Extends Salesforce functionality with real time Learn more about Ascent IOM, Ascent inventory management features that Inventory Management, and Ascent Order empower purchasing, warehouse, sales, and Management at finance with critical insights to better service customers. Salesforce AppExchange Contact us at [email protected] Get Even More Capability with Ascent IOM Combine Ascent Inventory Management App Intelligence using Ascent data model with Ascent Order Management for a Seamless user experience for inventory, powerful inventory and order orders, returns management solution. Installing both More data integrity without requiring apps together enables: painful integrations Find us: Salesforce AppExchange Contact us: 50 Division Street, Suite 203. Somerville, NJ 08876 Tel: 908-981-0150 | Fax: 908-725-2093 [email protected]