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OM Datasheet

DATA SHEET Ascent Order Management (OM): Simplify Order Lifecycles Ascent Order Management is critical for an organization to achieve a 360 degree view of its operations. Ascent OM simplifies the complexity of an omni-channel organization’s order lifecycle from inception to delivery. It efficiently tracks the cycle of people, internal fulfillment processes and connected apps to create a better end- to-end customer experience. Ascent Order Management extends the value of Salesforce for customer service, sales, field service, and warehouse teams. Ascent OM extends the Salesforce standard order entry interface and price books to add new fields and functionality to assist in managing orders and costing. Pick, Pack, & Ship Order Management Leverage standardized rules to View all omni-channel orders in a central i ntelligently select products to pick, l ocation for a more effective ordering pack, and ship. system. Create, review, activate and respond to individual orders or view at the Use in-house or third party logistics dashboard level for macro-level insights. (3PL) systems for warehouse shipping via Ascent OM or APIs. Order Packages Tie to a tracking number and record which serials and lots are packed Rule Based Order Picking i nside of box. Aggregate and connect orders to picking tickets, perform wave and Customer Returns i ndividual picking. CSRs and field service are able to trigger returns based on customer inquiries into the call center or out in the field. Full orders lifecycle, from creation to delivery & powerful insights into suppliers, vendors, and warehouse fulfillment.

benefits Affordable: Drive Incremental Revenue: With pricing starting at $25/user/month, Ascent Manage products to ensure speedy and OM means you don’t need to break the bank efficient order fulfillment to keep customers for a powerful order management application. satisfied. Increased Visibility: Reduce Operational Costs Service customers more effectively with Centralized order management from deeper insights into orders, costs, vendors inception to fulfillment. Run a best-in-class and fulfillment from the warehouse to the field. omni-channel operation. Extends Sales Cloud, Service Learn More: Cloud, & Field Service Lightning Learn more about Ascent Order Management, Ascent Inventory Management Extends Salesforce functionality with real time and Ascent IOM at order, and return management features that empower CSRs, sales, dispatchers and field technicians with critical insights to better service Salesforce AppExchange customers. Contact us at [email protected] Get Even More Capability with Ascent IOM Combine Ascent Inventory Management App Intelligence using Ascent data model with Ascent Order Management for a Seamless user experience for inventory, powerful Ascent Inventory and Order orders, returns Management Solution. Installing both More data integrity without requiring painful apps together enables: integrations Find us: Salesforce AppExchange Contact us: 50 Division Street, Suite 203. Somerville, NJ 08876 Tel: 908-981-0150 | Fax: 908-725-2093 [email protected]