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Biography David Cohen is a visual artist and a child and adolescent psychiatrist. His artistic career led him to explore several media such as painting, sculpture and also performance. He lives in Paris, France and Pietrasanta, Italy. His plastic ambition is above all poetic and aesthetic. His exhibitions usually address various themes in which effects of trace or memory, and existential questions, invariant of the human condition, intertwine. He often favors color and variations (like in music) as a constant source of inspiration. In addition to his visual art activities, David Cohen is also a curator and a member of several committees or foundations supporting outsider art or art therapy (Entreprendre pour aider; Les Lutins de l’Art; Art Absolument Price for Outsider Art). He is currently member of the Board of Governors of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, Israel. As a physician, David Cohen is Professor at Sorbonne University and head of the department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at La Salpêtrière hospital in Paris. He is also member of the lab Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Ro- botiques - ISIR (CNRS UMR 7222) (see ersonal exhibits art conferences and writings P 72 2018 Fortezza di Montalcino, Arte moderna 2016 Intuition in artistic and scientific creation: the case 73 e contemporanea (collective), Montalcino of mental health 2018 Galerie XXI Gallery, Lorsque terre Workshop “Intuition in artistic and scientific et peau portent nos empreintes: têtes, Paris creation: to approach the real” Christian Croset Gallery, Lorsque terre et peau Toulouse Capitole University, 13 and 14 October, portent nos empreintes: arbres, Nogent/Marne Toulouse 2017 XXI Gallery, Variations sculpturales, Paris 2015 How to help children dreaming in a hospital 2014 Chapelle Saint-Louis de La Salpêtrière, institution, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, 30 may, Dialogues, Paris Paris Sculptural installation during the Charcot’s Lecture during the exhibition Piero Fornasetti exhibit: Charcot une vie avec l’image 2015 The art of dreaming and making children 2013 Christian Croset Gallery, Variations bleues, dream in a hospital department, Fondation des Nogent/Marne Etats Unis, 5 November, Paris 2009 Urban Gallery, Come se fosse olivi, Paris 2014 Art and mental health, Institut du Cerveau et de 2008 DIMA Gallery, From Paris, London la Moelle, 26 June, Paris 2007 Sophie Bismuth Gallery, Selections, Paris Sound tour of the exhibition Inside, Palais de 2004 Jardin Gallery, Les pendus, Paris Tokyo, 25 November, Paris 2000 Jardin Gallery, Feuilles et couleurs, Paris 2013 Today ten years of abstraction, Académie de 2000 Nicasiuszaal, On the Way 20.21, Antwerpen Médecine, 13 September, Paris 1999 Dépôt Matignon Gallery, Le corps, Paris During the workshop “A la suite de 1998 Hélène de Roquefeuil Gallery, Petits Formats, Georges Didi-Huberman” organized by JL Binet Paris 2013 Art therapy in children and adolescents: abuse or 1998 Dépôt Matignon Gallery, Collectif, Paris tangible reality? in “Etincelles, l’art à l’Assistance 1997 Hammam Café, Têtes et personnages, Paris Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris” Pages 26-31, Ed 1994 Maison des Conservatoires, Abstractions colorées, Art Absolument, Paris w Paris 2010 The double Psychiatrie, Sciences Humaines et orks as curator, Performance Neurosciences. Vol: 8, 38-46 2007 The figure of the double, Palais de Tokyo, 2016 Soyons Oufs, Fondation EDF, Paris 26 April, Paris Repeated at Adrienne Desbiolles Gallery, Lyons la Forêt, France During the exhibition Matière/Antimatière 2015 Empreintes, Forte dei Marmi, Italie Video available at:!__videos 2014 Charcot une vie avec l’image, Chapelle Saint-Louis de La Salpêtrière, Paris

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