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Command Secondary School Entrance Examination Past Questions

Download Nigeria Command Secondary School Common Entrance Examination and Interview Past Questions

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command secondary school past questions

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TIME: 1H0UR15MINUTES SECTIONA: ENGLISHLANGUAGE,VERBALAPTITUDE ANDGENERALKNOWLEDGE INSTRUCTION: AnswerAllQuestions PASSAGEA Instruction:Readthepassagebelowcarefullyandanswerthequestionsthatfollow: Often time, people hear and talk about road accidents, but how many of these people eventhought about the causes of the accidents? So many factors could be the causes of road accidents. Among these are: the road, the passengers, the police, the drivers as well as the conditions of the vehicles. Bad road is one of the major causes of road accidents. When a road is very narrow, it could lead to accidents. Many drivers hurry one another and in their rush, they m-»y run into other vehicles. Besides, a road full of potholes could cause a speeding vehicle to tumble and leadto afatal accident. Drivers that love to over speed can also easily get involved inan accident especially on a roadwhere there-are no adequate road signs. Being distracted or absent mindedwhile driving canalso leadto roadaccidents. Some drivers do not master the art of driving and do not possess the necessary driving skills. Some of them do not have driver's license while some got it through corrupt means without actually passing the driving test. Other factors on the part of the driver include reckless driving, poor eyesight, drunkenness andtiredness. _ 1 . One of these can be the cause of road afatal accident if accidents A. There are no street lights A. The over-head bridge along the B. There are potholes onthe road road C. The vehicle is too fast B. Thestate of mindof the driver D. Thedriver is reckless C. The policemen standing beside the street light 4. According to the passage, one of the • D. Adequate road signs along the factors on the part of the driver is https://STCHARLESEDU.COM road A. Darknessinthe night WHATSAPP +2348051311885 2. Road accidents can occur on a narrow B. Driver's stupidity _ roadwhen C. Pooreyesight A. A driver is not speeding D. Useof eye glasses B. Thevehicle isnotinorder C. A driver takes a U-turn on the 5. "Causes of road accidents". What part road of speech isthe underlinedword? D. A driver who is in a hurry runs A. Conjunction into another vehicle B. Adjective 3. According to the passage, an over- C. Adverb speeding vehicle cantumble and cause D. Noun

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TIME: 1H0UR 30MINUTES SECTIONA: MATHEMATICSANDQUANTITATIVE APTITUDE INSTRUCTION : AnswerAllQuestions Instructions:- Work the sums carefully What are the PrimeFactors of210? andaccurately .Think wellbeforeyou A. 3,5,7 too choose your to a question Only answer . B. 2,5,7 one of the answers, alternative A to EIs C. 2,3,5 correct D. 3,5,11 1. Express514inRomannumerals E. 2,3,5,7 A.' CCXLV 6. Howmanyqne-thirds are there in21? B. XIV A. 84 C. DXLV B. 63 D. XLIV C. 3 E. XDIV D. 24 2. Simplify V(169) -42+ 22 E. 7 A. 9 Giventhat_x_ = _27 . B. 1 5 45 C. 17 Findthe value x D. 19 A. 3 E. 31 B. 6 3- Find the smallest number that can be C. 9 divided by 6, 5 and4 D. 18 A. 30 E. 22. B. 40 C. 60 8. Simplify 1 +[4 +j D. 120 E. https://STCHARLESEDU.COM 240 WHATSAPP +2348051311885 4. Find the difference between the values of six (6) in 12687 and in21867. A. 9180 B. 660 C. Simplify 1 620 .44x 9.6 D. 540 0.36 E. 24 A. 38.4 B. 29.8 C. 3.84 D. 2.98 E. 0.384

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