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Command Secondary School Interview Questions

command secondary school interview questions

command secondary school entrance examination past questions

command secondary school past questions

command secondary school common entrance past questions

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COMMAND SECONDARY SCHOOLS ENTRANCE EXAMINATION JUNE 202I TIME: 2 Hour 45 Minutes INSTRUCTIONS: DO NOT OPEN THIS QUESTION BOOKLET UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO, WHILE WAITING, READ THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY Use One each of your Answer Sheet for: • English Language and Verbal Aptitude • Mathematics and Quantitative Aptitude 1 You arc to use HB pencil throughout on your Answer Sheets. 2. CANDIDATE’S NAME You will be given two (2) Answer Sheets on which you will write your name on each. Remember to write your surname first and then your other names. Use each Answer Sheet to answer one subject. 3. EXAM NUMBER Your Examination Number is on the Identification Slip which is with you. You will start by writing each digit of your “CANDIDATE’S NUMBER" in the row of boxes at the top starting with the first box. then you will shade the corresponding number in the column directly below the box. Example: Candidate’s Number 672838CF 4 Remember to shade correctly your Parental Status provided on the Answer Sheets e.g. Officer □ Soldier □ Civilian □ 5. Think carefully before you make a choice of an answer. When you have chosen your answer to a question, turn to your answer sheet, find the number and letter that corresponds with your choice and shade the box. If you wish to change the answer you have shaded, erase it completely and then shade your new answer. If you fail to erase the first choice completely, you may be marked wrong 6. If you find it difficult to answer a question, spend less time on it, go to the next question. 7. Do not ask for explanations to any question during the examination.

TIME: 1 Hour 15 Minutes SECTION A: ENGLISH LANGUAGE & VERBAL APTITUDE INSTRUCTION: Answer all questions Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow, The following day was a market day at Anikoro village. As soon as the market was full the dreadful leopard jumped from a nearby bush into the market. At once hell broke loose. There was a general stampede market women and men screamed and ran away in panic leaving their own children behind. Even animals (dogs and goats) joined in the mad race. People collided with one another Goods like pepper, salt, fish , garri, meat and groundnuts were trampled upon and scattered Tanigoro was nearby when the leopard jumped into the market. At once he jumped onto the top of the leopard and grabbed it by the neck with his bare hands. The leopard kicked about wildly but Tanigoro tightened his grip more and more. It was a tough battle which ended in a victory for Tanigoro. 1. According to the passage the leopard appeared when the market was _______ A. Half fitted B. Empty C. Fully filled D. Was deserted 2. When the leopard appeared activities in the market became_______ A. Disorganized B. Normal C. Friendly D. Victorious 3. They ran in panic means they_______ A. Walked away in hesitation B. Moved out quickly C. Left without looking beck D. Moved away in confusion 4. Who did not take part in the mad race? A. Market women B. Tamgoro C. Dogs D. Goats 5. What finally happened to the leopard? A. It ran away B. It kitted Tamgoro C. It carried Tamgoro to the bush D. It was kitted by Tanigoro

6. Tanigoro could be described as_____ A. Brave B. Coward C. Boastful D. Mad 7. How did Tanigoro attack the leopard? A. By kicking it with the legs B. By throwing a rope round its neck C. By hitting it with a stick D. By gripping its neck with his hands In each of the following choose from the options the one which is nearest in meaning to the word or expression underlined 8. There was a football competition among the schools in the area A. Game B. Play C. Match D. Contest 9. The pupils received gifts from Father Christmas A. Parcels B. Jewels C. Presents D. Rations 10. The width of the hall is ten metres A. Breadth B. length C. Size D. Track 11. The supporters of the party applauded the speaker A. Cheered B. Boycotted C. Carried D. Shouted at 12. My mother advised me to be industrious if I want to pass my examination A. Clever B. Courageous C. Hardworking D. Brilliant

In each of the following choose from the options the one which is nearly opposite in meaning to the word underlined 13. Most Nigerians buy more local products than ____ ones A. Atari B. Indigenous C. Universal D. Foreign 14. The coach of the national team invited only professional players for the match A. Star B. Excellent C. Prolific D. Amateur 15 Some politicians preach virtues but practice _______ A. Vices B. Sense C. Vanity D. Success 16. The river is very deep in the middle A. Shadow B. Broad C. Wide D. Hollow 17. My father rarely travels on Sundays A. Surely B. Nearly C. Never D. Often Fill in the gape with appropriate answers chosen from the options 18. We saw the police ______ after the thief A. To run B. Ran C. Was running D. Running 19. Teachers always have ______ to do A. Works B. Much work C. Many works D. Plenty works

20. Mr. Baffour has lived m Terna ______ 1990 A. For B. Since C. Almost D. Nearly 21. My father will travel to London _______ A. Next tomorrow B. yesterday C. Tomorrow's next day D. By nail tomorrow 22. When l saw my friend I asked for______ to drink A. Some water B. A water C. Waters D. A small water 23. Since there was no vehicle we travelled to the village _______ A. On foot B. By foot C. By feet D. On feet 24. It is obvious that the man cannot do _______ about your problem A. Something B. Nothing C. Anything D. Many 25. Musa didn't remember to bring his biro to school. This means that______ A. Musa didn't come to school B. Someone stole Musa's biro C. Musa didn't buy a biro D Musa left his biro at home 26. If my father had travelled today, I would have attended Goke's birthday party. This means that ______ A. I did not attend Goke's birthday party B. I attended Goke s birthday party C. My father travelled D. My father asked me to travel with him 27. It ____ since six o'clock in the morning A. Rains B. Is raining C. Rained D. Has been raining

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