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HRORBN Past Questions for Professional Diploma Examination - HIM Technician

HEALTH RECORDS ORECORDS OFFICERS RRECORDS OFFICERS RFFICERS REGISEGEGIISTRATIONSTRATIOTRATIONN BOARD OBOARD OFF NIGERIA NIGERIA CAP H2CAP H2 LFN LFN 2004 (Establ2004 (Establishished by Decree 39, 19ed by Decree 39, 1989)89) EXAMINATION: ProfeProfessiossionanal Licel Licensinsingng Examina Examinatitionon TIMTIMEE: 9AM - 12PM CATEGORY: ProfeProfessiossionanal Dipll Diploma oma (PD)(PD) TIMTIME E ALLOWALLOWED:ED: 3 Hours SUBJECT: HealtHealthh ReReccordsords MaManagnagemenement (HRMt (HRM)) DATDATEE: 5th JULY, 2022 INSTRUCTIONS  It is not It is not necenecessassary try too cop copy eachy each question question before giving before giving the answer(s), but the answer(s), but make suremake sure that that your anyour anyour answersswersswers a a are clearly numbered tre clearly numbered to corresponre clearly numbered to correspono correspondd with the questiond with the question with the question you have you hav you have chosen.e chosen.chosen.  A fresh shA fresh A fresh shsheeeeeet it t is to be used whis tos to be usebe used d whwheneen commencing ann commencing commencing a an ann answer on a answer on a new question.swer on a new quenew question.stion.  Poor exprePoor expressiossion an and prend presentasentation wotion would uld be be pepenalnalizeizedd  ANSWER ONLY FIVE VE (5)(5) QUESTQUESTIOIONS NS 1 a. DistiDistinguishnguish betw betweeeen mn medicedicaal recorl records ands and hd heeaallthth r reecocords. rds. 5 marks b. ExpExpExplain tlain tlain thhhe diffee diffe differenerenrence betce betce between Ewween Eleceen Eleclectrotrontronnic iic c HealHealthHealth th RecoRecoRecords anrds anrds and Eld Electrod Electroectronicnicnic Medical Records System. 5 marks c. Explain Explain thethe nee need for acd for accuracuracycy whwhen en docudocumementingnting De Demogramographicphic anand Cd Clinliniicalcal InforInformatmatiionon in in tthhe pae patitieentsnts'' h heealalthth rerecorcordd. . 10 marks 2. List five (5) s(5) sectionsections in Hin Heaealtlth h RecoRecords Drds Departepartmentment an and d ddisciscussuss tthheir eir functfunctioionsns.. 20 marks 3 a. Explain the roles of ‘Patient‘Patient Master Name Index' to an efficifficientent h heaealthlth Information manamanagemgement systent systemem.. b. List five (5) demographic ininformaformationtion required on a patient name indexdex carcard.d. c. DescDescribribe the fe the fillingilling sy syststemsems or the patient Master Name index 5 marks 4 a. What is ann out outppaattient apient apppooiintmentment nt system? b. Enumerate five (5) ben(5) benefitefitss of of appointment system 5 marks c. List and describe two typestypes of out of outppaatienttient ap apppoointintmentment system. 10 marks d. List three (3)(3) m meetthods ofhods of mai maintaintaining ouning outtpapatient aappointppointmmentent systsystem. em. 3 marks 5 a. ExplaExplain miin misfilsfiliinng ang and misd misllaayingying of of pati patientent r reecocords rds b. Enumerate five pppooossississible causble cauble causes oses oes off misff misf misfiliniliniling and g andg and m mmislaislayiislayiyingng ofng of of pat patpatentenentt recor recorrecordds.ds.s. 5 marks c. Describe five (5) wa(5) ways byys by which which mi misfiling sfiling and miand mislayslaying oing of patif patiententss recorecords rds can be prevented. 10 marks 6. Write Write shorshort nott notees ons on t thhee fol folllowowing reing records numcords numberibering ng methodmethods:s: i. Annui. Annualal ii. ii. Date o Date off b birth irth iii. iii. FFaamily ivmily iv.. P Primary Hrimary Heaealtlth h Care v. Al. Alphabetiphabetical cal 4 marks each 7 a. Explain a CONSENTS in the cothe contextntext of of ppaatitientent car care mane managagementement. . 4 marks b. Describe ththe proce proceesss ofs of o obtainibtaining conng consesent for a nt for a c. Explain five (5) co(5) co(5) conditionditionditions unsns uunder whnnder whicder whicich h ph ppaatiatitient's eentnt's in's ininformaffoormatrmattion miioon man maay be y be rey be rerelleaseleaseeaseddd a thihird pard party witrty without a hout a consconsentent.. 10 marks WHATSAPP +2348051311885WHATSAPP +2348051311885WHATSAPP +2348051311885

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