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01. CODE OF CONDUCT FOR PARENT – What are accepted as a school in relation to Parent. – What are expected fro m Parent 02. PARENT FEEDBACK FORM 03. CODE OF CONDUCT FOR STUDENTS – 24 Code of Conduct for Students. 04. STUDENT FEEDBACK FORM 05. OBLIGATION TO THE PARENT – Facilitating/Encouraging Complaints – Handling/Resolving Parent Complaints – Type of complaints i n School 07. CUSTOMER CARE AND CUSTOMER RELATIONS – Tips for Relating well with Parents. – Why the Parent is Important 08. STAFF POLICY Rules and regulation for staff – Employment – Probation – Confirmation – Resumption – Attendance – Leave of Absence – Termination – Salary – Benefits – Celebrations – Dress Code – Stealing – Use of school properties AND LOTS MORE! It will help you to handle most future issues that could cause friction in your company. Your employees will know their rights and boundaries. It will help you to balance things out and not create a toxic environment where others see you as being partial. It will help you to get out of tight situations without hurting your staff feelings. All the decisions you need to take and the answers to them are inside, no more thinking of how you will or not approve a request Features of the School Policy Template The School Policy Template is in MS Word Soft Copy format . It is Compatible with Microsoft Word; Google Docs and Android App (Kingso ft Office, Off iceSuit app) . It can be view and read using smart Mobile phone or Personal Computer. It can be edited to fit into what you want to used it for. It can be printed out into hard copy.

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