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Technical Drawing Scheme of Work for Senior Secondary School

Download Technical Drawing TD Scheme of Work for Nigeria Senior Secondary School SS1-3 1st, 2nd and 3rd Term. Activities, Learning Materials

TECHNICAL DRAWING SS3 FIRST TERM WEEK TOPIC / CONTENT ACTIVITIES 1 FREE HAND SKETCHING AND DRAWING principles of free hand sketching of hand tools used by builders and engineers e.g. hammer plurs saws, spanners etc Teacher Explain the principle of free hand sketching guides student in sketching in stitching hand tools Students: Make free hand sketches of hand tool Teaching Materials: Hand tools posters. 2 ENGINEERING DESIGNS AND WORKING DRAWING Engineering design process and preparation of working drawing e.g. plans elevations etc Teacher: Explains engineering design processes Guides students to design useable engineering items e.g. funnels, opener sparer etc Guides student in the preparation of engineering working drawings. Student: Select and deign a useable engineering item preparer the working drawing of chosen item Teaching Materials Drawing instruments and model 3 SCREW THREADS, FASTENER AND DEVICES type of screw threads e.g. v - threads ,square buttress and active etc type of fastener and their user e.g . bolt, nuts, studs screws etc Teacher: Display and describes type of screw threads and fasteners Students: Identify type of screw threads and fasteners Teaching Materials Bench vice, bolts, screws nuts etc . 4 SCREWS THEADS FASTENERS AND DEVICES Type of locking devices and their application e.g. Teacher: Guides student in the conventional represent of locking devise fastener and screw threads

lock nut washers, slotted Students: nut keys, spines Draw screw threads fasteners and locking devices using conventional symbols Teaching Materials: Lock nut scoffed nut keys, spines and pins 5 ENGINEERING WORKING Teacher: DRAWINGS. Guides student to prepare working drawing of Example of machine parts simple machine parts e.g. crank and pedal e.g. brackets, sleeves cylinders etc Student; Prepare working drawing of simple machines past Teaching materials Crank and pedals 6 ENGINEERING WORKING Teacher: DRAWINGS Guides students to prepare working drawing Example of machine pasts s of simple machine parts eg piston, crank e.g. block piston, and commenting rod connecting rod etc Student : Prepare work drawing of simple machines parts Teaching Materials: Piston, connecting rod crank 7 ENGINEERING WORKING Teacher: DRAWINGS Guides students to prepare working drawings Machine assemblies e.g. of machine assembles to incarnate bolts and parallel clamps, water taps nuts. Students; Prepare working drawing of machine assemblies Teaching materials: Parallel clamps. Water tap. 8 ENGINEERING WORKING Teacher: DRAWINGS Guides student to prepare working Machine assemblies e.g. drawings of machine assemblies to bearing barring bracket incorporate locking devices e.g. keys and pulley Students: Prepare working drawings of machine assemblies

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Teaching Materials: Bearing bracket and pulley 9 SECTIONS AND Teacher: SECTION L VIEWS Guides the students to draw sectional view Type of section revolving of machine part and assemblies section off centre etc. Students: draw various sectional views of machine parts and assemblies. Teaching materials. Diagrams, figures and charts. 10 SECTION AID SECTION L Teacher: VIEWS Guild student to draw sectional view of a Sectional view of buildings building Students draw the sectional views of a building Teaching materials: Building drawings and models. 11 SECTION AND Teacher: SECTIONAL VIEW Guilds student to draw sectional views of a machine component Sectional view of machine components Student: Draw the sectional views of a machine component Teaching material: Machine parts and models. 12 Revision Revision 13 Examination Examination 14 Examination Examination