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WAEC Islamic Studies Past Questions and Answers

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ISLAMIC STUDIES 1 OBJECTIVE TEST [50 minutes] Answer all the questions. Each questions is followed by four option lettered A to D. Find the correct option for each questions and shade in pencil on your answer sheet the answer space which bears the same letter as the option you have chosen. Give only one answer to each question. An example is given below. The term associated with menstruation is A. Jamāzah B. Janābah C. Hayd D. Nifās The correct answer is Hayd, which is lettered C and therefore answer space C would be shaded. [A] [B] [C] [D] Think carefully before you shade the answer space, erase completely any answer(s) you wish to change. Now answer the following questions. 1. The major teaching of Hadith 5 of an-Nawawi centres on A. intention. B. faith. C. innovation. D. worship. 2. The state into which the pilgrim enters before the time of Hajj is A. Ihrām. B. Talbiyyah. C. Sa'y. D. Tawàf. 3. The major teaching in Sūrah an-Nasr (Q.l10) is that A. man must strive to succeed in life. B. death is inevitable, C. Islam has a bright future. D. after difficulty comes ease. 4. The goddesses of the Jahiliyyah Arabs exclude A. al-Lāt. B. al-Manāt C. al-Uzzah. D. as-samad. 5. A Muslim is only permitted to marry his A. foster mother. B. late father-wife, C. foster sister. D. late wife’s sister. 6، In the science of Hadith, the next to Sahib in authenticity is A. Qudsī B, Da’if. C. Hasan. D. Muttasil.

7. Attainment of Allah's consciousness through fasting is mentioned in Qur’ān 2 verse A. 183 B. 193. C. 285. D. 286. 8. When Muhammad (S.A. W.) sought for protection in Ta'if in 620 C.E. he was A. received joyously by the people. B. stoned by the people of Ta'if. C. allowed to stay for few days. D. granted a conditional permit. 9. Imām an-Nasāī spent his days in A. Makkah. B. Khurasān, C. Bukhāra D. Sijistan. 10. Permanent exemption from Ramadān fest may be occasioned by A. old age. B. breast feeding, C. menstruation. D. pregnancy. 11. The following Sūwar begin with divine command to the Prophet except Sūrah A. an-Nās. B. al-Falaq. C. al-Kāfirūn. D ad-Duhā 12. Which of the following is not a form of Shirk according to the Qur’ān? A. Trinity B. Polytheism C. Atheism D. Monotheism 13. A major lesson contained in Hadith 16 of an-Nawawī is A. ability to control anger. B. unnecessary questioning, c. having good intentions. D. sincerity in faith. 14. Which of the following is an exclusive obligation of the husband? A. Provision of shelter B. Counselling C. Provision of job D. Domestic support 15. Qur'ān 24:32 is an injunction which A. discourages a Muslim from polygamy. B. commands Muslims to mary more than one wife. C. enjoins Muslims to marry righteous partners D. allows a Muslim to divorce only when necessary.

16. Iam Yalid wa lam yulad (Q. 112:3) is preceded by A. Qul Huwal-Lāhu Ahad. B. Alluhus-Samad. C. Wa lam yakunl-Lahu kufuwan ahad. D. Lakum dinukun waliyadīn. 17. Which of the following is the greatest form of Jihad according to the Prophet (S.A.W.)? A. Performance of Hajj and ‘Umrah B. Writing of religious books c. Suppressing one's selfish desires D. Waging war in the course of Allah 18. La taghdab in Hadith 16 means A. avoid vain talk. B. do not get angry. c. mind your own business. D. do not be jealous. 19. The Sūrah which begins with four oaths is A. ad-Duhā. B. ‘Alaq. C. al-Kāfirūn D. at-Tīn 20. The Prophet lost his wife Khadjah in the year A. 610 C.E B. 616 C.E C. 617 C.E D. 619 C.E 21. Who among the following played a major role in the transmission of Hadith? A. Fātimah B. 'Ā'ishah c. Khadījah D. Hafsah 22. The supererogatory prayer with a single rak’ah is salātul A. Jama.ah. B. Safar. C. Kusūf. D. Witr. 23. A Juz' of the Qur’ān is sub-divided into the following except A. Rub'. ٠أذ Ni?£ e. Hizb. D. Manzil 24. The reign of caliph ‘Uthman b. .Affān is known for A. Hadith collection. B. tax collection. C. standardization of the Qur'ān. D. justice and administrative fairness. 25. Imām Bukhārī is to 870 C.E as Imām Muslim is to A. 875 C.E B. 886 C.E c. 888 C.E D. 892 C.E

PAPER 2 ESSAY [100 marks] Answer four questions in all. Question 1 is compulsory. 1. Examine the significance of intentions as contained in Hadith 1 of an-Nawaw ̅ collection [25 marks] 2. Write on the biography of ‘Umar b. Khattb before lie became a caliph. [25 marks] 3. (a) Write Sratu-Falaq (Q. 113) preferably in Arabic or transliteration. [8 marks] (b) Translate it into English. [7 marks] (c) Comment on its teachings. [10 marks] 4. Explain the teachings of Islam on Destiny (Qadar). [25 marks] 5. "man 'ahadatha fi 'amrin hadh .... (Hadith 5 of an-Nawawi) (a) Complete the above Hadith. [8 marks] (b) Translate it into English. [7 marks] (c) Comment on its lessons. [10 marks] 6. Describe how alatus-Subh is performed. [25 marks]

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