AN ANIMATED LENS “No artist tolerates reality.” - Nietzsche Iredell Arts Council • Friday 9/8 • 9:30AM-10:30AM THE BALLAD OF LIQUID SKY SIONS Director: Jo Knorpp United States • 2023 • Animation • 0:03:34 An original folktale, set to the music performed by a mysterious bard, recounts the story of a lost connection between a sea goddess and a small harbor town. NOBODY Director: Mingyuan Li United States • 2022 • Animation • 0:04:05 A woman comes to Paris, France seeking chances of making money to support her struggling family in China, and her fate has since been rewritten. EMERGENCE Director: Nick Pascoal United States • 2023 • Animation • 0:03:54 An isolated man’s anxiety and paranoia are about to be pushed to the limits when a mysterious colossal nemesis invades the calm and serenity of the peaceful countryside. SHORT FILM SES GNOSIS Director: Peaches Wilczak United States • 2023 • Animation • 0:03:09 A reinterpretation of the seven days of creation through the lens of the metaphysical artist trying to reconnect with their art. LETE Director: Duban Pinzon Colombia • 2022 • Animation • 0:20:00 After a long and devastating war, a dying soldier returns back home with the hope to find the whereabouts of his daughter. A NATURAL FORCE Director: Gordon LePage United States • 2022 • Animation • 0:03:16 Two raccoons - strategizing for snacks - follow different paths along the physics of things. THE SPRAYER Director: Farnoosh Abedi Iran • 2022 • Animation • 0:08:34 In a land where no one has the right to grow any kind of plants in public or private, a soldier finds a seed buried deep down in the dust and his curiosity is just the 18 beginning of something revolutionary.

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