LIVING WITH PURPOSE SHORT “The greater the complication, the richer the tale.” – Thor F. Jensen Center Stage Alliance • Friday 9/8 • 1:30PM - 3:00PM Center Stage Alliance • Saturday 9/9 • 10:15AM - 11:45AM 0530: RIDING IN THE DARK FILM Directors: Griffin Hart Davis & Wes Salisbury United States • 2022 • Short Documentary • 0:25:24 In the 0530 cycling group, the bonds among riders - both on and off the bike - sustain lasting friendships and offer life-giving support when it’s needed most. A PERFECT LOVE SES Director: Kyle Saylors United States • 2022 • Short Documentary • 0:27:42 The true life story about one family’s dream to adopt SIONS a child with special needs from China. Eight years and six children with special needs later, the family copes with the everyday struggles of bringing two worlds and cultures together to form an everlasting bond with love as the tie that binds them together. UNSHAKEN Directors: James Q. Martin & Nicholas Geib United States • 2022 • Short Documentary • 0:17:07 Mohlenne Bosse, a young Haitian woman, finds strength and learns how to walk on crude prosthetics after suddenly losing both of her legs to a mysterious affliction, baffling the Haitian and American doctors who worked to save her legs and then her life. 21

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