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knowledge will be a thing of the past what's also specific to this kind of teaching and future of education environment is immersion. It's a real-time decision-making over longer periods of time as I mentioned before these courses run over months so if a student makes a decision that turns out to have not been the optimal decision they actually have to deal with the consequences and turn around the project and figure out a new path forward. But the last point that is important is the aspect of simulation that at the end of the day all this happens in a safe environment where students are free to experiment where they can try out things they can fail and then they have a chance to try again. And I can fail again and if they even at the end of that course have continuously be failing the course aims not to only change on the outcomes they have achieved but also on their style and their ability to apply knowledge and to try and solve these problems and I believe that our future of education system needs to go beyond the pure knowledge transfer. We need to find smarter ways to facilitate that and we need to change our universities into a real training ground where students are have a chance to train under the supervision of professors to solve real-world problems in an immersive environment. While experiencing a simulation of real life because only if we go to this step only if we go there then we don't have to be afraid of the rise and future of technology but we can actually embrace the opportunities that technology brings to solve the hardest problems in the world thank you.

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