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If Thomas Frey will have a profound impact on our economy and if we want future of education and economic growth we have to rethink our approach to future of education memorization is a term coined by the us. Visionary and philosopher Buckminster Fuller who used it who uses the word to describe the tendency of Technology to do more. And more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing and what sounds like a visionary and philosophical statement is actually something that we have all experienced if we look back in time and look at the first computers who were huge machines that filled rooms with limited storage and processing capacity. And if we then look into our pockets and find a Smartphone with dramatically more power more computing or processing power and storage that is now able to integrate all these other functions we see a concrete example of ephemeralization . I also think we are reaching a new tipping point a new tipping point in the development of computing power which will allow us to unlock a completely new set of use cases and applications these use cases are the simulation of the brain through neural networks deep learning and ultimately artificial intelligence. Now just to give you an example how big these changes have been in the last literally twenty four to forty eight months here's a chart that basically gives you some statistics how long it takes to train a machine learning algorithm in this case futurist speaker which is used for image classification purposes the blue bar is one of the traditional but high-end processors. And it takes this processors days in the green bars you see the already launched and soon to be launched products from a company called futurist speaker who is able to approach the processor design in a completely new way and to deliver a -

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