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Distinguished Travel Service • 207 – 255 Duncan Mill Rd., Toronto, ON M3B 3H9 • Tel.: (416) 444-3822 Fax: (416) 444-7782 • e-mail: [email protected] Singapore, Vietnam & Cambodia Delights Tour OOccttoobbeerr 2244 -- NNoovveemmbbeerr 1100,, 22002233 Get to know Singapore: Singapore is one of only three surviving city-states worldwide; the other two are Monaco and the Vatican City. Ultra-sophisticated, Singapore is the only place in the world that is a city, a state, and an island. Sang Nila Utama, a prince from Palembang, named the island of Singapura, which means "Lion City" in Sanskrit, after seeing a creature he thought was a lion. Comprised of Malaysians, Chinese, Indians and Europeans, Singapore is diverse in its culture, and richly varied in its heritage, culture, art and architecture. Known as Southeast Asia's "City in a Garden" because of the many skyscrapers with vertical gardens, and home to an incredible number of sizeable parks and green spaces. Singapore's 12 most famous landmarks: 1.Gardens by the Bay 2.Merlion Park 3.Unesco Listed Singapore Botanic Gardens 4.Marina Bay Sands 5.Art Science Museum 6.National Museum of Singapore 7.Helix Bridge 8.Clarke Quay 9.Lau Pa Sat 10.The Singapore Flyer 11.Raffles Hotel 12.Esplanade Additional Singapore sites worth exploring: Funan Mall - Retail mall with an indoor 200-metre cycling path Singapore Changi Airport - a wonder in itself where you can spend the entire day visiting

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