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Gwangju News February 2022 #240

Gwangju and South JGwangju and South Jeoleolla Intla Internaernationational Mal Magazinegazine GG wawa nn gjgj u au a nn d Sd S oo uu tt h Jh J ee oo ll ll a Ia I nn tt erer nn aa tt ioio nn aa l Ml M aa gazingazin FFebruarebruary 20y 20222 #22 #24040 e Fe F ee bb rr uu aa rr y 2022 #240 Ay 2022 #240 A dodo pp t-a-Ct-a-C hihi ld: Sld: S oo mm etet hinhin g Thg Th aa t Ht H aa s ts t o Bo B e De D oo nn ee Thank You for Not Smoking Hwajeong I-Park Falls “Mother of June” 202202_.indd 1202202_.indd 1 2022-01-24  1:05:212022-01-24  1:05:21

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1 Gwangju & South Jeolla International Magazine From the Editor February 2022, Issue 240 elcome to February, and welcome Published: February 1, 2022 Wto the February issue of the Cover Photo Gwangju News. February 1 not only Sunset over Gwangju. signals the beginning of a new month Photo: Gwangju Tourism website and the publication of a new issue of this 광주문화관광 홈페이지 magazine, this year it also heralds the beginning of a new year according to the traditional Oriental calendar that Korea has followed for many centuries. This year, Lunar New Year’s THE EDITORIAL TEAM Day, or Seollal, ushers in the Year of the Tiger – and that is a Publisher Dr. Shin Gyonggu good thing! The tiger foretells a year of strength, power, and Editor-in-Chief Dr. David E. Shaffer prosperity. Let us hope that this year we will have the strength William Urbanski to overcome the ravages of the coronavirus and other maladies Managing Editor that may target our health. Let us hope that we have the power Chief Copy Editor Isaiah Winters to reach our goals, however small or large they may be. And Layout Editor Karina Prananto Photographer Kim Hillel Yunkyoung let us hope for prosperity in our lives, especially inner wealth, Online Editor Karina Prananto which is what truly makes us the person who we are. Content Support Melline Galani We also hope that throughout the year, this wealth will spread The Gwangju News is the first English monthly through the pages of the Gwangju News for the benefit of the magazine for the general public in Korea, first magazine’s readership and the lives that they may touch. May published in 2001. Each monthly issue covers local the Year of the Tiger be one that roars of good fortune! and regional issues, with a focus on the roles and activities of the international residents and local Our cover photo for this issue depicts the sun setting over English-speaking communities. Gwangju, signifying the close of another lunar year, a close Copyright ©2022 by the Gwangju International Center. that was marred by sorrow and tragedy. Sorrow in that January All rights reserved. No part of this publication covered saw the passing in Gwangju of an activist mother who took by this copyright may be reproduced in any form up the baton of her activist son when his life was terminated or by any means – graphic, electronic, mechanical, by a riot police teargas canister. She is known nationwide as photocopying, recording, or otherwise – without the the “Mother of June,” and we carry a special photo essay in written consent of the publisher. remembrance. January also witnessed the collapse of yet The Gwangju News is published by another building in the city – a high-end high-rise still under the Gwangju International Center: construction in Gwangju’s newest I-Park complex that ended Jungang-ro 196-beon-gil 5 (Geumnam-ro 3-ga), the lives of multiple workers at the site [Lost in Gwangju]. Dong-gu, Gwangju 61475, South Korea In line with the Year of the Tiger bringing improved health, Tel: (+82)-62-226-2733~34 Fax: (+82)-62-226-2731 we feature a piece on the perils of smoking and the perks of Website: not [“Thank You for Not Smoking”]. And in relation to the Email: [email protected] strength that the new year forecasts, we feature a female artist gwangjunews gwangju_news Registration No. 광주광역시 라. 00145 and the power of her feminine art [People in the Arts]. (ISSN 2093-5315) Within our February pages is a wealth of additional articles, a Registration Date: February 22, 2010 wealth of information, images, and interest. Printed by Jieum 지음 (+82)-62-672-2566 F As always, stay Covid smart, stay Covid safe, be Covid ebruar For volunteering and article submission inquiries, protected, and enjoy the Gwangju News. please contact the editor at [email protected]. David E. Shaffer y 20 Special thanks to Gwangju Editor-in-Chief City and all of our sponsors. 2 Gwangju News 2 202202.indd 1202202.indd 1 2022-01-24  1:25:092022-01-24  1:25:09

2 Photo of the Month By Isaiah Winters Blood in the Snow Abandoned for many years, this forlorn church along the railroad tracks in Unam-dong is always worth a visit when the snow falls. Its faded red tower revives when set against a backdrop of white. The Photographer Born and raised in Chino, California, Isaiah Winters is a pixel-stained wretch who loves writing about Gwangju and Honam, warts and all. He particularly likes doing unsolicited appraisals of abandoned Korean properties, like this asbestos-clad, tumbledown chapel. CULTURE & ARTS You can find much of his photography on @d.p.r.kwangju. 2 2 y 20 ebruar F 202202.indd 2202202.indd 2 2022-01-24  1:25:102022-01-24  1:25:10 The Author Originally from Belgium, Aline Verduyn has lived in Korea for five years. She has previously lived in Busan, Suwon, and Daegu but has found Gwangju to be her favorite city. Her goal is to visit every notable site in Korea. @gwangjumiin

33 Contents ISSUE 240, FEBRUARY 2022 NEWS 01. From the Editor 04. Gwangju City News FEATURES 06. Thank You for Not Smoking 09. People in the Arts: “The Most Personal Is the Most Creative” – Talking with Artist Kim Mi-ae 13. Blast from the Past: Jeolla and the Nosa School – Combatting Western Influence 16. Lost in Gwangju: Like a Ton of Bricks – Hwajeong I-Park Falls from Grace 22. Special Photo Essay: “Mother of June” TEACHING & LEARNING 26. Language Teaching: The Guest English Teachers’ Program 29. Everyday Korean: Episode 50. 발이 참 넓구나. “You Really Are a Social Butterfly.” 30. Flipping the Classroom: Walking in Students’ Shoes FOOD & DRINKS 32. Restaurant Review: 1st Recipe – Where Mediterranean Cuisine Meets Korea COMMUNITY 34. Opinion: Return of the King – In The Matrix Resurrections, Neo Reclaims His Title of Cinema’s Greatest Hero 37. Local Entrepreneur: The Quarantined Future CULTURE & ARTS 02. Photo of the Month: Blood in the Snow 41. Crossword Puzzle 42. Book Review: The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes 43. Gwangju Writes: Bathroom Window 44. Gwangju Writes: No More Lies F 48. Photo Essay: Jinju Lantern Festival ebruarF 52. GFN Radio: Top of the Drop ebruar 54. Comic Corner: Alan and Me – Episode 8. A Rainy Day at the Maldives, Part 1 y 20y 20 2 2 2 2 202202.indd 3202202.indd 3 2022-01-24  1:25:102022-01-24  1:25:10

44 Gwangju City News From the Gwangju Metropolitan City website ( City Hall Offers Daily Life transferred within one to two business days after applying. For underage children in the same household, one parent Recovery Subsidy can make their application in the same application as the parent’s. From January 17 through Participating banks and credit cards: KB Kookmin Card, February 28, Gwangju City NH Nonghyup Card, Lotte Card, Samsung Card, Shinhan is receiving applications Card, Woori Card, Hana Card, Hyundai Card, BC Card, for the daily life recovery Gwangju Bank, IBK Industrial Bank, NH Nonghyup BC, subsidy, in the amount of Hana BC Card, Saemaul Geumgo, Post Office banking, MONTHLY NEWS 100,000 won per person, Korea Federation of Credit Cooperatives. payable to all of the city’s registered inhabitants. Applications for on-site visits are open from January 17 to February 28. Within the submission period, the Applicants must be individuals with residency applicant must go to the administrative welfare center in the vicinity of their address with their ID card, complete in Gwangju as of midnight, December 1, the application form, and receive a prepaid Win-Win 2021, international residents who have registered their Card (Sangsaeng Card) immediately. Working hours are residence here, ethnic Koreans of foreign nationalities from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays. One member with residence in Gwangju, and newborns whose parents of a household can apply on behalf of other members of meet the payment conditions and can prove the baby’s the same household. This is possible only with a visitor’s birth within the application deadline. ID and consent of delegation of power of attorney in the 2 application form without separate proof of relationship. 2 The application procedure is of two types: an online y 20application using credit/debit card points and visiting the The subsidy should be used by May 31, and it is restricted administrative welfare center in proximity to the resident’s from being used at department stores, large supermarkets, address for a prepaid Win-Win Card (Sangsaeng Card). corporate supermarkets, large home appliance stores, ebruar(Note: International residents and ethnic Koreans of foreign entertainment establishments, and speculative businesses F nationalities can only apply by visiting their local welfare (such as gambling establishments). centers.) Online application for credit/debit card points is possible Gwangju Media Art Center to through the website from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily from January 17 to February 18. Visit this website to access the Be Reborn as “GMAP” Gwangju Daily Life Recovery Subsidy application form: https://광주일상회복지원금.kr Gwangju City has selected a new name for the Gwangju Those who select a credit/debit card company among Media Art Center, a UNESCO Media Art Creative City the 15 participating enterprises will have the amount platform, calling it “GMAP.” 202202.indd 4202202.indd 4 2022-01-24  1:25:102022-01-24  1:25:10

5 “GMAP” are the English initials of “Gwangju Media Art Platform.” Moreover, while “G” stands for “Gwangju,” “MAP” has the meaning Gwangju Dong-gu (East District) Office News of “mapping,” with the connotation of “drawing a map” and “applying image (media),” conveying Sharing the “Books in My Life” Event the “drawing of Gwangju’s future with media art.” The newly selected name contains the future- oriented vision and will of the cultural hub Gwangju as a cultural tourism resource that leads the city’s competitiveness through the convergence of art, industry, and education. The Dong-gu Humanities Center, newly born after remodeling an old house in Dongmyeong-dong, aims ▲ Construction site of the Gwangju Media Art Platform at to become a base for humanities and cultural activities Nam-gu’s Gu-dong, expected to open in March 2022. for Gwangju citizens. Those who love books are sure to (Photo: Naver Map) know many works. Among those numerous, must-know compositions, please select one special book in your life, fill GMAP, which will be built in Nam-gu’s Gu- out the reason for the selection’s importance, and share it dong with two basement floors and three above- with the Dong-gu Humanities Center. The recommended ground floors, will contain a creative space that books will be offered in the “Books in My Life” corner of the incorporates equipment to produce, experiment Dong-gu Humanities Center to be enjoyed by visitors. with, and implement images; an exhibition space How to participate in the “Books in My Life” event: where experimental and challenging media art 1. Select one book for the event. works will be displayed; and the Teleport Hall, 2. State the reason for your recommendation (a handwritten a UNESCO Media Art Creative City exchange message inside the book is preferred). space. 3. Submit the recommendation by mail or at the center. When GMAP opens in March, Gwangju is • Application period: January–March 2022 expected to add synergy as a creative media • Reception desk: Donggyecheon-ro 168-5, Dong-gu, art city in conjunction with the creation of a Gwangju, Dong-gu Humanities Center creativity belt that will be introduced in the Note: Please understand that copies of shared books cannot be spring. displayed. Accordingly, brand image integration that Benefits of participating in the “Books in My Life” event: conforms to the GMAP name will be developed 1. Priority in attending the Dong-gu Humanities Center’s programs as soon as possible. 2. Stationery and souvenir gift F ebruar Translated by Melline Galani. Inquiries Cho Dae-young (Program Director, Dong-gu Humanities Center) Mobile: 010-4660-5792 / Email: [email protected] y 20 Phone: 062-608-2175 (Dong-gu Humanities and Urban Policy Division) 2 2 202202.indd 5202202.indd 5 2022-01-24  1:25:112022-01-24  1:25:11

6 Thank You for Not Smoking Written by William Urbanski FEATURE bout a dozen years ago, I woke up in the middle the good news is that in Gwangju and many other parts of the night clutching my chest: It was hard to of the country, the writing is literally on the wall that Abreathe and felt like someone was pressing their 2022 is your year to quit. knuckles into my ribs. It was the night after a particularly long day at the beach with my friends during which I THEN VS. NOW: SMOKING IN KOREA had made my way through at least a pack and a half of Seollal is a chance to reflect on the upcoming year and cigarettes (Peter Jackson Light was my brand). Before also a time to look back. Glancing into the metaphorical this night, obviously, I knew that smoking was bad, but rear-view mirror, one of the biggest changes to have it all just seemed like a big joke and a way to stick it to taken place in Gwangju, and in Korea as a whole over the man. But lying there on my bed (then eventually on the past decade, is a reappraisal (at least officially) of my floor), I realized that my smoking habit was catching smoking. up with me. While I did not quit right away, this was a major turning point in my so-called smoking career When I first arrived in Korea in 2011, smoking was a lot 2 and one that I would think back on frequently in years more accepted and commonplace than it is today. Back 2 to come. in those days, it was very normal to see people smoking in restaurants, bars, noraebang (노래방, karaoke y 20Fortunately for me, the decision to move to Korea was rooms), PC rooms, and many other indoor places. the second major turning point in my smoking career Teachers at one of my elementary schools even used to and the real impetus to quit for good. Since coming to pop outside between classes for a butt, then come back ebruarKorea involved both diving into an unfamiliar culture as in reeking of the stuff – a practice that was officially not F well as working around children, it was (and is still) my allowed but tolerated nonetheless. In addition to being strong belief that being a smoker would not only create allowed to smoke in most places, cigarettes used to be a bad first impression but the wrong impression. While dirt cheap: no more than two-thousand won per pack. Korea’s liberal attitude toward smoking in the early Had I not quit smoking mere months before arriving on 2010s certainly tested my resolve, in the past decade the peninsula, I would have thought this was smoking there has been a substantial reassessment of smoking heaven. policies that has made it easier to not light up. But surely enough, each and every year, there are more If you enjoy smoking, I have no problem with that. and more restrictions that are imposed and enforced. Seriously, just do your thing. But if you are one of the Smoking in restaurants, of course, is a no-no (just like many, many smokers who would like to drop the habit, in most indoor places). Many public spaces, especially 202202.indd 6202202.indd 6 2022-01-24  1:25:112022-01-24  1:25:11

7 parks and walking trails, have no smoking signs all over the place. Somewhere along the line, the price of cigarettes doubled as well (on a side note, they are still less than half the price as in Canada). Surprisingly, these measures have worked pretty well, and while it is still very common to see people smoking in Gwangju, on a day-to-day basis the rate is far lower than a decade ago. As well, those that do choose to smoke often retreat into “smoker alleys” where they can congregate (and disgustingly spit on the ground) in peace. Specifically, within Gwangju, there have been a number of major policy changes that have impacted people’s ability to smoke, my favorite being the designation of many apartment complexes (more than 60 at the time of writing this) as smoke-free living spaces. From what I can tell you, after living in the full gamut of housing types (officetel, live-in office units, where people smoke in the stairwells, a jutaek beside a road that doubled as a smoking area for a local restaurant, an apartment above a bar, etc.), I can say that living in a smoke-free building is wonderful. Even as a former smoker who completely understands the compulsion to smoke (and to a certain extent supports people’s right to smoke), I get furious when someone so much as lights up in my parking lot. VAPING: NOT A GOOD ALTERNATIVE TO CIGS While the smoking rate nationwide continues to decrease, vaping has become much more popular, and it is easy to find vape shops all over the city. That vaping has ▲ You guessed it, geum-yeon (금연) means “no smoking.” Signs like skyrocketed in popularity is not all that surprising since this are becoming increasingly common in Gwangju. it is marketed under the guise of being more socially acceptable (and healthier) than smoking. But make no Pretty simple stuff. What may actually be more helpful mistake, it is still awful for you. When using one of these is to think about why to quit. The question of why to vape devices, people tend to take huge hits of vaporized quit is a much more powerful motivator, and it is easy nicotine simply because it is a smoother type of smoke. to think up a few reasons why you should stop pumping In many ways, vaping reminds me of smoking shisha tobacco and nicotine into your lungs, but here are a – a practice that is extremely popular in many parts of couple to get you started: If you smoke for a long time, the world but thankfully does not seem to have gained you will almost certainly develop cancer; if you are a much traction in Korea. Whatever the alleged “benefits” smoker, by the time you get into your fifties, you are of vaping are, the fact still remains that it involves filling going to start developing all sorts of health problems; your lungs with toxic smoke. if you are a smoker, you are Big Tobacco’s little tool, and they are laughing at you; smoking smells bad; HOW TO QUIT smoking demonstrates a lack of self-control; smoking I am not going to run through the various methods people is expensive and a waste of money; if you stop smoking, use to quit smoking (they are extremely easy to find), but you will be healthier and happier. You get the picture. it is important to highlight a common misconception about quitting smoking. That misconception is that THE RIGHT TO SMOKE F many people would quit if they only knew how to quit. If cigarettes and vaping devices were to be introduced ebruar The fact of the matter is that quitting is pretty simple today as new products, it is very unlikely that they and can be outlined in two steps: would be approved for sale to the general public. But, 1. Do not put a cigarette in your mouth. that is not the world we live in. People have a right to y 20 smoke, but once they get addicted (and they will), they 2. Do not light that cigarette on fire. 2 do not have a choice to keep smoking. Let me explain: 2 202202.indd 7202202.indd 7 2022-01-24  1:25:122022-01-24  1:25:12

8 ▲ A “smoker’s alley” in downtown Gwangju. If you want to smoke, get used to hanging out in dirty alleys around people who spit all over the ground. Gross. Nobody in their right mind would dispute that cigarettes (and nicotine) lead to dependence. So, it follows that the more an individual smokes, the less of a “choice” it is and the more of a compulsion it becomes. This does not happen overnight, but it is this pernicious characteristic of smoking that makes it so dangerous. As well, just because you have the “right” to do something does not imply that you should. You can go buy a dozen donuts and stuff them in your face, but that is probably not a good thing to do. BAD NEWS AND GOOD NEWS If you make the good decision to give up smoking, the bad news is that the desire to smoke will never fully go away. I get an occasional desire to smoke, and this is ten- plus years after my last cig. The good news is that as time goes on, these desires become increasingly fleeting and your ability to resist the urge will grow stronger, much 2 like a muscle that grows with resistance. 2 To be free from the need to hack butts to get a nic-fix is y 20a wonderful thing. If you want to quit, you can definitely do it if you keep focused on the why. And if you need some extra motivation, just look at all the no-smoking ebruarsigns around the city: The writing is on the wall. F Photographs by William Urbanski. The Author William Urbanski is the managing editor of the Gwangju News. He used to hack butts but has been smoke free for over ten years. @will_il_gatto 202202.indd 8202202.indd 8 2022-01-24  1:25:122022-01-24  1:25:12

People in the Arts 9 FEATURE ▲ Sure, Why Not! by Kim Mi-ae (2018, acrylic on canvas). “The Most Personal Is the Most Creative” F Talking with Artist Kim Mi-ae ebruar Interview by Kang Jennis Hyunsuk y 20 2 2 202202.indd 9202202.indd 9 2022-01-24  1:25:132022-01-24  1:25:13

10 was changed into the Department of Art Theory in the College of Art. I remember that I joined in protesting the school’s policy with my fellow students. After graduating from university, I became a reporter at a broadcasting company, instead of becoming an art teacher. Jennis: Why did you decide to become a reporter? Kim Mi-ae: I had a great opportunity when I was a university senior. A professor, who taught us Western art history, recommended me to participate in a program promoting the Gwangju Biennale. In the program, I had the assignment of interviewing an art director named Jemma Han. That experience served as an opportunity to become a reporter for a TV program introducing restaurants and festivals in Gwangju and Jeollanam- do. But as you know, an interviewer should approach interviewees and ask a lot of questions. This was hard for an introvert like me. So, I quit the job and decided to do the master’s and doctoral programs at the Korea National University of Education. I wanted to study art education beyond the little I had received as an undergraduate student. Jennis: So, you were able to learn how to teach art at last. Kim Mi-ae: Yes, it was a time to realize the importance of art education again. And at that time, I also discovered my ▲ Super Mom and Super Daughter, by Kim Mi-ae (2018, acrylic on canvas). desire to create art. I appreciate Professor Choi Chul, who helped me to realize that I had the dream of becoming an n this past year, relatively few art exhibitions were artist. However, in the back of my mind, I was still not held due to the Covid pandemic, but fortunately, the sure about my ability as an artist because I was majoring IGwangju International Art Fair did take place, allowing in art education, not fine arts. visitors to see a wide variety of works all in one place. Among the many wonderful art pieces on exhibit, I was much interested in one artist’s works that expressed strong women through pop art. Perhaps this was because of my experience as a member of the Women’s Research Club in 2 my university days. Seeing her works exhibited at the art 2 fair, I wanted to meet the artist, Kim Mi-ae, and listen to the story of her art in detail. I recently had that opportunity; my y 20extremely interesting interview with Artist Kim follows. Jennis: Thank you for making time for this interview. ebruarAfter seeing your artworks at the Gwangju International F Art Fair, I became curious about how you came to embrace the theme of women in your works. I would love to hear your art story. Kim Mi-ae: I majored in art education at Chonnam National University. Having liked painting since I was young, I wanted to make a career out of painting. But my parents, who were school teachers, wanted me to be a teacher like them. My parents suggested that painting would still be possible as an art teacher. So, I majored in art education, following my parents’ wishes. However, while attending school, the Department of Art Education ▲ The One, by Kim Mi-ae (2018, acrylic on canvas). 202202.indd 10202202.indd 10 2022-01-24  1:25:142022-01-24  1:25:14

11 The times continue to change, and the conflict between the values I learned from my parents and the values I have felt in my present life is constantly confusing to me. But this confusion is surely not just mine. So, I wanted to express the story of women’s social status through self- portraits in my art. Jennis: Your painting of a man in heels and wearing stockings is quite intriguing. Ever since I first saw it, I have wanted to ask you what you wish to convey in that painting. Kim Mi-ae: My painting tells the story of my parents, and it also contains the story of my husband. My husband is a delicate and quiet person. I think he is a person who has a lot of feminine aspects. Married couples seem to make up for the weak points in each other. I think my introverted husband needs a more active wife’s role. This has turned me into a more active woman. We have been raised to believe that women should act feminine and men should be masculine. “Men don’t cry. Women should be meek and obedient” – like this, we have set women apart from men. But I have realized that I have some masculinity within me and that some men have feminine facets. In fact, the degree would depend only on the situation or context that each individual is in. What I wanted to do with that painting was bring out the inner man who has had to hide his feminine aspects from others. So, to do this, I combined the image of a strong ▲ Do Not! by Kim Mi-ae (2019, acrylic on canvas). man with some objects symbolizing femininity. Jennis: You said that you would like to gain freedom Jennis: It has been said that conceptual art that captures from the eyes of those who measure women only from the artist’s thought is the essence of modern art. My niece, the appearance that the world dictates, but some women who studied fine art in France, told me that in France in your paintings still show beautiful feminine qualities, art college students are not required to be good at art to boldly revealing their sexuality. gain admission. Students there grow into being artists Kim Mi-ae: I would love to freely express human by discussing philosophical, historical, and cultural beauty. However, since I am also a person who has been contents. That might be why I am so interested in your immersed in the ingrained customs and education of this artworks. I wonder whether there is a particular reason society, there has been this inner dilemma in expressing for you to paint on the subject of women. What would human beauty. But this is my mission: to find the beauty you like to convey through your art? in women as being strong, confident, and challenging. I Kim Mi-ae: People say, “The most personal thing is the think my art is in the process of breaking away from the most creative one.” With this, I agree. I would like to tell long-held social perception engraved upon my body. my life-centered story through my art. I grew up in a very conservative family. My parents asked me to behave as Jennis: Your artworks contain difficult themes. I wonder a nice girl in order to be “a wise mother and good wife” why you chose pop art as a medium for conveying your (현모양처, 賢母良妻), and they placed me under a strict issues. curfew. It was an unbearable restraint for a young girl who Kim Mi-ae: Pop artists such as Roy Lichtenstein [1923– F was living in the modern world outside home life. They did 1997], Andy Warhol [1928–1987], Jean Michel Basquiat ebruar not even allow me independence before marriage. I love [1960–1988], and Keith Haring [1958–1990] used thick my parents, but in order to gain independence from their outlines and speech bubbles to create a new sensation excessive affection, I decided to get married. The type of in painting, breaking with traditional art concepts. Just y 20 partner I was looking for was a man who could help me like these pop artists, I hope that my paintings expressing to stand on my own. Fortunately, my married life is going women in this society will raise questions and awareness 2 well with respect to the two of us, just as I had dreamt. in their viewers. 2 202202.indd 11202202.indd 11 2022-01-24  1:25:142022-01-24  1:25:14

12 Jennis: When I was in college, ladies were not supposed to enter billiard halls, and a prevalent myth of the time was “With a woman in the boat, fish cannot be caught.” But these days, we often see older ladies driving tractors and trucks in the country. The world has changed a lot and change will continue. Viewing your artwork conjures up the dichotomy of masculinity and femininity that we have been all too familiar with for such a long time. I thank you for this extensive interview. IN CLOSING… Artist Kim Mi-ae operates an art academy in Gwangju’s Ilgok-dong. She told me that she has more time now to devote to art due to COVID-19. Through her art, she asks what gender is, reminding me of a saying by the philosopher Ivan Illich: “Gender is in every step, in every gesture, not just between the legs.” Photographs courtesy of Kim Mi-ae. Select Exhibitions (Among 6 individual, 27 group) 2021 Gwangju International Art Fair, “Art Gwangju 21,” Kim Daejung Convention Center, Gwangju. 2021 “Would You Like Some Ramen?” Mino Gallery, Gwangju. 2021 Seoul International Art Fair, “World Road, K Art Road,” COEX, Seoul. 2021 Democratic Support Solidarity Exhibition with ▲ You Are the Champion! by Kim Mi-ae (2018, acrylic on arch paper). Myanmar Artists, Chonnam National University, Gwangju. 2020 The 6th Young Artist Exhibition, “Light Up,” Buk-gu Office Gallery, Gwangju. 2019 Art Gwangju 19, Kim Daejung Convention Center, Gwangju. 2019 Insa-dong Fair, Insa Art Center, Seoul. 2019 Art Busan, BEXCO, Busan. 2 2019 Seoul Art Expo, Personal Booth, COEX, Seoul. 2 2019 “Spirit of Art,” Korea Daily Art Center, Los Angeles, USA. y 20 2018 Daejeon International Art Show, Trade Exhibition Hall, Daejeon. 2017 Seoul Art Show, COEX, Seoul. ebruarAward F Grand Prize: The 15th Ansan International Art Fair The Interviewer Kang Jennis Hyunsuk has been living in Gwangju all her life. She has painted as a hobby for almost a decade, and she has learned that there are so many wonderful artists in Korea. As a freelance interpreter, she would like to introduce the English-speaking world to the diverse sphere of Korean art. @jenniskang ▲ What a Man Is, by Kim Mi-ae (2019, gouache on paper). 202202.indd 12202202.indd 12 2022-01-24  1:25:152022-01-24  1:25:15

Blast from the Past 13 Jeolla and the Nosa School Combatting Western Influence We often think of Korea’s neo-Confucianism of Joseon Dynasty times as a singular concept, but in actuality, it was more of an umbrella term for the differing schools of thought that existed simultaneously as well as those that developed sequentially during Joseon times. One of these schools of neo-Confucian thought was that of the Nosa School, developed in the Jeolla area by Ki Jeong-jin. Its tenets proved to have a profound influence on late Joseon Dynasty government policy. Resurrected here from the archives of the Gwangju News is a two-part contribution by Hea Ran Won, “The Nosa School and Western Influence” (January 2016) and “The Nosa School and the Opposition Against Western Influences” (February 2016). We hope you enjoy this article on the Nosa School, a part of history that blast from the past arguably hasn’t received the degree of attention that it deserves. — Ed. EARLY WESTERN INFLUENCE ON KOREA Unlike China and Japan, Korea was long hidden from the eyes of the West due to its geographical seclusion. It was only from the middle of the 19th century that the West actually started to take an interest in Korea. However, the relationship between Korea and European countries was not a friendly one. In fact, their relationship was like that of water and oil. The European countries were filled with imperial aspirations, while Korea’s Joseon government was heavily prohibitive of Western culture. In the mid-19th century, European countries started to send more ships to the Korean coast. Officially, these ships claimed to be exploring the marine ecology, but in reality, they were measuring and investigating the shorelines and coastal regions of Korea in preparation for intrusions of various sorts. In the case of Jeolla Province, the English battleship Samarang unlawfully entered Jeolla waters and monitored several islands near Goheung and Jangheung on the south coast, and a Russian battleship twice invaded Geomun-do (an island near Yeosu). The locals feared these ships because they would often force trade and even F plunder villages. In addition, Koreans became ebruar more anxious after hearing the news of attacks on Beijing by British and French forces. It was shocking to hear that these Western forces easily seized the capital of a big and powerful country y 20 like China. ▲ Portrait of Nosa, Ki Jeong-jin, founder of the Nosa School. (Open 2 Sunchang) 2 202202.indd 13202202.indd 13 2022-01-24  1:25:152022-01-24  1:25:15

14 ▲ Gosan Academy in Jangseong where Ki Jeong-jin taught. (Encyclopedia of Korean Culture) In response, the government of Joseon banned 1866 caused the government to side more with those who Christianity, which was viewed as the key connection wanted to prohibit Western influences. This initiated the to European countries. Despite severe oppression, rise of the Nosa School, which greatly influenced Korean however, the number of believers in Korea grew, and diplomacy for years to come. the government became wary of its influence. It was feared that Christianity would disrupt the traditional THE INFLUENCE OF THE NOSA SCHOOL Confucian mindset, and to prevent the further spread of Joseon Korea had ostracized other ideologies since the Christianity, the government publicly executed thousands beginning of the dynasty (1398–1905). Joseon’s politics and of Christians. social structure were largely based on neo-Confucianism, which criticized other beliefs and religions. Following European countries saw this oppression as an opportunity this logic, Joseon ostracized Buddhism and Taoism, and 2 to invade Korea. In 1866, Father Felix Clair Ridel, who fled used neo-Confucianism to maintain and strengthen 2 Korea for fear of persecution, informed French Admiral the authority of the ruling class. In the late 1800s, these y 20Pierre Roze in Beijing of the massacre of Christians that beliefs were emphasized due to the advancement of was happening in Korea. The French admiral decided to Christianity, which was challenging the traditional values attack Korea and even notified the Chinese government and, along with people’s distrust of European explorers not to take any action regarding the planned offensive. and imperialists, were contributing factors that led to the ebruarThe assault by the French fleet lasted three months. Korea birth of the Nosa School (노사학파, Nosa-hakpa). F managed to secure its capital, but the French plundered Ganghwa Island to the west of Seoul and took away much The Nosa School followed the logic of neo-Confucianism. of its weaponry and many books. Ki Jeong-jin (기정진, 1798–1879) was the founder of the Nosa School and was a well-known neo-Confucian This incident further aggravated the relationship between scholar. He was born in Sunchang (North Jeolla Province), Korea and the West. Originally, Korea was divided into and later worked actively just south of there in Jangseong two camps: those who claimed that they should accept (South Jeolla Province). In his 40s, he published a series Western culture and embrace its advanced technology and of writings that emphasized the function of Yi, the Nosa weaponry, and those who wanted to prohibit any Western Collection (노사집, Nosa-jip; Ki’s scholarly moniker influence. The constant irritation and plundering of the was “Nosa”). He believed that Yi (理), which was the Jeolla coastline and the French campaign against Korea in reasoning of heaven, provided all of creation and that 202202.indd 14202202.indd 14 2022-01-24  1:25:152022-01-24  1:25:15

15 to the preservation of Korean culture and the growth of nationalism, it showed clear limitations in widening global insights. The Nosa School’s beliefs deepened conflict with Western imperial powers and formulated brutal policies that killed thousands of Christians in Korea. However, it was also the Nosa School’s beliefs that became the basis of struggles against invasion. Arising from the thought of Ki Jeong-jin in the Jeolla area, the Nosa School spread to form the Joseon government’s strong nationalism and inspire the militias of commoners who fought against coastal intrusions by Western forces in latter 19th century Korea. ▲ The French Fleet at Ganghwa Island. Arranged by David Shaffer. every creation had its own place. Therefore, he saw incidents such as a wife taking her husband’s place, a subject taking his sovereign’s place, or barbarians taking China’s place as causes of the greatest troubles of the world. His writings fascinated many neo-Confucian scholars to the extent that he gathered as many as 600 students who studied his thought. This was the beginning of the Nosa School in the early 1840s. In politics, Ki Jeong-jin mainly argued for centralization of the government and Korean solidarity. He claimed that in order to correct the cultural disorder and defend the country against imperialism, a strong monarch should rule the country. Further, he argued that this strong monarch should care for his citizens as a governess cares for her charges and demanded the fast implementation of reforms that would benefit farmers. However, he also formulated some radical concepts such as the “human–beast theory,” which compared the West and Christians to barbarians or beasts. He argued that only those holding neo-Confucian beliefs were human and that communicating with the West would turn such neo-Confucianists into barbarians, as well. Ki Jeong-jin’s argumentation was supported by Heungseon Daewongun, who was the father of F King Gojong and the center of Korean power ebruar at the time, and because of this, Korea became much more defensive and skeptical of Western influences. y 20 The effectiveness of the Nosa School’s policies is ▲ Page from a volume of the Nosa Collection, the writings of Ki Jeong-jin. 2 debatable. While the Nosa School contributed (Encyclopedia of Korean Culture) 2 202202.indd 15202202.indd 15 2022-01-24  1:25:162022-01-24  1:25:16

1616 Lost in Gwangju TRAVEL FEATURE Like a Ton 2 2 of Bricks y 20Hwajeong I-Park Falls from Grace ebruarBy Isaiah Winters F 202202.indd 16202202.indd 16 2022-01-24  1:25:162022-01-24  1:25:16

17 17 Like a Ton of Bricks Hwajeong I-Park Falls from Grace F ebruar y 20 2 ▲ View of Hwajeong I-Park’s collapsed backside and destabilized crane. 2 202202.indd 17202202.indd 17 2022-01-24  1:25:172022-01-24  1:25:17

18 2 ▲ Street view of the collapse from where countless express buses would pass by Hwajeong I-Park daily. 2 y 20 ast month’s partial collapse of an unfinished disasters and resigned from his position, many see his apartment tower in Gwangju has rekindled resignation as a mere formality so long as he remains a 1 Lpublic discourse on the city’s ceaseless, breakneck major shareholder in the company. Local civic groups ebruarconstruction boom. The apartment’s developer, Hyundai affiliated with last year’s Hak-dong disaster are calling for F Development Company (HDC), was already in the news much more: the detention and investigation of Chung, last year in connection with a demolition project in as well as the expulsion of HDC from the construction 2 Gwangju’s Hak-dong that went terribly awry, resulting in industry altogether. nine deaths and eight injuries when a partially demolished building fell on top of a city bus. While the two disasters share core similarities – like subcontracting and appalling safety standards – the The latest collapse in Hwajeong-dong, occurring just Hwajeong I-Park collapse is on another level. First, it took seven months after the one in Hak-dong, has resulted place after construction was over half finished, with floors in at least one death with five people still missing as of falling from the 38th story down to around the 22nd. this article’s submission. While HDC Chairman Chung This greatly impugns the quality of the “luxury” I-Park Mong-gyu has taken responsibility for the successive brand, another complex of which is nearing completion 202202.indd 18202202.indd 18 2022-01-24  1:25:182022-01-24  1:25:18

19 in Gyerim-dong, where construction has collapse. What’s for certain is that this been suspended. Meanwhile in Unam- eyesore will be a serious hazard and focal dong, HDC’s position as a contractor point for far longer than the collapse in in the redevelopment project there will Hak-dong was. likely be cancelled over safety concerns.3 This is a major blow to the company, which was set to begin construction in “The Hwajeong I-Park March. collapse is on another Another major distinction between the level.” two disasters is location, as Hwajeong I-Park is right in the middle of the city’s main transportation, manufacturing, and The area under construction in Hwajeong- commercial hub. This means countless dong had already long been an eyesore express buses connecting Gwangju to for its seedy clutch of bars, love motels, the rest of the country had been passing karaoke rooms, and nightclubs. That through the shadow of this looming image was set to change with Hwajeong disaster for months, so it truly is a miracle I-Park’s construction, which inspired that nothing more severe happened. Now the local housing market’s fiercest express buses to and from Gwangcheon competition at an average 68 bidders per Terminal have been rerouted to avoid unit. The high-end complex’s proximity the building’s likely demise – whether to Shinsegae Department Store, E-Mart, by painstaking demolition or further Geumho World, and the city’s largest bus F ebruar y 20 2 ▲ Construction hoists surrounded by debris. 2 202202.indd 19202202.indd 19 2022-01-24  1:25:202022-01-24  1:25:20

20 20 22 22 y 20y 20 ebruarebruar FF ▲ Workers at the apex of the site’s damaged crane begin the painstaking disassembly process. ▶ A worker helps to dismantle the crane jib involved in the collapse. 202202.indd 20202202.indd 20 2022-01-24  1:25:222022-01-24  1:25:22

21 21 terminal made its location second to none, with the time of collapse worked for an equipment some of its apartments costing as much as seven rental company that was only permitted to lend hundred million won. In fact, homebuyers broke its equipment, not pour concrete, which should the local price record once bidding opened, with a have been done directly by the more experienced single pyeong (3.3 square meters) costing over 16 renter. Luckily, these eight employees were million won – a whole two million won above the evacuated in time, but six others working below 4, 7 average price per apartment pyeong in Gwangju. on windows and doors weren’t. 5 Given that Hwajeong I-Park has several other Nobody in their right mind would risk so many buildings under construction on the same site, lives to save a little time and money, but the one wonders what pricing readjustments are in insanity of the real estate market shows that far store should they remain. too many aren’t in their right minds. For the Looking up at the high-rise’s gaping chasm and disaster victims in Hak-dong and Hwajeong- suspended debris, you can’t help but empathize dong, let’s get our heads straight. with those trying to find the best way forward. As of this article’s submission, the streets around Photographs by Isaiah Winters. Hwajeong I-Park have been tightly cordoned off and are teaming with police, reporters, and Sources firefighters – 200 of whom are scouring the site 6 1 매일경제. (2022, January 18). 사고 6일 만에 현산 회장서 daily with rescue dogs. In addition to rescue efforts, clean-up and investigative operations are 물러난 정몽규… 사태수습엔 역부족 지적. https:// also underway, but with so much more unstable concrete and rebar still teetering on the brink of 2 An, G. (2022, January 17). 광주 시민단체, ‘면피용 collapse, coming up with safe, rapid solutions on 사퇴’ 현산 정몽규 회장 구속수사 요구. 한겨레. https:// all fronts is a daunting challenge. 3 Yu, S. (2022 January 17). ‘현대산업개발 보이콧’ 운암 3 Where do you even start with something as 단지 ‘시선 집중’. 광주드림. news/articleView.html?idxno=612498 precarious as this? For ten days following the 4 Park, Y. (2022, January 13). ‘로또’라며 웃돈 4억 January 11 collapse, the accident site had a crane 붙었던 광주 화정 아이파크 운명은…. 경향신문. leaning into the building’s hollow exterior wall. At first glance, it seemed like the most unstable article/202201130816001 piece of the puzzle, as removing the crane might 5 Park, S. (2021, June 23). 광주아파트 평당 분양가 1 cause the attached wall to further collapse. On my 천400만원 육박. 무등일보. last visit to the site before this issue went to print, detail/joFjOo/649475 6 Kim, T. (2022, January 18). 광주광역시 화정동 the crane’s careful disassembly began. I looked on 아이파크 붕괴현장 온정 이어져. 연합경베TV. http://m. that day for half an hour, awestruck by the bravery of the workers. Working along the jib and tower 7 Cheon, J. (2022, January 16). ‘관행이라는 이름으로…’ apex of a secure crane is already a hazardous task 붕괴 사고 편법 재하도급 정황. 연합뉴스. https://www. – one requiring workers to constantly fasten and then refasten their safety harnesses to the crane as they move around. The thought that they were The Author attaching themselves to a badly destabilized crane Born and raised in Chino, California, was nothing short of chilling. Isaiah Winters is a pixel-stained wretch who loves writing about Gwangju and With so many lives still at risk in Hwajeong-dong, Honam, warts and all. He particularly likes F F it’s crucial that we name the culprit behind such doing unsolicited appraisals of abandoned ebruarebruar disasters: rampant expedient subcontracting to Korean properties, a remnant of his time save time and money. According to one source, working as an appraiser back home. You it’s been confirmed that the eight employees can find much of his photography on pumping and pouring ready-mixed concrete at @d.p.r.kwangju. y 20y 20 2 2 2 2 202202.indd 21202202.indd 21 2022-01-24  1:25:232022-01-24  1:25:23

22 Photo Essay “Mother of June” FEATURE 2 2 y 20 ebruar F ▲ Bae Eun-sim speaks at Yonsei University in Seoul on June 9, 2020, in commemoration of her son’s death. There, she declared, “Democracy does not simply happen. It arrives one step at a time, stained with people’s blood and tears and sweat.” (Photo courtesy of Lee Han Yeol Memorial Museum, (사)이한열기념사업회) 202202.indd 22202202.indd 22 2022-01-24  1:25:232022-01-24  1:25:23

▲ Studying hanja can help those who want to pass TOPIK Level 6. 23 ▲ Citizens showing support for Lee Han-yeol’s sacrifice for democracy in downtown Gwangju. (Photo by Bitgaram News, 빛가람뉴스) wangju mourned the death of a rather quiet but determined champion for democracy early last month: Bae Eun-sim; she Gwas 82. Attending the funeral wake at the Chosun University Hospital funeral facility were President Moon Jae-in and other prominent political figures. Bae was pushed into the spotlight of the democratization movement in 1987 when her son, Lee Han-yeol, a student activist, died from being hit with a teargas canister fired by riot police during a June rally on the Yonsei University campus. Lee’s death sparked the June Democratic Struggle against the strong-armed rule of Chun Doo-hwan, who had come to power through a 1979 military coup and was the man behind the ruthlessness of the 1980 Gwangju Uprising. F ebruar y 20 2 2 202202.indd 23202202.indd 23 2022-01-24  1:25:232022-01-24  1:25:23

24 24 ▲ Funeral portrait of Bae Eun-sim with the Moran Medal certificate (right), awarded to her by President Moon Jae-in in June 2020. (Photo courtesy of Bitgaram News, 빛가람뉴스) 2 2 With the death of her son, Bae carried on with In a 2009 KBS interview, Bae was quoted as y 20 the country’s fight for democracy, earning saying, “I always think that I am not alone, her the moniker “Mother of June.” While that Han-yeol is with me.” Two years ago, serving as chair of the Korea Association she received from President Moon the of Bereaved Families for Democracy, Bae Moran Medal, the nation’s second-highest ebruar led a 422-day sit-in in front of the National Order of Civil Merit. F Assembly in Seoul. Her efforts helped in enacting legislation looking into suspicious Bae was interred in Gwangju’s Mangwol- deaths of pro-democracy figures and the dong Cemetery, where her son also rests. restoration of honor to persons involved in May she rest in peace, as Korea now rests in democratization movements. relative peace and democracy, to which Bae Eun-sim and her son have made no small contribution. Text by David Shaffer. 202202.indd 24202202.indd 24 2022-01-24  1:25:242022-01-24  1:25:24

25 ▲ Citizens paying respect to the late Mrs. Bae Eun-sim at the memorial altar set in downtown Gwangju. (Photo by Bitgaram News, 빛가람뉴스) F ebruar ▲ Bae Eun-sim speaks at Lee Han-yeol Memorial Day at Yonsei University in June 7, 1991. y 20 (Photo courtesy of Lee Han Yeol Memorial Museum, (사)이한열기념사업회) 2 2 202202.indd 25202202.indd 25 2022-01-24  1:25:242022-01-24  1:25:24

26 Language Teaching The Guest English Teachers’ Program Interview with Program Manager Jonathan Moffett ative English-speaking teachers in Korea are teaching and travel? Did you originally come in the EPIK not something new. They made an early splash program? Nin Korea when the government invited the U.S. Peace Corps to supply them to public schools and Jonathan: Well, I will answer the second part of the universities (1966–1980). After outside assistance was question first. I did indeed originally come through EPIK no longer necessary, Korea developed its own program – I applied directly. What motivated me to do so, and how of placing expat English teachers in its public schools I knew about the EPIK program itself, was a little more – commonly referred to as “EPIK” (English Program fortuitous. In a nutshell, I found out that I needed to take in Korea). Now we hear of “Gwangju Guest English two full semesters of a foreign language as a requirement Teachers,” and to understand the program better, we have to graduate my university. I had assumed my three years interviewed the program manager, Jonathan Moffett. of Spanish and one year of Latin from high school were TEACHING & LEARNING enough to fulfill the requirement, but apparently there Interviewer: Thank you for making time for this were some recent policy changes. I did not find out about interview, Jonathan. In this interview, I would like to the change in graduation requirements until the only delve into the Gwangju Guest English Teachers’ (GET) possible language classes remaining open for registration Program and your relation to it. But first of all, could you were Korean 101 and Intermediate German. Speaking tell us a little about your life before coming to Korea? no German, I went with Korean. Through this course, I ended up meeting a lot of Korean exchange students and Jonathan: No problem became close to quite a few. My Korean professor, Dr. at all. Well, I came Grace Howard, was also super great, and I had an awesome to Korea basically relationship with her. Dr. Grace was very supportive and immediately after ultimately let me know about the opportunity to apply 2 I graduated from to EPIK, and more or less strongly nudged me to do so. 2 university in the Without her help, I never would have ended up here. y 20 United States, my home country. I originally Interviewer: So, you originally did come through the studied psychology, EPIK program. I am somewhat confused with the ebruar and after a year abroad, terminology related to your program. There is “Gwangju F teaching here and EPIK,” but I also see “GET Program” and “GICCE.” How traveling, I was planning do they differ, or do they differ? ▲ Jonathan Moffett on going to graduate school in psychology in Jonathan: This is quite a confusing point for virtually the US, but I ended up changing directions completely everyone. To put it simply, EPIK (English Program in and decided to pursue a career in education as a result Korea) essentially now functions almost exclusively as a of the positive experiences I had had with education in recruiter for Korea’s National Institute of International Korea. I am originally from a small town in the United Education (NIIED), the real “power” behind the scenes. States named after a specific breed of cattle: Hereford. NIIED is responsible for accepting or denying applicants that EPIK delivers to them. EPIK used to be more Interviewer: So, what motivated you to come to Korea expansive and responsible for more back in the day, but www.gwangjunewsgic.comrather than to the many other destinations there are for its role has been gradually decreased to it now basically 202202.indd 26202202.indd 26 2022-01-24  1:25:252022-01-24  1:25:25

27 being just a government-based recruiter. It is kind of is almost always different. Discussing what constitutes strange because so many people use a recruiter to get good team-teaching is even more befuddling. I guess the accepted to EPIK, which is essentially a recruiter itself. gist of what I am trying to say is that there is no perfect recipe or formula that is being actively endorsed for our The bit about GICCE is also confusing, but I hope less so teachers here, besides EPIK’s “magical paradise” model of once I explain it. “GICCE” stands for “Gwangju Institute team-teaching that NETs get fed upon arrival. That said, I of Creative Convergence Education,” which is a division of do what I can to help the new teachers have appropriate the Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education (GMOE). expectations once I meet them and have some time to Just a few years ago, almost every Gwangju public school talk. I think the key to successful team-teaching is really teacher was employed directly by the GMOE, but now just open communication and flexibility. Sometimes it is due to department changes and shuffling, the GICCE is beneficial for the students, and sometimes not, depending technically our employer, though the GICCE itself is just on what the students’ specific educational goals are. For a division of the GMOE. example, in middle schools especially, test culture can sometimes minimize the limelight that co-teaching should Interviewer: All right. That makes the letters in the really get to be more impactful for the students. alphabet soup a bit clearer: GET rather than EPIK. What are the main goals of the GET Program? Interviewer: What aspects do GETs like most about the program? And what are the biggest challenges for them – Jonathan: I have never actually been told of any “main in or outside of teaching in Korea? goals” of the program. However, many of our teachers are most assuredly making a positive impact on the lives of Jonathan: Wow. This is a great question, but I am going many students, and I am very thankful to have had the to stick to a very dull answer: “It depends.” If I must give opportunity to work in the program for so long. an answer regarding what teachers like most about the program, I think something that I appreciated a lot myself Interviewer: I believe co-teaching or team-teaching is when I was teaching was having a GET program manager emphasized for GETs? How well is that being actualized? available whose main purpose was essentially just to help GETs – not to mention the very generous vacation package Jonathan: Aha! I love talking about this. I actually did a (26 days), sick days (11 days), and very competitive research study on team-teaching here in South Korea, so salaries. The biggest challenge would probably be the fact I feel pretty well equipped to answer this question. To be that almost all of our teachers are the only NET at their frank, the extent to which team-teaching or co-teaching workplace, which can often feel very isolating, granting that (whatever you want to call it) is utilized effectively really the forced cultural immersion might have other positives. depends on each individual team-teaching pair’s synergy, relationship, and expectations. I have worked with over 40 Interviewer: You have spent the past year in a new co-teachers directly, and each team-teaching relationship position – that of GET program manager. What exactly is was more different than similar. There is actually a your role, or roles, as program manager? manual that is released each year for all Korean teachers who work with a native English teacher (NET) that gives Jonathan: Well, this is a bit harder to answer. I honestly pretty vague tips about what they should be doing as far do a lot of things. My main function is essentially to as co-teaching is concerned – things such as “teach well coordinate and communicate matters between the GICCE together,” and “teach in a way that balances one another’s and the NETs. I have met other coordinators from different strengths and weaknesses.” The problem with this is that provinces who actually teach full-time in addition to it can be interpreted in any number of ways by different being a coordinator or program manager, but I think teachers who may have different perspectives. The general they actually do far less than I do as far as administrative impression that new EPIK teachers get during orientation matters are concerned. As the Gwangju program manager, tends to be of this team-teaching utopia in which the I do everything from helping set up bank accounts for our Korean English teacher implements highly adaptive and new teachers and helping get ARCs [alien registration responsive pedagogy that perfectly complements that of cards] issued at the immigration office to organizing F the NET, but this almost never actually happens. training sessions and workshops, coordinating special ebruar events, intervening and giving counsel if disputes arise, There is often a lack of time to co-plan lessons together and assisting with creating and sending out paychecks, creating engage in feedback about each lesson in such a way that and providing official documents, translating official y 20 each teacher involved is really bringing their best to the documents written in Korean, assisting with housing table – not to mention that the starting expectations about matters, answering the constant emails and phone queries, 2 what even constitutes “team-teaching” or “co-teaching” and substitute teaching at the Online Center and English 2 202202.indd 27202202.indd 27 2022-01-24  1:25:252022-01-24  1:25:25

2828 The first, is that as NETs we are mostly responsible for teaching listening and speaking through communicative means. As such, adapting our materials and lesson delivery to be amenable to the online format was quite a challenge. Something like reading or writing would have been much simpler to adjust to the online format. Another factor that played into this was that we do not really assign homework as NETs or have access to grading our students on a consistent level, so there was no way we could really give assignments to our students and ensure that they did them. I know I spent hours and hours on each single 45-minute online lesson, and many of my students never even bothered to watch it because there was no motivation to do so. Interviewer: What do you do in your spare time, if spare time is something that you actually have? Jonathan: Not yet a family man, I certainly have some spare time once I clock out for the day. Usually, I do some light exercise in my home, go for walks, eat delicious food, watch Netflix or YouTube, play some video games, read books, practice Korean, or go hiking. I actually live really close to Mudeung Mountain, which is something I am thankful for almost every day. Hiking in Korea is really a ▲ Jonathan’s daily walking course near the foot of Mudeung Mountain. blessing. I think the availability of it is just wonderful. At home in the US, I would have to drive quite a way to get Experience Center. I could really go on. I do a little bit of an actual hiking experience. everything. Literally anything that concerns our NETs I am involved with on some level. This is actually the reason Interviewer: Though I have been here in Korea since before why I think being in a program like ours with a full-time EPIK was established, I have learned a lot about it – and GET program manager is so beneficial. The teachers are about you – through this interview. Thank you, Jonathan! never really alone. Interviewer: How big is Gwangju’s GET program, and Interviewed by David Shaffer. has it been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? Photograph and graphics courtesy of Jonathan Moffett. 2 Jonathan: Currently, we have 82 teachers – though we The Interviewer 2 used to be much bigger. Surprisingly, the pandemic has David Shaffer has been involved in TEFL and done little to affect our numbers because, if anything, it teacher training in Gwangju for many years. As y 20has made our retention rates much higher. Now, that is just vice-president of the Gwangju-Jeonnam Chapter of KOTESOL, he invites you to participate in the numbers! The actual experience of being a teacher during chapter’s teacher development workshops (now the pandemic has certainly been variable for everyone. I online) and in KOTESOL activities in general. He ebruardo not know who has not been at least somewhat affected is a past president of KOTESOL and is currently F by the pandemic. What I am thankful for, though, is that the editor-in-chief of the Gwangju News. we have pretty great job security during the course of our GWANGJU-JEONNAM KOTESOL contracts. I was never worried about losing my job during UPCOMING EVENTS the contract period while teaching. Interviewer: How difficult was it for GET program Check the Chapter’s webpages and Facebook group teachers to suddenly adjust to teaching in a pandemic? periodically for updates on chapter events and other online KOTESOL activities. Jonathan: When the pandemic first began, I was still For full event details: teaching, so I can answer this from a personal perspective. Website: I think it was really difficult for a couple of reasons. Facebook: Gwangju-Jeonnam KOTESOL 202202.indd 28202202.indd 28 2022-01-24  1:25:252022-01-24  1:25:25

Learning Korean 29 Everyday Korean Episode 50 발이 참 넓구나. “You Really Are a Social Butterfly.” By Harsh Kumar Mishra The Conversation Grammar Points 네하: 언니, 왜 그래요? 무슨 일 있어요? N~밖에 없어요. TEACHING & LEARNING Neha: Eonni, what happened? Is everything alright? This grammar point is attached to a noun and expresses that something is limited to that specific 정민: 영어하고 스페인어 번역 인력을 급하게 구해야 하는데 찾기 noun. It is another way of expressing “only” in 너무 힘들어. Korean. The nuance of this expression is somewhat Jeongmin: I need to urgently find English and Spanish translators, similar to “nothing but (that noun).” but it’s too difficult to find any. Ex: 지갑에 5천 원밖에 없어요. I only have 5,000 won in my wallet. 네하: 갑자기 번역 인력은 왜요? 저는 한국 친구가 한 명밖에 없어요. Neha: Why do you suddenly need translators? I only have one Korean friend. 정민: 회사 제품 설명서를 번역해야 해서 그래. 발이 넓다. Jeongmin: Our company has to translate its brochure, that’s why. This is not a grammar point but a commonly used Korean language idiom, which means “to 네하: 제가 아는 미국인 친구하고 멕시코 친구한테 물어볼까요? have a wide circle” or “to know many people.” Neha: Should I ask my American and Mexican friends? Ex: 민지 씨가 발이 넓어서 광주에서 모르는 사람이 없어. Minji is a social butterfly, so there is 정민: 진짜? 네하는 발이 참 넓구나. 친구들이 한국어도 잘해? no one in Gwangju she doesn’t know. Jeongmin: For real? You really are a social butterfly. Are your friends good with Korean, too? Vocabulary 네하: 네, 둘 다 한국어를 아주 잘해요. 번역 translation Neha: Yeah, they both are really good at Korean. 인력 human resource(s) 급하게 urgently 정민: 그럼 소개해 줘. 난 너밖에 없다. 구하다 to seek (to find = 찾다) Jeongmin: Then please introduce them to me. 힘들다 to be difficult What would I do without you! 갑자기 suddenly F 회사 company ebruar 제품 설명서 brochure, manual The Author 물어보다 to ask Harsh Kumar Mishra is a linguist and Korean 소개하다 to introduce y 20 language educator. He teaches Korean with and 2 2 202202.indd 29202202.indd 29 2022-01-24  1:25:252022-01-24  1:25:25

30 Teaching and Learning Flipping the Classroom Walking in Students’ Shoes By Chris Judd n returning in January 2021 from a two-year teaching practice and eventually made me join Korea stint back home in England, I noticed my TESOL to help develop my craft. OKorean language skills had seriously faded. The frustration of struggling to find words again told me loud LESSON 1: FIRST DAY NERVES and clear: This language learning fossil needed an urgent After packing my bag in the morning, as I approached booster shot of Korean. the GIC, the old familiar first lesson nerves kicked in. Who would be in my class? How would the teacher be? An internet search for available Korean language classes Having not been a student for some time, this gave me a in Gwangju revealed only a couple of viable options: good chance to empathize with how the students in my language exchange by Zoom or a face-to-face class at the English classes at Chosun University must feel. Luckily, Gwangju International Center (GIC). Having had quite the class had a relaxed vibe, so after a quick round of self- TEACHING & LEARNINGenough of Zooming of late, the GIC class it had to be. introductions, everyone in the class quickly settled. This Fortunately, the application process was very smooth, must be a nervous time for freshman, too, so this was a consisting of a simple, self-administered level test from reminder to be especially kind and patient in those first the GIC website and then selecting a time that suited me. lessons of the semester. The GIC staff were quick to reply by email and managed to squeeze me in at the last minute to join a Saturday LESSON 2: BE UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR class. STUDENTS On the morning of the first lesson, I made a string of It was from here on that rookie errors – far from ideal when you are a teacher and the lessons really began, know the value of making a good first impression with but not just in terms your new teacher and classmates. Having signed up at 2 of studying Korean. I the last minute, not yet having bought the textbook, and 2 quickly realized that this y 20 experience would provide a great opportunity to pick up some teaching tips and insights along the way. I ebruar had flashbacks to why I F fell in love with teaching as a new EPIK teacher in Pohang back in 2012. It was while learning Korean in classes at POSTECH, and at language exchange meetups in cafes, that I experienced what fun and power there was in learning a language. This ▲ Cookie decorating: A fun Christmas activity that created a fun mood realization energized my for chatting in Korean. 202202.indd 30202202.indd 30 2022-01-24  1:25:262022-01-24  1:25:26

31 ▲ Presentation: Receiving my completion certificate. ▲ GIC Korean Class Certificate: The completion certificate given at the end of the course. never having been to the GIC before, I left myself too and something we could use as a bridge to making our much to do. Having parked the car a fair distance away, own examples in pair work, which we were frequently I speed-walked to the GIC, planning to visit a nearby encouraged to do. This personalizing of expressions was bookshop to get the textbook on route. First problem, also a lot more fun for us students than simply going the bookshop was closed. After this setback and deciding through the book. that I would pop out at the break to get the book, I carried on to the GIC. Second problem, it was much further than LESSON 4: MAKE SOME TIME FOR FUN AND I had thought, and I was walking down the wrong road. RELAXATION After all this, I finally arrived at the classroom, almost The last tip I picked up was to do something that is pure 15 minutes late and somewhat disheveled. Luckily, the fun and not learning-focused at all. As we finished the teacher was very welcoming, greeting me kindly with course the week before Christmas, the teacher prepared “Finally a male student!” and arranged for photocopies of a cookie decorating activity. It was during this time that the book for those without for the first lesson. This warm we got to practice the most free-flowing, spontaneous welcome reminded me to be mindful of our students’ conversations in Korean, with the cookie decorating current circumstances; they may just be having a bad turning into a sideshow. morning when they arrive late without the required materials. So, overall, I got much more than the booster shot of Korean I had bargained for. I got a healthy reminder “This warm welcome reminded of how students experience lessons and some great reminders of tips to take into my classroom for the me to be mindful of our students’ coming semester. If you are looking to take a Korean current circumstances.” language class, I wholeheartedly recommend the GIC lessons; you may just benefit your teaching skills, too. Photographs by Chris Judd. LESSON 3: MAKE VISUAL MATERIALS SIMPLE The Author F Once lessons were underway, I felt the importance of Chris Judd is an ESL teacher and researcher ebruar another crucial part of second language lessons from who returned from his native UK to live in the student perspective: keeping visual materials simple. Gwangju in 2021. He has lived in five different Our teacher used very effective PowerPoint presentations cities in Korea over an eight-year period, y 20 with simple and clear examples of target expressions enjoying learning a bit of the language and and nice photos. Compared to the textbook examples, getting out and about on family trips along 2 these PowerPoints were a lot easier to make sense of the way. 2 202202.indd 31202202.indd 31 2022-01-24  1:25:262022-01-24  1:25:26

32 Restaurant Review FOOD & DRINKS 1st Recipe Where Mediterranean Cuisine Meets Korea 2 By Melline Galani 2 y 20 hough situated on two different continents, Italy, Light has to offer. Among the places I enjoy eating at is ebruar the Iberian Peninsula, and Korea have more 1st Recipe, a Mediterranean fusion restaurant situated on F Tin common than one may think: They are all the second floor of a building near Wedding Street, just peninsulas and they have four seasons, but what brings a three-minute walk from the Asia Culture Center, Exit them together is food and their common passion for 3. The place has been around for some time and is well noodles, pastas, and rice. And, if you have lived here for known in the neighborhood. a while, you know that Italian-style restaurants are hot spots for dates and other significant outings. The moment you step inside, you are welcomed by nice decorations (especially during Christmas time), beautiful Downtown Gwangju is a great area for trying different plants, and a smiling staff who are always eager to help cuisines from Japan, China, Vietnam, the USA, Italy, you and make your visit comfortable. If you are lucky and of course, Korea. Since I am always in search of nice enough to meet the owner in person, the experience will places to eat, I like to explore what our amazing City of become perfect. I have not seen such a warmhearted and 202202.indd 32202202.indd 32 2022-01-24  1:25:272022-01-24  1:25:27

33 kind individual in a while. The ambiance is warm and cozy, giving the place a home-like feeling. The restaurant is spacious and the tables are remotely arranged, making the dining experience not only pleasant but also safe, considering social distancing regulations. The food menu is diverse, offering a wide range of options like fresh salads, pilaf, pastas, pizzas, and steak accompanied by an extensive selection of drinks – liquors, wines, and other beverages – to meet all tastes. All recipes are fusion-style Mediterranean food to meet the tastes of the locals. Some of the combinations are quite interesting. Since I like greens, I always order salads too, but be aware that the size is quite large, I would say for 2–3 people. I ▲ Margerita pizza could never eat one by myself no matter how hungry I especially if it is spicy. Honestly, the entire menu is inviting, might be. Their servings are more than enough, so one making the eating experience very enjoyable. My favorite will not leave the place unsatisfied. Appetizers are on the items include the salads, lasagna, vongole, carbonara, rose house and so are coffee or teas after the meal. Moreover, sauce pastas, and paella, the most popular dish of Spain, you will get a pack of Mentos on your way out. which is a blend of rice, saffron, vegetables, and seafood The pizza crust they make is different, being made of puff mixed in a delicious way. Adding a glass of wine to the meal pastry and not dough, but it is nevertheless appetizing. I also makes the culinary experience pure pleasure. enjoyed their assorted pastas, especially the lasagna, since Prices are more than reasonable, ranging from 15,000 up it is among my favorite foods. Their pilaf is also delicious, to 35,000 won for the steak. The servings are more than generous, and the food is appetizing. One glass of red or white wine is just 3,000 won. If you are in downtown Gwangju and feel like sampling something other than Korean food, then give this restaurant a try. With nice staff, savory food, substantial servings, diverse and complex dishes, and decent prices, there is nothing more one could ask for. Photographs by Melline Galani. w 1st Recipe (퍼스트레시피) Address: ▲ Shrimp risotto Chungjang-ro An-gil 44-1 (Hwanggeum-dong 76-2), Dong-gu, Gwangju 광주 동구 충장로 안길 44-1 (황금동 76-2) Operating Hours: 11:00–22:30, closed Tuesdays Phone: 062-234-4567; 010-2222-9878 Instagram: @1strecipe_master The Author Melline Galani is a Romanian enthusiast, born F and raised in the capital city of Bucharest, and ebruar currently living in Gwangju. She likes new challenges and learning interesting things, and she is incurably optimistic. She enjoys y 20 tasty food and is always in search of great places to dine, and 1st Recipe is one of the 2 ▲ Salmon salad places she likes to eat at. @melligalanis 2 202202.indd 33202202.indd 33 2022-01-24  1:25:272022-01-24  1:25:27

3434 Opinion Return of the Kings In The Matrix Resurrections, Neo Reclaims His Title of Cinema’s Greatest Hero By William Urbanski he Matrix is the best movie ever made – far greater than The Godfather or even Citizen TKane. In addition, The Matrix trilogy, when considered as a whole, is the apotheosis of not only cinema, but of storytelling as a uniquely COMMUNITY human phenomenon. If every Star Wars movie were combined with every single Star Trek book, comic book, TV show, and movie ever made, it would amount to no more than a stain on Neo’s underpants. To call The Matrix a mere cinematographic masterpiece would be an affront to the intellectual faculties of language and thought. It is the perfect movie, featuring the perfect cast, and each installment was released at the perfect time. The best chance humanity has to come closer together as a species is to study the lessons and implications of The Matrix films with the focus of a laser beam. 2 It is difficult to articulate the impact that The 2 Matrix (the best movie ever made) and its sequels y 20 (Reloaded and Revolutions) have had on me, my world-view, and my personal development. That is why the announcement of a further addition to The Matrix canon filled me not only with excitement, ebruar but with a renewed belief in the inherent goodness F of mankind. Instead of just reviewing The Matrix Resurrections, I would like to divide this article into two parts. The first part (written before I saw the new installment on Christmas Day) is a tribute to and celebration of the original Matrix trilogy and an explanation of why I expect Resurrections to be a pivotal moment in the history of multicellular life on Earth. The second part, written after watching the movie, will comprise some deep reflections on Resurrections and of the nature of reality itself. 202202.indd 34202202.indd 34 2022-01-24  1:25:282022-01-24  1:25:28

35 escape from the perceived “real world.” When he awakens in his pod, the cords that provide life support break away, representing the casting away of physical and societal shackles. The religious themes (gratuitously borrowed from Christianity, but also from Buddhism and Taoism) are also not subtle but are tastefully presented in a way that does not patronize the audience. During a particularly well-known scene (for die-hard Matrix fans anyway), a character even refers to Thomas Anderson as his “savior” and “his own personal Jesus Christ.” Some of my personal favorite allusions are that a main villain in the first film is named “Cypher” (similar to “Lucifer”), and “Trinity” is a direct reference to the Holy Trinity. I could go on and on and on for days about all the brilliant, timely, and outright genius ways the story incorporates narratives and concepts central to the human experience, but the main takeaway here is that the rich tapestry of intellectual and religious ideas woven into the story is like nothing else before or after it. At this point, it behooves me to address some of the controversy surrounding the sequels to the original Matrix film. Criticisms of The Matrix sequels are unfounded nonsense. In fact, it is my strong personal contention that they should be considered as a single movie that just happened to be broken up into three parts. What is hilarious is that while everyone loved the first movie because of the punch-kick kung fu and bullet- time explosions, the second and third ones came out and ▲ Downtown Gwangju on Christmas Day: Millions of people just suddenly everyone was Siskel and Ebert, complaining living out their lives. that they were not as good as the first. Well, guess what? Nothing under the clear blue sky could ever have been as PART ONE - THE MATRIX: PERFECTION IN good as the original Matrix. What these ridiculous claims MOVIE-MAKING about the second and third movies really make me think Note: Spoilers ahead, but seriously, if you have not seen of is, just like the love between Neo and Trinity, when you this movie by February, you are blowing it anyway. love something, you have to love all of it, not just the parts you happen to enjoy the most. While it would be extremely difficult to elucidate in a single article why The Matrix is the epitome of the Before even seeing the new movie, I can say with absolute motion picture industry, if Thomas Anderson (aka confidence that any attempt to extend this storyline is a Neo, aka Keanu Reeves) has taught me anything, it is gargantuan intellectual effort worthy of abundant and that anything is possible, so try I must. More than just sincere praise. That the screenwriters of The Matrix did a movie, The Matrix is a focal point of philosophical not receive a Nobel Prize for literature has Alfred Nobel concepts, religious narratives, crucial societal themes, turning over in his grave. kung fu, ground-breaking special effects, and a love story far greater and more impactful than Romeo and Juliet PART TWO – THE MATRIX RESURRECTIONS and The Titanic combined. The only way to approach an On a cold and clear Saturday afternoon that just happened even scanty appreciation of the beautiful amalgam that to be Christmas Day, my wife and I strolled down to the F is The Matrix is to understand it as more than the sum lovely Geumnam-ro CGV. Walking downtown, seeing the ebruar of its parts. streets filled with people, I could not help but think it was just like old times, or at least pre-pandemic times. Even It is no secret that The Matrix is built around major the theater, which has been virtually empty during every y 20 philosophical and religious concepts. Pluto’s cave movie I have been to over the last two years, had a good allegory, as an obvious example, is mirrored by Neo’s number of people in it – at least half full. Maybe it would 2 2 202202.indd 35202202.indd 35 2022-01-24  1:25:282022-01-24  1:25:28

36 have been better to avoid crowded areas with all the great thinkers have concluded that the ultimate nature of omicron-a-bing-bong hysteria, but I had a movie to see. reality is inherently contradictory, and I think on a deep level, that is what was reflected in this movie. Second, As for the movie itself, in the words of Keanu Reeves: what these game geeks and nerds conveniently forgot in “Whoa.” their fancy-dancy YouTube videos and high-and-mighty reviews published in major international newspapers is A lot to unpack in this one. While I am still processing it, the real reason people see movies. When people go to a couple of salient features are worth writing down while see a movie, they do not care about such things as the still fresh in my mind. Upon close reflection, at the end “story,” the “plot,” and the “dialogue.” What they want of The Matrix Revolutions, the Wachowski brothers (who to see are the stars. If you’ve got stars, you’ve got a great incidentally are now the Wachowski sisters – a story for movie. Given the extreme thirst for Matrix content, Lana another day) had painted themselves into a corner by, you Wachowski (the film’s director who used to be named know, killing off the two main characters. No matter what, “Larry”) could have made a movie of Carrie-Anne Moss it was going to be very difficult to continue the canon reading the phone book and people still would have been without resorting to deus ex machina. While I did find lining up around the block to see it. Resurrections to be extremely self-referential, at times to CONCLUSIONS the point of being self-congratulatory, folding the story In the end, The Matrix franchise is more than just a bunch back on itself was an extremely clever way to explain of movies: It embodies a generational zeitgeist. Each film how Neo and Trinity were, you know, suddenly not dead is a work of art and a medium that blurs the lines between anymore. entertainment and philosophy, thought and experience, reality and, um, unreality. It follows that Resurrections is “In these crazy and uncertain not just a movie: It is a time capsule that helps us travel back to a simpler period in our lives and reflect on just times, what the world needs is how far we have come and just how much the world has more stories like The Matrix.” changed in the past twenty years. In these crazy and uncertain times, what the world needs There were definitely some things in there I did not is more stories like The Matrix. Stories that make us laugh, absolutely love, such as the ridiculous reappearance of love, and cry together. Stories that make us think. Stories the disheveled Merovingian and his henchmen. This guy that make us squirm ever so slightly in our easy chairs and had his time in the spotlight and should have walked off sometimes even seize us, shake us, and snap us out of our into the sunset while he had his chance. Also, the sentient trivial preoccupations. We need stories that remind us of robots that were helping the crew: What the hell was a fundamental truth: There is no spoon. that all about? One of these sentient robots resembled a giant stick bug, and when a crew member gave him a fist Photograph by William Urbanski. 2 bump, I actually cringed a little bit. These stupid robots 2 reminded me of Jar Jar Binks of Star Wars notoriety: completely annoying. There are some other little nitpicky The Author y 20things in the film I did not care for, but let us be real: William Urbanski is the managing editor of the The Matrix has always pushed the envelope in terms of Gwangju News and an unapologetic Matrix fanboy. cinematic production and plot devices, and some of the ooo@will_il_gatto ebruarstuff probably went a little over my head. As well, if the F film had just given me what I wanted, that would not have been what I wanted. Now, in the interest of writing a well-researched and balanced opinion article, I did read and watch a number of, shall we say, “unfavorable reviews” of Resurrections. Suffice to say, there were a number of iconoclasts who had some strong and negative opinions of the film, throwing around some big words such as “nonsensical” and “contradictory” when referring to the plot. Well, two things about that: First, on a philosophical note, many 202202.indd 36202202.indd 36 2022-01-24  1:25:292022-01-24  1:25:29

Local Entrepeneur 37 COMMUNITY ▲ In the background lies the former banquet hall, where newly joined families came together and toasted the bride and groom. The Quarantined Future Written by Ryan Berkebile Author’s note: My wife and I recently returned to Korea from a quick trip back to the United States to visit my parents. In the middle of our trip, the Korean government re-enacted mandatory quarantining for those entering or returning to the country. Once we returned, we had no choice but to stay shut in our apartment for the next ten days. Luckily, my wife works from home, so she continued to be a bread earner, but I couldn't go to my English teaching job, leaving me with a lot of time on my hands. As an urban explorer who loves being out and about traversing the forgotten and left- behind areas of Korea, I needed to do something that maintained a sense of normalcy while also sustaining my passion F for documenting and sharing my adventures. To stay sane while being cooped up, I decided to catch up on past urban ebruar exploration adventures by writing a daily post during quarantine for my blog at For you, fellow Gwangju News readers, I present some text and photos from an adventure to a semi-abandonment in Yeongam- gun last July. I hope you enjoy this article, the fruits of endless amounts of time isolated from the (abandoned) world. y 20 2 2 202202.indd 37202202.indd 37 2022-01-24  1:25:302022-01-24  1:25:30

38 he essential moral imperative in the urban I don’t know if the Cheongpungwon Wedding Hall and exploration subculture is to keep the exact location adjoining water park were related to the rest area, but a Tof abandonments secret. You never know what shared parking lot linked them. Imagine an enterprising kind of troublemaker will ruin sites (through vandalism visionary who integrated roadside dining and the carefree or graffiti) and bring negative attention to the whole urbex frenzy of a waterpark with the grace and formality of a community. Of course, there are always some exceptions wedding/banquet hall. Theoretically, the entrepreneur to sharing location information with the world. The took full advantage of the God-given right to participate reasons are countless and warrant an article in itself, but in the free market by making the most money possible this isn’t the place, and I want to share with you a site that by casting a wide net for clientele. In my weird mind, it’s deserves some love and attention – some needed business ideal where antsy kids are encouraged to frolic around as it’s barely hanging on. after being on their best behavior during the exchange of wedding vows. If I were still a kid, this wedding hall/ If you ever find yourself on National Road 13 in Yeongam- waterpark would be the perfect place for a summer gun, more specifically Yeongam-eup, and feel up for some wedding. low-stress, easy urban exploration adventures, set your sights for the Cheongpungwon Rest Area. This rest area At one time, a vast buffet and another undetermined was a one-stop location for food, groceries, swimming, restaurant offered sustenance to a hungry and tired and weddings (yes, you read that correctly). In the vacationer. These days, the rest stop area is bare bones, only 1990s and early 2000s, I imagine this place was once a equipped to meet the basic biological needs of the passerby. constant hub of activity for summer travelers en route A bathroom and a minimally stocked convenience store are to destinations like Jindo or Wando. Perhaps there was a all that survive. A dull cop statue resembling a California big market for combination wedding hall/wedding parks, Highway Patrol officer, withering from the elements, stands akin to the boat-shaped restaurant trend around the same between the rest area and wedding complex, guarding both time. with his hand ready to draw his gun. 2 2 y 20 ebruar F ▲ Take a walk down the aisle... of great savings! Next page, clockwise from top left: ▶ Looking towards the wedding hall, where vendors have a rummage sale on both floors. A weathered policeman remains on guard between the rest area and the wedding complex. The author seriously considered purchasing an Olympic outfit for Halloweens in the years to come. 202202.indd 38202202.indd 38 2022-01-24  1:25:302022-01-24  1:25:30

39 F ebruar y 20 2 2 202202.indd 39202202.indd 39 2022-01-24  1:25:332022-01-24  1:25:33

40 ▲ A quick peek inside the banquet hall. The wedding hall/waterpark also has faint signs of life. the ones worn by the torchbearers. I seriously considered While the banquet hall and duel swimming pools lay buying it to have a costume for Halloween during my in decay, in the building where brides and grooms once visit. I also saw a Montreal Expos baseball cap but failed exchanged vows, a rummage sale stood in its place. to pull the trigger, rationalizing I didn’t need two. An assortment of randomness was on sale: practical merchandise like gardening supplies sat next to traditional If you find yourself in the area on the way to the coast Korean-style folding screens and viewing stones, known and need a reason to rest, why not stop by this semi- 2 in Korea as suseok (수석). abandonment and check out the goods for sale? At the 2 very least, you’ll have a safe, mini urbex adventure, and if good luck shall bless you, an Olympic tracksuit or a cap y 20“Imagine an enterprising visionary for a defunct baseball club awaits you. who integrated roadside dining ebruar and the carefree frenzy of a Photographs by Ryan Berkebile. F waterpark with the grace and formality of a wedding/banquet The Author When not cooped up in his apartment hall.” quarantine, Ryan Berkebile enjoys taking photos while exploring the forgotten and left- behind areas around Korea. Ryan recently While I enjoyed glancing at the suseok, the adventure put out the third issue of his photo zine, began on the second floor, where the current tenets The Bulldozed Future. He’s currently at work on the fourth issue. You can follow him displayed secondhand clothing. In the thrill of the hunt, on @l0ngdistancerunner and read about his adventures at we found a used Pyeongchang Olympics running suit – 202202.indd 40202202.indd 40 2022-01-24  1:25:342022-01-24  1:25:34

41 41 CROSSWORD PUZZLE Created by Jon Dunbar Look for the answers to this crossword puzzle to appear in March in Gwangju News Online ( CULTURE & ARTS CULTURE & ARTS DOWN 1 Fusses 2 UNESCO-sponsored Storybook group 3 News article 4 Horse sound 5 Predecessor to KBO’s Landers 6 “Happy Days” actor Scott 7 Prowled 8 Place where Urbanski doesn’t want festivals 9 Jeju peak 10 Provided by KOICA 11 Opposite of lose ACROSS 19 National Assembly location 20 Creature that Boba Fett escaped 1 Alike 34 Biblical boat 23 Mountain in eastern Honam 5 Int’l baseball tournament 35 Japanese eel 24 Makes a tattoo 8 Concert 37 US spy agency 25 Pharmaceutical 12 Lavish affection 38 Korean spy agency 26 “I’m ___ particular hurry” (2 words) 13 Star Trek’s Tasha 39 Balls 27 Gwangju News staffer Karina 14 Islamic judge 41 Telecommunications and electronics 29 Solar power must-have 15 “Are you the ___ love?” (2 words) 43 Sarah Hale’s organization 33 Royal ___ Society 16 “C’est la ___” 48 Recent Timothee Chalamet movie 36 Busan island that might get an airport 17 Mongolia’s ___ Bator 50 Opposite of in 40 Utensil for eating rice 18 Triple-layered BBQ meat cut 51 Singer Tori 42 Melts F 21 “On ___ Majesty’s Secret Service” 52 Inner prefix 44 Gwangju City’s official channel “Light ebruar 22 Actress P. Henson 53 ___-Wan Kenobi ___” 25 Salsa or guacamole 54 Coal briquette donors “___ People” 45 Mosque leader 28 Opposite of offs 55 Watch 46 Myth 30 Gummy substance 56 Gov't org. that will be busy on 47 HHI wants this y 20 31 Downtime March 9 48 Italian restaurant ___ Pisa 2 32 “Business as ___” 57 Captain Hook’s sidekick 49 “I only look out for numero ___” 2 202202.indd 41202202.indd 41 2022-01-24  1:25:352022-01-24  1:25:35

42 Book Review The Sense of an Ending By Julian Barnes Reviewed by Michael Attard he Sense of an Ending is fiction and a more refined where he was invited to meet and stay with the Ford categorization by the Library of Congress has family over a weekend. Tony was given a cryptic warning Tincluded it under psychological fiction. In my by Veronica’s mother. estimation, the book also qualifies as a mystery. The inability to pigeon-hole the book may help explain Fifty pages in, we learn of a tragedy. Tony wonders if why it was awarded the Man Booker Prize. I am always complications are necessary in life if one is to experience skeptical of committees that award prizes, but the book any real depth. But he goes on to conclude that perhaps, was considered to be the best novel written in English “you can have complication and difficulty without any CULTURE & ARTSand published in both the United Kingdom and Ireland compensating depth or seriousness.” in 2011. In a couple of pages, forty years whiz by, but everything The protagonist is Tony Webster, and the events are seems accounted for. In fact, Tony thinks that things are related in the first person. The location is England, and just fine, until a letter arrives from a lawyer. Tony is thrust, the story begins somewhere in the 1960s. Tony had or pulled back, by a powerful gravity into his past, which two close friends, Colin and Alex, but in their last year he had believed, up until then, was well wrapped and safely of high school, a new boy, Adrian, arrived and became stored in history. The mystery involves something that is regarded as the philosopher of the group. He believed that his, although it never was his before. He is entitled to it principles should guide actions. While their lives were but someone else has it. He is unsure of its significance, prosaic, they desired life as portrayed in literature. They and he could just let it go, but he wants it. And why will longed for “psychological, emotional, and social truth.” this person not give him what is rightfully his? 2 2 The story is, for the most part, the recounting of events y 20that occurred many years before. Tony is attempting to be “As Tony thinks about, recollects, as accurate as possible, but he is troubled by the concepts of time and history, which he fears may be causing him and analyzes the passage of to miss the point of it all – the point of his life, that is. As time, his mind whirls around the ebruarTony thinks about, recollects, and analyzes the passage of F time, his mind whirls around the concepts of regret, even concepts of regret, even remorse, remorse, wondering if one can receive forgiveness. And wondering if one can receive how can any history be truth when, as Adrian had put it, “History is that certainty produced at the point where forgiveness.” the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of documentation.” He later realizes that this metaphorical icon can possibly When the boys finished school to go their separate ways offer him corroboration. It could be the necessary and to different universities, they of course promised evidence to put his mind at rest so that he would not need “lifelong friendship.” Tony met Veronica Ford, and their to depend upon an untrustworthy memory in order to precarious relationship progressed at least to the point understand his life. 202202.indd 42202202.indd 42 2022-01-24  1:25:352022-01-24  1:25:35

Gwangju Writes 43 But instead of getting what he wants, he receives another letter. The twist is that this is a copy of a letter he had written many years before. Yes, he was young and jealous Bathroom at the time, but there was no escaping the fact that the letter was ugly. He did not feel that he was now the same Window person who wrote that letter. “But perhaps this was simply further self-deception.” His “younger self had By Stephen Kagarise come back to shock him.” He was feeling, “self-pity and self-hatred.” The past had come back and would not let him go peacefully. He began to believe that life is meant to wear us down, proving “that life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.” Tony meets a group of people, and even though he was taken to them, he has no idea as to why he was meeting them. But something drew him back to the place over and over again. Sometimes he would see them and other times he would not. But the mystery of why he could Metallic rain CULTURE & ARTS not simply be given what was his somehow involved this group. And this determination to acquire his rightful batters against the flat rooftops property “had morphed into something much larger.” threading down through Then what was bound to occur happened. It was not villa gaps, spiked crosswise a scientific or religious breakthrough, yet still, it was machine gun-like an epiphany. The past looked him straight in the face. Although the story is not quite done yet, only revealing by gas exhaust vents. the last surprise on the third to last page. The book, like many philosophical adventures perhaps, Grim Sunday, beginning fair – poses more questions than it answers. But it is an easy buoyant clouds set in blue read imbedded with humor and interesting turns of phrase. I am all for honesty when examining one’s life, relief, a day of sun, till no sun but Tony seems to engage in self-flagellation. Although, could be seen, behind as the famous dictum attributed to Socrates says, “the unexamined life is not worth living,” so I enjoyed the the thickening matte of gray. challenge that Julian Barnes has presented. The Reviewer The sky’s outburst Michael Attard is a Canadian who has lived in stops, as quickly as begun Gwangju since 2004. Though officially retired, he still teaches a few private English classes. He but still the world darkens enjoys reading all kinds of books and writes for as the sun, defeated fun. When the weather is nice, you may find him on a hiking trail. lets the day end without it. F The Author Stephen Kagarise has been busy the past ebruar two years hiking and biking around Korea. But when he can’t get outside, he y 20 occasionally glances out the window at the mountains and sky, thanks to a clutch 2 gap between the neighboring villas. 2 202202.indd 43202202.indd 43 2022-01-24  1:25:352022-01-24  1:25:35

44 Gwangju Writes CULTURE & ARTS No More Lies By J.D. Wabe rs. Jones spruced up all the desks in a The game began from left to right, and it was going semicircular line-up and began the first day of smoothly. The newly arrived students appeared to be Mclass with an ice-breaker activity. “What does enjoying the challenge of identifying clues and playing 2 your father do?” was the name of the game, a task in which detective, as well as providing ambiguous information 2 one student gives clues regarding their father’s everyday to make the game more exciting. So far, there were a y 20affairs and the rest will guess the occupation. Laguna banker, a lawyer, a professor, and even a stay-at-home dad Creek Elementary was a very prestigious school. Built in married to a prosecutor. one of the most affluent areas on the outskirts of the city with the only aim of nurturing the knowledge of the rich The kids giggled at the stay-at-home vocation, but Mrs. Jones ebruarand gifted children of this upper-class neighborhood. immediately reprehended them. Bullying and lying were F to be avoided throughout their school year, she reminded Since this was their first year of operation, they were all them. The youngsters, acknowledging the light scolding, strangers to one another, including Mrs. Jones, who had simultaneously replied in chorus, “Yes, Mrs. Jones.” just recently been hired. The school had superior standards of privacy, so she wasn’t given any of the students’ profiles. When Mrs. Jones got to the middle of the semicircle, she She only had a small list with the names of nine juniors that squinted at the list in hand and asked the next pupil in line included their age and last name but no further details. Her to stand up. Brandon Walker, a tall, slim, good-looking boy initial-day activity had been vetted by her superiors with with a stylish hairstyle that rolled back on top and was short the condition that she would only ask for their parents’ on the sides, stood up with a dull expression on his face. His profession; she could not ask for locations, names, or white-frame glasses made his honeycomb eyes beam, and anything else that might be intrusive. his brows knitted as he looked straight at Mrs. Jones. 202202.indd 44202202.indd 44 2022-01-24  1:25:362022-01-24  1:25:36

45 Mrs. Jones felt a sharp gust of uneasiness, but smiled “Well, Mrs. Jones, with all due respect, if everybody nervously. Something about his presence threw her off knows my name, anybody can figure out what my father’s balance. job is, defeating the purpose of the game. It wouldn’t any longer be exciting. I rather offer the opportunity to my The teacher pointed her gaze again at the list, trying to classmate,” he replied. avoid the sharp stare she was being subjected to and asked, “Who do we have here?” Reading his name on the Mrs. Jones understood Brandon might be apprehensive roster, then meeting his eyes, she said, “Would you mind about the others poking fun at his name and the possibility introducing yourself to the class?” of being ridiculed because of it. But she would not allow any bullying, no matter how rich they were. “Ah, you mean “I’m Brandon Walker.” He icily said, and then looked because your name is the same as our president, everyone away. Mrs. Jones quickly peered at her list once more, will think your dad is actually our president, right?” The looking puzzled. The list read “Brandon Wagner,” not class giggled but she quickly wrinkled her forehead and “Walker.” “Hello Brandon, and welcome! Excuse me, raised her index finger, signaling disapproval. Her angry but did you say your name was Brandon Walker?” “Yes reaction exterminated everyone’s laugh in a flash. madam, that’s correct,” he promptly replied. “Oh, my goodness,” she responded, sounding embarrassed. “I have Moving her eyes away from Brandon, she faced the others on my list ‘Brandon Wagner.’ I guess we misprinted your and asked, “What do we say about bullying?” “Bullying surname!” she added as her cheeks slightly turned pink. is never okay,” the pupils replied in chorus. Brandon remained motionless and quiet. There was a serious Brandon did not respond to her comment. expression on his face. “Okay, Brandon, just because you have our president’s name doesn’t mean you have to be Trying to save face as quickly as possible, she went on related. Many people are named after famous personalities, pretending nothing had happened. “So it’s Brandon but that’s just a delightful title to have. You can still tell us Walker, just like our president. What a glorious name about your father’s daily routine, and we can continue the to have!” she said. There was again no response from game and guess his job, right?” She added. Brandon. He stood there as if waiting for the next question. “But Mrs. Jones, my father is The President.” Mrs. Jones felt awkward with the silence and worried that Mrs. Jones smiled awkwardly and let a single “oh…” she might have suggested something that made him feel escape her lips. As far as she knew, Mr. Brandon D. uncomfortable. She had been warned to be extremely Walker, The President of the Republic, did not have any careful with her language in class and her actions towards children. Did he? She was sure. Am I sure? She wished these rich kids in order to avoid possible legal action she had her phone with her to quickly google it, but there against the school from their powerful parents. She were no phones allowed in the classroom, including hers. was aware she was tiptoeing on thin ice with this boy. She regretted her own rule, a rule she had implemented Eventually, as she was about to speak again, Brandon at the beginning of the class. All mobiles were muted and swiftly proceeded, “Well, I guess, I will sit down and let locked in her desk drawer. But regardless of the small the next person keep the exercise going” cloud of doubt hanging over her head, she followed her gut, believing that this kid was playing mind tricks on Mrs. Jones was baffled by his reply. her. He thinks he can make a fool of me? Let’s see who the boss is here…, she thought. “What do you mean? We wouldn’t want to skip your turn! We are all eager to know about you, and find out about She had to navigate her words with care, as she had been your father’s daily routine; right kids?” No one said a taught. The slightest slip of her tongue could cause the word. Sensing the standoff between the two of them, all end of her dream job. A job everyone wanted, but few the students opted to remain neutral and quiet, turning would get. the atmosphere in the classroom unexpectedly dense. F “Oh, great!” she stated. She glanced right and left, ebruar Feeling a wave of uneasiness taking aim at her chest, Mrs. checking on everyone’s expression, looking for clues on Jones tried to steer the boat into safe waters and hesitantly their faces, but they all appeared as confused as her. No, articulated, “Is everything okay, Brandon? Shall we they know nothing, so this kid is making things up. He’s just y 20 continue?” The boy met her eyes, then glanced down to playing with me, she thought. “Great, great, so your father his feet. He tucked both of his hands in his uniform short is the president. Perhaps you mean he is like a CEO?” she 2 pants and shrugged. added. “Every company has a president, and this person 2 202202.indd 45202202.indd 45 2022-01-24  1:25:362022-01-24  1:25:36

46 is at the very top of the ladder, right Brandon? That’s “I’m not supposed to reveal that information, Mrs. Jones,” wonderful, wonderful!” she continued, feeling again a Brandon responded. But she insisted “Of course, of climbing vine of anxiety growing from the bottom up. course! He’s a secret agent, and the word ‘secret’ means “Tell us, a bit more about him, maybe we can guess what that something must remain hidden.” She wasn’t aware kind of business he’s in,” she added. that her sarcasm was becoming more and more clear and Brandon's eyebrows slowly drew together. He seemed probably was making Brandon feel edgy. Putting the back annoyed. “My dad is not a president; he is the president, of her right hand on the edge of her lips, she whispered, and he doesn’t work in a company. He works for the “We won’t tell anyone.” Then glancing back at the others government,” he coldly replied. she said, still in a whispering voice, “Right, kids?” This time, they finally nodded in agreement, perhaps afraid of Wow, this kid is good! Mrs. Jones thought, but the fact also how her gaze went through them like a blast of ice-cold made her stomach twitch, and her cheeks burned again wind. with his reply. She was running out of responses. What she Brandon did not respond right away. He was taking his really wished to do was to tell him that making things up time to process the suggestion. Analyzing the pros and was unacceptable. She craved to order him to take a seat and cons of his follow up response. Then after giving it some stop talking and to skip his turn. She was angry at how he thought, he came back, “Okay, madam, I guess it won’t was getting smart with her. But of course, she couldn’t say hurt to say I call him ‘Agent Jones.’” Hah! Agent Jones! This or do any of this – especially not on her first day. She had genius couldn’t indeed come up with a new last name, she fought tooth and nail for this job, and she knew the huge pondered. Mrs. Jones felt closer to victory. “Agent Jones! salary and perks of teaching in Laguna Creek Elementary What a coincidence, just like my last name! Who would came at a substantial cost. Dealing with this kind of situation have guessed?” she responded with a wide grin on her face. was something she had been warned about. “Now, you see, Brandon, we all share common names and She had to play it cool, and the finest way to navigate last names. Like me and Agent Jones, and we are not even these waters was to dance along rather than question related!” Brandon did not reply to her comment. him and pursue any further stand-off. “Okay, Brandon, “I tell you what, Brandon, how about we invite Mr. Jones so your father’s not a president but The President. That’s to come meet the class? We won’t take up much of his time. wonderful, it’s a great job to have, well actually, it’s the After all, we are pretty sure he’s super, super busy with all finest role to have isn’t it, kids?” No one replied back. his secret agent work. Let’s call Mr. Jones and…” Brandon “I imagine that you have bodyguards outside this interrupted, “Agent Jones.” “Oh yes! My apologies, Agent classroom waiting for you, right?” she continued. Jones, of course! Let’s invite him into the classroom. He Someone let a short-lived giggle escape, but this time Mrs. will be our guest of honor today!” she added. Jones choose to ignore it. Brandon appeared concerned with the request. He “No madam, I don’t” he countered. I knew it! she thought glanced at the others, the door, then toyed with his smart and smirked. It was a fake smile. She felt proud of how watch for a second. Scratching the back of his head, he 2 she was taking control of the situation and not the other responded, “If I do that, I might get in trouble. I’m told not 2 way around. I’m going to crush him like a cockroach, she to call on Agent Jones, unless it is a genuine emergency.” beamed inside. The only trouble you are getting into today is with me for y 20 making this stuff up, she thought. But then Brandon added, “I don’t have bodyguards. There “Oh, don’t worry. I’ll make certain you won’t get in trouble. is only one special agent in charge of my security, and he’s This is all part of learning and Mr. Jones… I mean Agent ebruarnot outside guarding the door. He had been instructed to F standby beyond the campus grounds, inside his vehicle. Jones’ visit will add some excitement to our learning experience,” she added. “I will make sure you won’t face Having him following me around school would be very any disciplinary action; I promise you!” she said, as her disruptive, uncomfortable, and embarrassing for me. My eyes twinkled evilly. father as well as I like to keep our private affairs discreet.” His reply blew her mind: Creativity on a higher level, she thought. Brandon stared at his smart watch for a few seconds then Mrs. Jones would not give in to this game of wits, so she replied, “Okay, Mrs. Jones, I take your word for it.” Next, was quick with a comeback: “Oh, I see, I see. Wonderful. adjusting his watch to the center of his wrist, he tapped the Very interesting.” “So, I assume this special agent has a screen with a series of strokes, as if calling for an app. Once name, correct? Tell us about him, perhaps the others will be the action was completed, he returned his sight towards interested in knowing his duties, right class?” Again, no reply. Mrs. Jones and said “Done” and sank back into his chair. 202202.indd 46202202.indd 46 2022-01-24  1:25:362022-01-24  1:25:36

47 Mrs. Jones smiled at him, looked at the clock that hung on However, when their gazes met at last, he stared at her with the wall and then peeked at her own watch. She crossed her fear in his eyes; he was in dismay; he was speechless. At the arms, looking relaxed and triumphant, and began humming same time, Mrs. Jones’ contorted face appeared as though a made-up melody. She was planning to let one minute slide she was struggling not to cry, and tears pooled in her eyes by and then move on with the game. There would not be as soon as their eyes met. a confrontation with Brandon for his made-up story. He That night, Mrs. Jones lay in bed next to her husband, was going to feel the embarrassment produced by his own both staring at the ceiling, unable to get a word out. They imagination. Her hands were clean; she had won the game. had had similar incidents at work during the day. Both A minute and a half went by in silence. Other than Mrs. had confronted unexpected situations, affairs that might Jones humming her odd melody, there were no other signs have jeopardized their employment. They both had also of noises coming from outside. No footsteps, no running, discovered by pure chance that they had been lying to each no special agent. Just as Mrs. Jones had expected. other for a while now. Lost for words, they did not know She gave Brandon a final smile as if saying “Game over, how to confront the developments of the day. boy!” then she looked at her list again, ready to call out Mrs. Jones kept rewinding the tape in her head: Brandon, the next name. “Okay, class, Agent Jones might be a little Agent Jones, the frightened students, the shock. Her busy today. How about we move on with our activity, and husband lay flat in bed, still with his clothes and shoes Brandon can introduce us to his special agent another on, both hands resting on his stomach, absorbed in day?” She said with a smirk. Brandon, recognizing the disappointment. sarcasm in her tone, glared at her. Eventually, Mrs. Jones’ husband confronted his wife: “We But Mrs. Jones ignored his eyes and pretended to be agreed not to lie to each other,” he said in a soft and calmed reading the list again. As she was preparing to continue, tone. Mrs. Jones quickly replied, “I know, I’m sorry. But the classroom door abruptly burst open and a large and you lied to me as well.” He interrupted, “In my defense, I muscular figure appeared in the door frame. Everyone can argue that I wasn’t lying. There are certain things I can’t jumped, shocked. The man in a dark suit standing at the disclose to anyone, not even you. They are out of my reach, entrance looked like an alerted, angry Doberman. His and they are important matters for our own safety.” “For enormous nose and pointy ears bore the resemblance your safety,” he added. of an enraged guard dog. Although there was no foam Mrs. Jones remained quiet for a while. The angry face of coming from his mouth, he seemed ready to attack. Agent Jones was still haunting her. But she tried to get back The children were paralyzed with fear at the sight of to the conversation. She loved her husband; she wanted to this husky physique, except Brandon, whose face shifted understand him. Mrs. Jones let a gentle sigh escape her lips. from annoyance to content. The armed intruder quickly It was the reset button of all the emotions she had endured. scanned the classroom, looking for his aim. Once he It was time for a switch from reaction to reflection. Time to found Brandon, his raucous, alerted voice inquired, “Is make things right. “I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you I ultimately everything okay, Mr. Walker?” Brandon nodded, then got the job at Laguna Creek. You see, I worked so hard to looked at Mrs. Jones and smiled at her the same way she get it, and when I finally did, I was amazed. So I thought had done to him just a minute before: with a smirk. about surprising you on the day of my first check. I know But Mrs. Jones wasn’t peering at Brandon. She was staring I told you I was working at a kindergarten, but now you’ve at Agent Jones, her jaw dropped in disbelief. Her face was learned that isn’t true. I feel so stupid. This is not how it was like a mask of alarm mixed with fear and all the color in supposed to happen,” she said. her face had faded to a pale semblance. Her husband took a deep breath, then slowly released it. Agent Jones, after having assessed that Brandon was not With his sigh, his shoulders relaxed and his face lit up. They exposed to any danger, became self-conscious that he both turned on their sides and their eyes met. “No more lies,” said Special Agent Jones to his wife.” “No more lies,” might have gotten a little carried away with his protective repeated Mrs. Jones. F instincts. After returning to a semi-normal state, realizing The Author ebruar that he was in front of children, he shifted his sight from his charge towards the speechless teacher standing by J. D. Wabe is an author and Gwangju expat the blackboard. Feeling a shower of guilt mixed with who has been contributing to the GIC and the y 20 embarrassment, he was going to apologize for the sake of Gwangju News for more than ten years with appearance. His unprofessional emotional display could his work in photography and writing. 2 have put his job on the edge of a cliff. Email: [email protected] 2 202202.indd 47202202.indd 47 2022-01-24  1:25:362022-01-24  1:25:36

48 Photo Essay Jinju Lantern Festival By Eric T. Friestand CULTURE & ARTS 2 2 y 20 ebruar F 202202.indd 48202202.indd 48 2022-01-24  1:25:362022-01-24  1:25:36

49 F ebruar y 20 2 2 202202.indd 49202202.indd 49 2022-01-24  1:25:382022-01-24  1:25:38

50 2 2 y 20 ebruar F 202202.indd 50202202.indd 50 2022-01-24  1:25:402022-01-24  1:25:40

51 anterns. Lanterns everywhere. Hanging in trees. On the Lground. Floating on the water. Lining the walkways. This was a dream come true, as I finally had the opportunity to visit the Jinju Lantern Festival (진주유등축제) in December 2021. As I was learning more about Korea and discovered this festival, I knew that I had to visit due to its beauty and diversity of attractions. The variety of lanterns was impressive: dragons, dinosaurs, traditional lanterns, boats, planes, animals, birds, houses, people, fire. The list could go on forever. My favorite place was on the south side of the river looking north. Here you could see the bright lanterns on the river and the Chokseongnu Pavilion (촉석루) in the background contrasted against the dark night sky. The Photographer/Author Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Eric T. Friestand moved F to Korea in ebruar August 2021 to pursue his passion of learning more about Korean culture, food, music, and language. Eric’s goal is to be y 20 conversationally fluent in Korean and understand Korean entertainment 2 without subtitles. 2 202202.indd 51202202.indd 51 2022-01-24  1:25:412022-01-24  1:25:41

52 GFN Radio Top of The Drop By Daniel J. Springer Each month, Daniel Springer of the Gwangju Foreign Language Network (GFN) picks his favorite newly released tunes that you may not have heard yet, along with some upcoming albums and EPs that you might want to keep on your radar. — Ed. Lady Wray – “Joy & Pain” Oliver Tree – “Cowboys Don’t Cry” This is the most recent single prior to With his 2020 debut album Ugly Is the publishing of Lady Wray’s long- Beautiful, and the smashing success awaited (some would say far overdue) of “Hurt,” the Southern California- LP Piece of Me, which dropped on based star has announced a new January 28 via Big Crown Records album with this single called Cowboy of Brooklyn. A veteran vocalist who Tears, to be released on February experienced great success with her 18. Will he be able to live up to the debut album in 1998, Lady Wray took a bit of a hiatus success of his world-breaking debut? Time will tell, surely. following that initial madness so early in her career. Since However, if the quality of this lead single is anything to CULTURE & ARTSthe release of 2016’s Queen Alone LP, her debut on Big judge the future by, it’s looking very bright. Crown, there have been a slew of high quality singles Chai – “Whole” from the Virginia native, but nothing larger. Well, the One of the most absolutely fun and at wait is over with this one. the same time powerful groups in the Jazzanova (feat. Sean Haefeli) – “Creative Musicians” world right now is this Nagoya-based Last year DJ Amir released Strata female group. Last year, they released Records’ The Sounds of Detroit, their third studio album Wink, Volume 1 to great acclaim, and the their first on the US-based Sub Pop only way this could possibly be imprint. The buzzy success of that followed up properly is by signing LP and the recognition it garnered internationally has the up the veteran Berlin-based outfit band announcing a new remix EP Wink Together, which 2 Jazzanova to splash it with new and is produced by budding indie star Scoobert Doobert out 2 vibrant colors. The dance music veterans have announced of San Diego. their own reimagining of that mix, with The Sounds of Serpentwithfeet – Bless the Telephone y 20Detroit Reimagined by Jazzanova slated for release on Experimental musician Josiah Wise April 22, this being the new single to accompany the has been creating some incredible record, released in mid-January. heart-rending songs, most notably ebruarParekh and Singh – “Je Suis La Pomme Rouge” with last year’s Deacon LP, which F Some of the dream pop coming out of many had at the very top of the list India’s scene the last few years has been for album of the year. This tune is a amongst the best in the world, and cover of a Labi Siffre original released the Calcutta-based duo of Parekh and in the run-up to the holiday season in 2021, a reminder Singh have been at the forefront of that to everyone to keep in touch with loved ones no matter movement. Released in mid-January what time of year. with their signature ethereal blend of Khruangbin (feat. Leon Bridges) – “B-side” (Texas lush instrumentation and soft-to-the-touch vocal harmonies, Moon version) this standalone (meaning “I am a red apple” in French) is the Back in 2020, the psyche trio that say they’re from first tune released from an album to come out later this year, Houston but are actually from somewhere much further www.gwangjunewsgic.comalthough further details are nonexistent beyond just that. 202202.indd 52202202.indd 52 2022-01-24  1:25:412022-01-24  1:25:41

53 afield teamed up with fellow Texan ten years now from their home base up at Seoul’s Binary Leon Bridges to release the Texas Sun Studios. The label’s co-founders Jeff Moses and Jeong-ah EP, the title track of which was an “Trash” Yang-Moses just released “Them & Us 3: Korea’s instant classic with even renowned Punks at Binary Studios” last month with a launch party tastemaker Barack Obama putting at Seoul’s Club FF on January 22. This compilation it at the tippy-top of his favorite features 11 bands both from the label and outside playing summer singles. Now we have the two tracks: One cover and one original. Texas Moon EP ready to go on February 18, with this new version of “B-side” as the lead single. JANUARY RELEASES Kendra Morris – “Penny Pincher” Eric Nam – There and Back Again (1/7) Veteran vocalist Kendra Morris The Weeknd – Dawn FM (1/7) recently signed with funk and soul Bonobo – Fragments (1/13) tastemakers Colemine Records and FKA Twigs – Caprisongs (1/14) their subsidiary Karma Chief. A Yard Act – The Overload (1/21) steady stream of absolutely fantastic Band of Horses – Things Are Great (1/21) singles followed the past year plus, Billy Talent – Crisis of Faith (1/21) and now we have Nine Lives set King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – Butterfly 3001 (1/21) to drop on February 18. Don’t miss out on Kendra’s Anais Mitchell – Anais Mitchell (1/28) appearance on GFN to get both an early taste of some St. Paul and The Broken Bones – The Alien Coast (1/28) unreleased joints off the album and maybe get a vinyl Lady Wray – Piece of Me (1/28) copy of the record! The Cactus Blossoms (feat. Jenny Lewis) – FEBRUARY RELEASES “Everybody” Animal Collective – Time Skiffs (2/4) Despite the moniker, this band is the Black Country, New Road – Ants from Up There (2/4) brother duo of Jack Torrey and Page Mitski – Laurel Hell (2/4) Berkum, who hail from Minneapolis Cate Le Bon – Pompeii (2/4) in the US. The group announced The Districts – Great American Painting (2/4) the release of the One Day LP in Alt-J – The Dream (2/11) early December with the release of Big Thief – Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You “Hey Baby,” but this follow-up teaser (2/11) featuring the luscious vocals of Jenny Lewis cannot be Spoon – Lucifer on the Sofa (2/11) denied. The new album drops on February 11, which Foxes – The Kick (2/11) is shaping up as the first big album release date of the Kendra Morris – Nine Lives (2/18) calendar year. Oliver Tree – Cowboy Tears (2/18) Khruangbin and Leon Bridges – Texas Moon (2/18) Broods – Space Island (2/18) The Smile – “You Will Never Work in Television Beach House – Once Twice Melody (2/18) Again” Avril Levigne – Love Sux (2/25) This is the new project of Radiohead’s Gang of Youths – Angel in Realtime (2/25) Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood Tears for Fears – The Tipping Point (2/25) along with Sons of Kemet drummer Soft Cell – Happiness Not Included (2/25) Tom Skinner. For those that miss the older days of Radiohead and the more straight forward rock that The Author accompanied the younger version Daniel J. Springer (aka “Danno”) is the of the band, this one is for you, definitely a surprise creator, host, writer, editor, and producer coming from Yorke and Greenwood, who’s most recent of “The Drop with Danno,” broadcasting nightly on GFN 98.7 FM in Gwangju and F work was much more on the film scoring and ambient/ 93.7 FM in Yeosu from 8–10 p.m. Prior to ebruar experimental area of the musical matrix. this, he was a contributor to several shows LOCAL SPOTLIGHT on TBS eFM in Seoul, along with being the V/A– “Them & Us 3: Korea’s Punks at Binary Studios” creator and co-host of “Spacious” and “White Label Radio” on y 20 WNUR in Chicago. You can find “The Damyang Drop,” his World Domination, Inc. has been putting out solid indie monthly collaborative playlist with The Damyang House, on 2 punk, ska, hardcore, and just generally great rock for over YouTube and Spotify. @gfnthedrop 2 202202.indd 53202202.indd 53 2022-01-24  1:25:422022-01-24  1:25:42

54 Comic Corner CULTURE & ARTS 2 2 y 20 ebruar F 202202.indd 54202202.indd 54 2022-01-24  1:25:432022-01-24  1:25:43

55 The Author Yun Hyoju was born and raised in Gwangju, and somehow ended up married to an Irish guy named F Alan. She has been working on ebruar her short comic, “Alan and Me,” which is about their daily life. She publishes a new comic every week on Instagram. It y 20 can be found here: @alan_andme. 2 2 202202.indd 55202202.indd 55 2022-01-24  1:25:442022-01-24  1:25:44

56 2022 GIC Upcoming Events 광주국제교류센터 연중계획 February August Global Community Support 2022, 1st Term “Come to Gwangju,” 2nd Term Gwangju Global Volun-tour March GIC TESOL Course September Global Culture and Language Class, 2nd Term GIC TESOL Course Gwangju Global Volun-tour Global Community Support 2022, 3rd Term Gwangju International Internship Program, 1st Term Global Culture and Language Class, 5th Term Members Networking, 1st Term Gwangju Global Volun-tour Gwangju International Internship Program, 2nd Term April Members Networking, 3rd Term Gwangju Global Volun-tour October May Gwangju Global Volun-tour GIC TESOL Course Gwangju International Community Week Global Community Support 2022, 2nd Term The 12th WHRCF 2022 (Oct 10-13, TBC) Global Culture and Language Class, 3rd Term Gwangju Global Volun-tour November KOICA Fellowship Program (TBA) GIC TESOL Course May Concert (TBA) Global Culture and Language Class, 6th Term The 15th Together Day (May 22, TBC) Gwangju Global Volun-tour 2 2 y 20June December Gwangju Global Volun-tour ADIOS 2022 and Members Networking, 4th Term Members Networking, 2nd Term Gwangju Global Volun-tour ebruar F July All Year Round “Come to Gwangju,” 1st Term Foreign Residents Support Service GIC TESOL Course GIC Citizens Choir Global Culture and Language Class, 4th Term GIC Library Gwangju Global Volun-tour Translation Service for Gwangju Office of Education Translation Service by Multicultural Families 202202.indd 56202202.indd 56 2022-01-24  1:25:442022-01-24  1:25:44

Important Notice on Vaccine Pass From December 13, 2021, the “Vaccine Pass” is being fully implemented, so it is compulsory to show your “Vaccine Certificate” when you visit the Gwangju International Center (GIC). According to government regulations, you are not allowed to enter the GIC if you have not been vaccinated. Children and youth younger than 18 years old are excluded from the Vaccine Pass system, but if their parents or guardians have not been vaccinated, they may be denied entry to the GIC. Thank you for your kind understanding. 202202_.indd 3202202_.indd 3 2022-01-24  1:05:222022-01-24  1:05:22

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