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32 Restaurant Review FOOD & DRINKS 1st Recipe Where Mediterranean Cuisine Meets Korea 2 By Melline Galani 2 y 20 hough situated on two different continents, Italy, Light has to offer. Among the places I enjoy eating at is ebruar the Iberian Peninsula, and Korea have more 1st Recipe, a Mediterranean fusion restaurant situated on F Tin common than one may think: They are all the second floor of a building near Wedding Street, just peninsulas and they have four seasons, but what brings a three-minute walk from the Asia Culture Center, Exit them together is food and their common passion for 3. The place has been around for some time and is well noodles, pastas, and rice. And, if you have lived here for known in the neighborhood. a while, you know that Italian-style restaurants are hot spots for dates and other significant outings. The moment you step inside, you are welcomed by nice decorations (especially during Christmas time), beautiful Downtown Gwangju is a great area for trying different plants, and a smiling staff who are always eager to help cuisines from Japan, China, Vietnam, the USA, Italy, you and make your visit comfortable. If you are lucky and of course, Korea. Since I am always in search of nice enough to meet the owner in person, the experience will places to eat, I like to explore what our amazing City of become perfect. I have not seen such a warmhearted and 202202.indd 32202202.indd 32 2022-01-24  1:25:272022-01-24  1:25:27

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