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44 Gwangju Writes CULTURE & ARTS No More Lies By J.D. Wabe rs. Jones spruced up all the desks in a The game began from left to right, and it was going semicircular line-up and began the first day of smoothly. The newly arrived students appeared to be Mclass with an ice-breaker activity. “What does enjoying the challenge of identifying clues and playing 2 your father do?” was the name of the game, a task in which detective, as well as providing ambiguous information 2 one student gives clues regarding their father’s everyday to make the game more exciting. So far, there were a y 20affairs and the rest will guess the occupation. Laguna banker, a lawyer, a professor, and even a stay-at-home dad Creek Elementary was a very prestigious school. Built in married to a prosecutor. one of the most affluent areas on the outskirts of the city with the only aim of nurturing the knowledge of the rich The kids giggled at the stay-at-home vocation, but Mrs. Jones ebruarand gifted children of this upper-class neighborhood. immediately reprehended them. Bullying and lying were F to be avoided throughout their school year, she reminded Since this was their first year of operation, they were all them. The youngsters, acknowledging the light scolding, strangers to one another, including Mrs. Jones, who had simultaneously replied in chorus, “Yes, Mrs. Jones.” just recently been hired. The school had superior standards of privacy, so she wasn’t given any of the students’ profiles. When Mrs. Jones got to the middle of the semicircle, she She only had a small list with the names of nine juniors that squinted at the list in hand and asked the next pupil in line included their age and last name but no further details. Her to stand up. Brandon Walker, a tall, slim, good-looking boy initial-day activity had been vetted by her superiors with with a stylish hairstyle that rolled back on top and was short the condition that she would only ask for their parents’ on the sides, stood up with a dull expression on his face. His profession; she could not ask for locations, names, or white-frame glasses made his honeycomb eyes beam, and anything else that might be intrusive. his brows knitted as he looked straight at Mrs. Jones. 202202.indd 44202202.indd 44 2022-01-24  1:25:362022-01-24  1:25:36

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