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3434 Opinion Return of the Kings In The Matrix Resurrections, Neo Reclaims His Title of Cinema’s Greatest Hero By William Urbanski he Matrix is the best movie ever made – far greater than The Godfather or even Citizen TKane. In addition, The Matrix trilogy, when considered as a whole, is the apotheosis of not only cinema, but of storytelling as a uniquely COMMUNITY human phenomenon. If every Star Wars movie were combined with every single Star Trek book, comic book, TV show, and movie ever made, it would amount to no more than a stain on Neo’s underpants. To call The Matrix a mere cinematographic masterpiece would be an affront to the intellectual faculties of language and thought. It is the perfect movie, featuring the perfect cast, and each installment was released at the perfect time. The best chance humanity has to come closer together as a species is to study the lessons and implications of The Matrix films with the focus of a laser beam. 2 It is difficult to articulate the impact that The 2 Matrix (the best movie ever made) and its sequels y 20 (Reloaded and Revolutions) have had on me, my world-view, and my personal development. That is why the announcement of a further addition to The Matrix canon filled me not only with excitement, ebruar but with a renewed belief in the inherent goodness F of mankind. Instead of just reviewing The Matrix Resurrections, I would like to divide this article into two parts. The first part (written before I saw the new installment on Christmas Day) is a tribute to and celebration of the original Matrix trilogy and an explanation of why I expect Resurrections to be a pivotal moment in the history of multicellular life on Earth. The second part, written after watching the movie, will comprise some deep reflections on Resurrections and of the nature of reality itself. 202202.indd 34202202.indd 34 2022-01-24  1:25:282022-01-24  1:25:28

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