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12 Jennis: When I was in college, ladies were not supposed to enter billiard halls, and a prevalent myth of the time was “With a woman in the boat, fish cannot be caught.” But these days, we often see older ladies driving tractors and trucks in the country. The world has changed a lot and change will continue. Viewing your artwork conjures up the dichotomy of masculinity and femininity that we have been all too familiar with for such a long time. I thank you for this extensive interview. IN CLOSING… Artist Kim Mi-ae operates an art academy in Gwangju’s Ilgok-dong. She told me that she has more time now to devote to art due to COVID-19. Through her art, she asks what gender is, reminding me of a saying by the philosopher Ivan Illich: “Gender is in every step, in every gesture, not just between the legs.” Photographs courtesy of Kim Mi-ae. Select Exhibitions (Among 6 individual, 27 group) 2021 Gwangju International Art Fair, “Art Gwangju 21,” Kim Daejung Convention Center, Gwangju. 2021 “Would You Like Some Ramen?” Mino Gallery, Gwangju. 2021 Seoul International Art Fair, “World Road, K Art Road,” COEX, Seoul. 2021 Democratic Support Solidarity Exhibition with ▲ You Are the Champion! by Kim Mi-ae (2018, acrylic on arch paper). Myanmar Artists, Chonnam National University, Gwangju. 2020 The 6th Young Artist Exhibition, “Light Up,” Buk-gu Office Gallery, Gwangju. 2019 Art Gwangju 19, Kim Daejung Convention Center, Gwangju. 2019 Insa-dong Fair, Insa Art Center, Seoul. 2019 Art Busan, BEXCO, Busan. 2 2019 Seoul Art Expo, Personal Booth, COEX, Seoul. 2 2019 “Spirit of Art,” Korea Daily Art Center, Los Angeles, USA. y 20 2018 Daejeon International Art Show, Trade Exhibition Hall, Daejeon. 2017 Seoul Art Show, COEX, Seoul. ebruarAward F Grand Prize: The 15th Ansan International Art Fair The Interviewer Kang Jennis Hyunsuk has been living in Gwangju all her life. She has painted as a hobby for almost a decade, and she has learned that there are so many wonderful artists in Korea. As a freelance interpreter, she would like to introduce the English-speaking world to the diverse sphere of Korean art. @jenniskang ▲ What a Man Is, by Kim Mi-ae (2019, gouache on paper). 202202.indd 12202202.indd 12 2022-01-24  1:25:152022-01-24  1:25:15

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