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31 ▲ Presentation: Receiving my completion certificate. ▲ GIC Korean Class Certificate: The completion certificate given at the end of the course. never having been to the GIC before, I left myself too and something we could use as a bridge to making our much to do. Having parked the car a fair distance away, own examples in pair work, which we were frequently I speed-walked to the GIC, planning to visit a nearby encouraged to do. This personalizing of expressions was bookshop to get the textbook on route. First problem, also a lot more fun for us students than simply going the bookshop was closed. After this setback and deciding through the book. that I would pop out at the break to get the book, I carried on to the GIC. Second problem, it was much further than LESSON 4: MAKE SOME TIME FOR FUN AND I had thought, and I was walking down the wrong road. RELAXATION After all this, I finally arrived at the classroom, almost The last tip I picked up was to do something that is pure 15 minutes late and somewhat disheveled. Luckily, the fun and not learning-focused at all. As we finished the teacher was very welcoming, greeting me kindly with course the week before Christmas, the teacher prepared “Finally a male student!” and arranged for photocopies of a cookie decorating activity. It was during this time that the book for those without for the first lesson. This warm we got to practice the most free-flowing, spontaneous welcome reminded me to be mindful of our students’ conversations in Korean, with the cookie decorating current circumstances; they may just be having a bad turning into a sideshow. morning when they arrive late without the required materials. So, overall, I got much more than the booster shot of Korean I had bargained for. I got a healthy reminder “This warm welcome reminded of how students experience lessons and some great reminders of tips to take into my classroom for the me to be mindful of our students’ coming semester. If you are looking to take a Korean current circumstances.” language class, I wholeheartedly recommend the GIC lessons; you may just benefit your teaching skills, too. Photographs by Chris Judd. LESSON 3: MAKE VISUAL MATERIALS SIMPLE The Author F Once lessons were underway, I felt the importance of Chris Judd is an ESL teacher and researcher ebruar another crucial part of second language lessons from who returned from his native UK to live in the student perspective: keeping visual materials simple. Gwangju in 2021. He has lived in five different Our teacher used very effective PowerPoint presentations cities in Korea over an eight-year period, y 20 with simple and clear examples of target expressions enjoying learning a bit of the language and and nice photos. Compared to the textbook examples, getting out and about on family trips along 2 these PowerPoints were a lot easier to make sense of the way. 2 202202.indd 31202202.indd 31 2022-01-24  1:25:262022-01-24  1:25:26

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