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19 in Gyerim-dong, where construction has collapse. What’s for certain is that this been suspended. Meanwhile in Unam- eyesore will be a serious hazard and focal dong, HDC’s position as a contractor point for far longer than the collapse in in the redevelopment project there will Hak-dong was. likely be cancelled over safety concerns.3 This is a major blow to the company, which was set to begin construction in “The Hwajeong I-Park March. collapse is on another Another major distinction between the level.” two disasters is location, as Hwajeong I-Park is right in the middle of the city’s main transportation, manufacturing, and The area under construction in Hwajeong- commercial hub. This means countless dong had already long been an eyesore express buses connecting Gwangju to for its seedy clutch of bars, love motels, the rest of the country had been passing karaoke rooms, and nightclubs. That through the shadow of this looming image was set to change with Hwajeong disaster for months, so it truly is a miracle I-Park’s construction, which inspired that nothing more severe happened. Now the local housing market’s fiercest express buses to and from Gwangcheon competition at an average 68 bidders per Terminal have been rerouted to avoid unit. The high-end complex’s proximity the building’s likely demise – whether to Shinsegae Department Store, E-Mart, by painstaking demolition or further Geumho World, and the city’s largest bus F ebruar y 20 2 ▲ Construction hoists surrounded by debris. 2 202202.indd 19202202.indd 19 2022-01-24  1:25:202022-01-24  1:25:20

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