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21 21 terminal made its location second to none, with the time of collapse worked for an equipment some of its apartments costing as much as seven rental company that was only permitted to lend hundred million won. In fact, homebuyers broke its equipment, not pour concrete, which should the local price record once bidding opened, with a have been done directly by the more experienced single pyeong (3.3 square meters) costing over 16 renter. Luckily, these eight employees were million won – a whole two million won above the evacuated in time, but six others working below 4, 7 average price per apartment pyeong in Gwangju. on windows and doors weren’t. 5 Given that Hwajeong I-Park has several other Nobody in their right mind would risk so many buildings under construction on the same site, lives to save a little time and money, but the one wonders what pricing readjustments are in insanity of the real estate market shows that far store should they remain. too many aren’t in their right minds. For the Looking up at the high-rise’s gaping chasm and disaster victims in Hak-dong and Hwajeong- suspended debris, you can’t help but empathize dong, let’s get our heads straight. with those trying to find the best way forward. As of this article’s submission, the streets around Photographs by Isaiah Winters. Hwajeong I-Park have been tightly cordoned off and are teaming with police, reporters, and Sources firefighters – 200 of whom are scouring the site 6 1 매일경제. (2022, January 18). 사고 6일 만에 현산 회장서 daily with rescue dogs. In addition to rescue efforts, clean-up and investigative operations are 물러난 정몽규… 사태수습엔 역부족 지적. https:// also underway, but with so much more unstable concrete and rebar still teetering on the brink of 2 An, G. (2022, January 17). 광주 시민단체, ‘면피용 collapse, coming up with safe, rapid solutions on 사퇴’ 현산 정몽규 회장 구속수사 요구. 한겨레. https:// all fronts is a daunting challenge. 3 Yu, S. (2022 January 17). ‘현대산업개발 보이콧’ 운암 3 Where do you even start with something as 단지 ‘시선 집중’. 광주드림. news/articleView.html?idxno=612498 precarious as this? For ten days following the 4 Park, Y. (2022, January 13). ‘로또’라며 웃돈 4억 January 11 collapse, the accident site had a crane 붙었던 광주 화정 아이파크 운명은…. 경향신문. leaning into the building’s hollow exterior wall. At first glance, it seemed like the most unstable article/202201130816001 piece of the puzzle, as removing the crane might 5 Park, S. (2021, June 23). 광주아파트 평당 분양가 1 cause the attached wall to further collapse. On my 천400만원 육박. 무등일보. last visit to the site before this issue went to print, detail/joFjOo/649475 6 Kim, T. (2022, January 18). 광주광역시 화정동 the crane’s careful disassembly began. I looked on 아이파크 붕괴현장 온정 이어져. 연합경베TV. http://m. that day for half an hour, awestruck by the bravery of the workers. Working along the jib and tower 7 Cheon, J. (2022, January 16). ‘관행이라는 이름으로…’ apex of a secure crane is already a hazardous task 붕괴 사고 편법 재하도급 정황. 연합뉴스. https://www. – one requiring workers to constantly fasten and then refasten their safety harnesses to the crane as they move around. The thought that they were The Author attaching themselves to a badly destabilized crane Born and raised in Chino, California, was nothing short of chilling. Isaiah Winters is a pixel-stained wretch who loves writing about Gwangju and With so many lives still at risk in Hwajeong-dong, Honam, warts and all. He particularly likes F F it’s crucial that we name the culprit behind such doing unsolicited appraisals of abandoned ebruarebruar disasters: rampant expedient subcontracting to Korean properties, a remnant of his time save time and money. According to one source, working as an appraiser back home. You it’s been confirmed that the eight employees can find much of his photography on pumping and pouring ready-mixed concrete at @d.p.r.kwangju. y 20y 20 2 2 2 2 202202.indd 21202202.indd 21 2022-01-24  1:25:232022-01-24  1:25:23

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