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1 Gwangju & South Jeolla International Magazine From the Editor February 2022, Issue 240 elcome to February, and welcome Published: February 1, 2022 Wto the February issue of the Cover Photo Gwangju News. February 1 not only Sunset over Gwangju. signals the beginning of a new month Photo: Gwangju Tourism website and the publication of a new issue of this 광주문화관광 홈페이지 magazine, this year it also heralds the beginning of a new year according to the traditional Oriental calendar that Korea has followed for many centuries. This year, Lunar New Year’s THE EDITORIAL TEAM Day, or Seollal, ushers in the Year of the Tiger – and that is a Publisher Dr. Shin Gyonggu good thing! The tiger foretells a year of strength, power, and Editor-in-Chief Dr. David E. Shaffer prosperity. Let us hope that this year we will have the strength William Urbanski to overcome the ravages of the coronavirus and other maladies Managing Editor that may target our health. Let us hope that we have the power Chief Copy Editor Isaiah Winters to reach our goals, however small or large they may be. And Layout Editor Karina Prananto Photographer Kim Hillel Yunkyoung let us hope for prosperity in our lives, especially inner wealth, Online Editor Karina Prananto which is what truly makes us the person who we are. Content Support Melline Galani We also hope that throughout the year, this wealth will spread The Gwangju News is the first English monthly through the pages of the Gwangju News for the benefit of the magazine for the general public in Korea, first magazine’s readership and the lives that they may touch. May published in 2001. Each monthly issue covers local the Year of the Tiger be one that roars of good fortune! and regional issues, with a focus on the roles and activities of the international residents and local Our cover photo for this issue depicts the sun setting over English-speaking communities. Gwangju, signifying the close of another lunar year, a close Copyright ©2022 by the Gwangju International Center. that was marred by sorrow and tragedy. Sorrow in that January All rights reserved. No part of this publication covered saw the passing in Gwangju of an activist mother who took by this copyright may be reproduced in any form up the baton of her activist son when his life was terminated or by any means – graphic, electronic, mechanical, by a riot police teargas canister. She is known nationwide as photocopying, recording, or otherwise – without the the “Mother of June,” and we carry a special photo essay in written consent of the publisher. remembrance. January also witnessed the collapse of yet The Gwangju News is published by another building in the city – a high-end high-rise still under the Gwangju International Center: construction in Gwangju’s newest I-Park complex that ended Jungang-ro 196-beon-gil 5 (Geumnam-ro 3-ga), the lives of multiple workers at the site [Lost in Gwangju]. Dong-gu, Gwangju 61475, South Korea In line with the Year of the Tiger bringing improved health, Tel: (+82)-62-226-2733~34 Fax: (+82)-62-226-2731 we feature a piece on the perils of smoking and the perks of Website: not [“Thank You for Not Smoking”]. And in relation to the Email: [email protected] strength that the new year forecasts, we feature a female artist gwangjunews gwangju_news Registration No. 광주광역시 라. 00145 and the power of her feminine art [People in the Arts]. (ISSN 2093-5315) Within our February pages is a wealth of additional articles, a Registration Date: February 22, 2010 wealth of information, images, and interest. Printed by Jieum 지음 (+82)-62-672-2566 F As always, stay Covid smart, stay Covid safe, be Covid ebruar For volunteering and article submission inquiries, protected, and enjoy the Gwangju News. please contact the editor at [email protected]. David E. Shaffer y 20 Special thanks to Gwangju Editor-in-Chief City and all of our sponsors. 2 Gwangju News 2 202202.indd 1202202.indd 1 2022-01-24  1:25:092022-01-24  1:25:09

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