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10 was changed into the Department of Art Theory in the College of Art. I remember that I joined in protesting the school’s policy with my fellow students. After graduating from university, I became a reporter at a broadcasting company, instead of becoming an art teacher. Jennis: Why did you decide to become a reporter? Kim Mi-ae: I had a great opportunity when I was a university senior. A professor, who taught us Western art history, recommended me to participate in a program promoting the Gwangju Biennale. In the program, I had the assignment of interviewing an art director named Jemma Han. That experience served as an opportunity to become a reporter for a TV program introducing restaurants and festivals in Gwangju and Jeollanam- do. But as you know, an interviewer should approach interviewees and ask a lot of questions. This was hard for an introvert like me. So, I quit the job and decided to do the master’s and doctoral programs at the Korea National University of Education. I wanted to study art education beyond the little I had received as an undergraduate student. Jennis: So, you were able to learn how to teach art at last. Kim Mi-ae: Yes, it was a time to realize the importance of art education again. And at that time, I also discovered my ▲ Super Mom and Super Daughter, by Kim Mi-ae (2018, acrylic on canvas). desire to create art. I appreciate Professor Choi Chul, who helped me to realize that I had the dream of becoming an n this past year, relatively few art exhibitions were artist. However, in the back of my mind, I was still not held due to the Covid pandemic, but fortunately, the sure about my ability as an artist because I was majoring IGwangju International Art Fair did take place, allowing in art education, not fine arts. visitors to see a wide variety of works all in one place. Among the many wonderful art pieces on exhibit, I was much interested in one artist’s works that expressed strong women through pop art. Perhaps this was because of my experience as a member of the Women’s Research Club in 2 my university days. Seeing her works exhibited at the art 2 fair, I wanted to meet the artist, Kim Mi-ae, and listen to the story of her art in detail. I recently had that opportunity; my y 20extremely interesting interview with Artist Kim follows. Jennis: Thank you for making time for this interview. ebruarAfter seeing your artworks at the Gwangju International F Art Fair, I became curious about how you came to embrace the theme of women in your works. I would love to hear your art story. Kim Mi-ae: I majored in art education at Chonnam National University. Having liked painting since I was young, I wanted to make a career out of painting. But my parents, who were school teachers, wanted me to be a teacher like them. My parents suggested that painting would still be possible as an art teacher. So, I majored in art education, following my parents’ wishes. However, while attending school, the Department of Art Education ▲ The One, by Kim Mi-ae (2018, acrylic on canvas). 202202.indd 10202202.indd 10 2022-01-24  1:25:142022-01-24  1:25:14

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