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40 ▲ A quick peek inside the banquet hall. The wedding hall/waterpark also has faint signs of life. the ones worn by the torchbearers. I seriously considered While the banquet hall and duel swimming pools lay buying it to have a costume for Halloween during my in decay, in the building where brides and grooms once visit. I also saw a Montreal Expos baseball cap but failed exchanged vows, a rummage sale stood in its place. to pull the trigger, rationalizing I didn’t need two. An assortment of randomness was on sale: practical merchandise like gardening supplies sat next to traditional If you find yourself in the area on the way to the coast Korean-style folding screens and viewing stones, known and need a reason to rest, why not stop by this semi- 2 in Korea as suseok (수석). abandonment and check out the goods for sale? At the 2 very least, you’ll have a safe, mini urbex adventure, and if good luck shall bless you, an Olympic tracksuit or a cap y 20“Imagine an enterprising visionary for a defunct baseball club awaits you. who integrated roadside dining ebruar and the carefree frenzy of a Photographs by Ryan Berkebile. F waterpark with the grace and formality of a wedding/banquet The Author When not cooped up in his apartment hall.” quarantine, Ryan Berkebile enjoys taking photos while exploring the forgotten and left- behind areas around Korea. Ryan recently While I enjoyed glancing at the suseok, the adventure put out the third issue of his photo zine, began on the second floor, where the current tenets The Bulldozed Future. He’s currently at work on the fourth issue. You can follow him displayed secondhand clothing. In the thrill of the hunt, on @l0ngdistancerunner and read about his adventures at we found a used Pyeongchang Olympics running suit – 202202.indd 40202202.indd 40 2022-01-24  1:25:342022-01-24  1:25:34

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