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2 Photo of the Month By Isaiah Winters Blood in the Snow Abandoned for many years, this forlorn church along the railroad tracks in Unam-dong is always worth a visit when the snow falls. Its faded red tower revives when set against a backdrop of white. The Photographer Born and raised in Chino, California, Isaiah Winters is a pixel-stained wretch who loves writing about Gwangju and Honam, warts and all. He particularly likes doing unsolicited appraisals of abandoned Korean properties, like this asbestos-clad, tumbledown chapel. CULTURE & ARTS You can find much of his photography on @d.p.r.kwangju. 2 2 y 20 ebruar F 202202.indd 2202202.indd 2 2022-01-24  1:25:102022-01-24  1:25:10 The Author Originally from Belgium, Aline Verduyn has lived in Korea for five years. She has previously lived in Busan, Suwon, and Daegu but has found Gwangju to be her favorite city. Her goal is to visit every notable site in Korea. @gwangjumiin

Gwangju News February 2022 #240 - Page 4 Gwangju News February 2022 #240 Page 3 Page 5