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Local Entrepeneur 37 COMMUNITY ▲ In the background lies the former banquet hall, where newly joined families came together and toasted the bride and groom. The Quarantined Future Written by Ryan Berkebile Author’s note: My wife and I recently returned to Korea from a quick trip back to the United States to visit my parents. In the middle of our trip, the Korean government re-enacted mandatory quarantining for those entering or returning to the country. Once we returned, we had no choice but to stay shut in our apartment for the next ten days. Luckily, my wife works from home, so she continued to be a bread earner, but I couldn't go to my English teaching job, leaving me with a lot of time on my hands. As an urban explorer who loves being out and about traversing the forgotten and left- behind areas of Korea, I needed to do something that maintained a sense of normalcy while also sustaining my passion F for documenting and sharing my adventures. To stay sane while being cooped up, I decided to catch up on past urban ebruar exploration adventures by writing a daily post during quarantine for my blog at For you, fellow Gwangju News readers, I present some text and photos from an adventure to a semi-abandonment in Yeongam- gun last July. I hope you enjoy this article, the fruits of endless amounts of time isolated from the (abandoned) world. y 20 2 2 202202.indd 37202202.indd 37 2022-01-24  1:25:302022-01-24  1:25:30

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