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18 2 ▲ Street view of the collapse from where countless express buses would pass by Hwajeong I-Park daily. 2 y 20 ast month’s partial collapse of an unfinished disasters and resigned from his position, many see his apartment tower in Gwangju has rekindled resignation as a mere formality so long as he remains a 1 Lpublic discourse on the city’s ceaseless, breakneck major shareholder in the company. Local civic groups ebruarconstruction boom. The apartment’s developer, Hyundai affiliated with last year’s Hak-dong disaster are calling for F Development Company (HDC), was already in the news much more: the detention and investigation of Chung, last year in connection with a demolition project in as well as the expulsion of HDC from the construction 2 Gwangju’s Hak-dong that went terribly awry, resulting in industry altogether. nine deaths and eight injuries when a partially demolished building fell on top of a city bus. While the two disasters share core similarities – like subcontracting and appalling safety standards – the The latest collapse in Hwajeong-dong, occurring just Hwajeong I-Park collapse is on another level. First, it took seven months after the one in Hak-dong, has resulted place after construction was over half finished, with floors in at least one death with five people still missing as of falling from the 38th story down to around the 22nd. this article’s submission. While HDC Chairman Chung This greatly impugns the quality of the “luxury” I-Park Mong-gyu has taken responsibility for the successive brand, another complex of which is nearing completion 202202.indd 18202202.indd 18 2022-01-24  1:25:182022-01-24  1:25:18

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