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36 have been better to avoid crowded areas with all the great thinkers have concluded that the ultimate nature of omicron-a-bing-bong hysteria, but I had a movie to see. reality is inherently contradictory, and I think on a deep level, that is what was reflected in this movie. Second, As for the movie itself, in the words of Keanu Reeves: what these game geeks and nerds conveniently forgot in “Whoa.” their fancy-dancy YouTube videos and high-and-mighty reviews published in major international newspapers is A lot to unpack in this one. While I am still processing it, the real reason people see movies. When people go to a couple of salient features are worth writing down while see a movie, they do not care about such things as the still fresh in my mind. Upon close reflection, at the end “story,” the “plot,” and the “dialogue.” What they want of The Matrix Revolutions, the Wachowski brothers (who to see are the stars. If you’ve got stars, you’ve got a great incidentally are now the Wachowski sisters – a story for movie. Given the extreme thirst for Matrix content, Lana another day) had painted themselves into a corner by, you Wachowski (the film’s director who used to be named know, killing off the two main characters. No matter what, “Larry”) could have made a movie of Carrie-Anne Moss it was going to be very difficult to continue the canon reading the phone book and people still would have been without resorting to deus ex machina. While I did find lining up around the block to see it. Resurrections to be extremely self-referential, at times to CONCLUSIONS the point of being self-congratulatory, folding the story In the end, The Matrix franchise is more than just a bunch back on itself was an extremely clever way to explain of movies: It embodies a generational zeitgeist. Each film how Neo and Trinity were, you know, suddenly not dead is a work of art and a medium that blurs the lines between anymore. entertainment and philosophy, thought and experience, reality and, um, unreality. It follows that Resurrections is “In these crazy and uncertain not just a movie: It is a time capsule that helps us travel back to a simpler period in our lives and reflect on just times, what the world needs is how far we have come and just how much the world has more stories like The Matrix.” changed in the past twenty years. In these crazy and uncertain times, what the world needs There were definitely some things in there I did not is more stories like The Matrix. Stories that make us laugh, absolutely love, such as the ridiculous reappearance of love, and cry together. Stories that make us think. Stories the disheveled Merovingian and his henchmen. This guy that make us squirm ever so slightly in our easy chairs and had his time in the spotlight and should have walked off sometimes even seize us, shake us, and snap us out of our into the sunset while he had his chance. Also, the sentient trivial preoccupations. We need stories that remind us of robots that were helping the crew: What the hell was a fundamental truth: There is no spoon. that all about? One of these sentient robots resembled a giant stick bug, and when a crew member gave him a fist Photograph by William Urbanski. 2 bump, I actually cringed a little bit. These stupid robots 2 reminded me of Jar Jar Binks of Star Wars notoriety: completely annoying. There are some other little nitpicky The Author y 20things in the film I did not care for, but let us be real: William Urbanski is the managing editor of the The Matrix has always pushed the envelope in terms of Gwangju News and an unapologetic Matrix fanboy. cinematic production and plot devices, and some of the ooo@will_il_gatto ebruarstuff probably went a little over my head. As well, if the F film had just given me what I wanted, that would not have been what I wanted. Now, in the interest of writing a well-researched and balanced opinion article, I did read and watch a number of, shall we say, “unfavorable reviews” of Resurrections. Suffice to say, there were a number of iconoclasts who had some strong and negative opinions of the film, throwing around some big words such as “nonsensical” and “contradictory” when referring to the plot. Well, two things about that: First, on a philosophical note, many 202202.indd 36202202.indd 36 2022-01-24  1:25:292022-01-24  1:25:29

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