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30 Teaching and Learning Flipping the Classroom Walking in Students’ Shoes By Chris Judd n returning in January 2021 from a two-year teaching practice and eventually made me join Korea stint back home in England, I noticed my TESOL to help develop my craft. OKorean language skills had seriously faded. The frustration of struggling to find words again told me loud LESSON 1: FIRST DAY NERVES and clear: This language learning fossil needed an urgent After packing my bag in the morning, as I approached booster shot of Korean. the GIC, the old familiar first lesson nerves kicked in. Who would be in my class? How would the teacher be? An internet search for available Korean language classes Having not been a student for some time, this gave me a in Gwangju revealed only a couple of viable options: good chance to empathize with how the students in my language exchange by Zoom or a face-to-face class at the English classes at Chosun University must feel. Luckily, Gwangju International Center (GIC). Having had quite the class had a relaxed vibe, so after a quick round of self- TEACHING & LEARNINGenough of Zooming of late, the GIC class it had to be. introductions, everyone in the class quickly settled. This Fortunately, the application process was very smooth, must be a nervous time for freshman, too, so this was a consisting of a simple, self-administered level test from reminder to be especially kind and patient in those first the GIC website and then selecting a time that suited me. lessons of the semester. The GIC staff were quick to reply by email and managed to squeeze me in at the last minute to join a Saturday LESSON 2: BE UNDERSTANDING OF YOUR class. STUDENTS On the morning of the first lesson, I made a string of It was from here on that rookie errors – far from ideal when you are a teacher and the lessons really began, know the value of making a good first impression with but not just in terms your new teacher and classmates. Having signed up at 2 of studying Korean. I the last minute, not yet having bought the textbook, and 2 quickly realized that this y 20 experience would provide a great opportunity to pick up some teaching tips and insights along the way. I ebruar had flashbacks to why I F fell in love with teaching as a new EPIK teacher in Pohang back in 2012. It was while learning Korean in classes at POSTECH, and at language exchange meetups in cafes, that I experienced what fun and power there was in learning a language. This ▲ Cookie decorating: A fun Christmas activity that created a fun mood realization energized my for chatting in Korean. 202202.indd 30202202.indd 30 2022-01-24  1:25:262022-01-24  1:25:26

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