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Learning Korean 29 Everyday Korean Episode 50 발이 참 넓구나. “You Really Are a Social Butterfly.” By Harsh Kumar Mishra The Conversation Grammar Points 네하: 언니, 왜 그래요? 무슨 일 있어요? N~밖에 없어요. TEACHING & LEARNING Neha: Eonni, what happened? Is everything alright? This grammar point is attached to a noun and expresses that something is limited to that specific 정민: 영어하고 스페인어 번역 인력을 급하게 구해야 하는데 찾기 noun. It is another way of expressing “only” in 너무 힘들어. Korean. The nuance of this expression is somewhat Jeongmin: I need to urgently find English and Spanish translators, similar to “nothing but (that noun).” but it’s too difficult to find any. Ex: 지갑에 5천 원밖에 없어요. I only have 5,000 won in my wallet. 네하: 갑자기 번역 인력은 왜요? 저는 한국 친구가 한 명밖에 없어요. Neha: Why do you suddenly need translators? I only have one Korean friend. 정민: 회사 제품 설명서를 번역해야 해서 그래. 발이 넓다. Jeongmin: Our company has to translate its brochure, that’s why. This is not a grammar point but a commonly used Korean language idiom, which means “to 네하: 제가 아는 미국인 친구하고 멕시코 친구한테 물어볼까요? have a wide circle” or “to know many people.” Neha: Should I ask my American and Mexican friends? Ex: 민지 씨가 발이 넓어서 광주에서 모르는 사람이 없어. Minji is a social butterfly, so there is 정민: 진짜? 네하는 발이 참 넓구나. 친구들이 한국어도 잘해? no one in Gwangju she doesn’t know. Jeongmin: For real? You really are a social butterfly. Are your friends good with Korean, too? Vocabulary 네하: 네, 둘 다 한국어를 아주 잘해요. 번역 translation Neha: Yeah, they both are really good at Korean. 인력 human resource(s) 급하게 urgently 정민: 그럼 소개해 줘. 난 너밖에 없다. 구하다 to seek (to find = 찾다) Jeongmin: Then please introduce them to me. 힘들다 to be difficult What would I do without you! 갑자기 suddenly F 회사 company ebruar 제품 설명서 brochure, manual The Author 물어보다 to ask Harsh Kumar Mishra is a linguist and Korean 소개하다 to introduce y 20 language educator. He teaches Korean with and 2 2 202202.indd 29202202.indd 29 2022-01-24  1:25:252022-01-24  1:25:25

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