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24 24 ▲ Funeral portrait of Bae Eun-sim with the Moran Medal certificate (right), awarded to her by President Moon Jae-in in June 2020. (Photo courtesy of Bitgaram News, 빛가람뉴스) 2 2 With the death of her son, Bae carried on with In a 2009 KBS interview, Bae was quoted as y 20 the country’s fight for democracy, earning saying, “I always think that I am not alone, her the moniker “Mother of June.” While that Han-yeol is with me.” Two years ago, serving as chair of the Korea Association she received from President Moon the of Bereaved Families for Democracy, Bae Moran Medal, the nation’s second-highest ebruar led a 422-day sit-in in front of the National Order of Civil Merit. F Assembly in Seoul. Her efforts helped in enacting legislation looking into suspicious Bae was interred in Gwangju’s Mangwol- deaths of pro-democracy figures and the dong Cemetery, where her son also rests. restoration of honor to persons involved in May she rest in peace, as Korea now rests in democratization movements. relative peace and democracy, to which Bae Eun-sim and her son have made no small contribution. Text by David Shaffer. 202202.indd 24202202.indd 24 2022-01-24  1:25:242022-01-24  1:25:24

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