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26 Language Teaching The Guest English Teachers’ Program Interview with Program Manager Jonathan Moffett ative English-speaking teachers in Korea are teaching and travel? Did you originally come in the EPIK not something new. They made an early splash program? Nin Korea when the government invited the U.S. Peace Corps to supply them to public schools and Jonathan: Well, I will answer the second part of the universities (1966–1980). After outside assistance was question first. I did indeed originally come through EPIK no longer necessary, Korea developed its own program – I applied directly. What motivated me to do so, and how of placing expat English teachers in its public schools I knew about the EPIK program itself, was a little more – commonly referred to as “EPIK” (English Program fortuitous. In a nutshell, I found out that I needed to take in Korea). Now we hear of “Gwangju Guest English two full semesters of a foreign language as a requirement Teachers,” and to understand the program better, we have to graduate my university. I had assumed my three years interviewed the program manager, Jonathan Moffett. of Spanish and one year of Latin from high school were TEACHING & LEARNING enough to fulfill the requirement, but apparently there Interviewer: Thank you for making time for this were some recent policy changes. I did not find out about interview, Jonathan. In this interview, I would like to the change in graduation requirements until the only delve into the Gwangju Guest English Teachers’ (GET) possible language classes remaining open for registration Program and your relation to it. But first of all, could you were Korean 101 and Intermediate German. Speaking tell us a little about your life before coming to Korea? no German, I went with Korean. Through this course, I ended up meeting a lot of Korean exchange students and Jonathan: No problem became close to quite a few. My Korean professor, Dr. at all. Well, I came Grace Howard, was also super great, and I had an awesome to Korea basically relationship with her. Dr. Grace was very supportive and immediately after ultimately let me know about the opportunity to apply 2 I graduated from to EPIK, and more or less strongly nudged me to do so. 2 university in the Without her help, I never would have ended up here. y 20 United States, my home country. I originally Interviewer: So, you originally did come through the studied psychology, EPIK program. I am somewhat confused with the ebruar and after a year abroad, terminology related to your program. There is “Gwangju F teaching here and EPIK,” but I also see “GET Program” and “GICCE.” How traveling, I was planning do they differ, or do they differ? ▲ Jonathan Moffett on going to graduate school in psychology in Jonathan: This is quite a confusing point for virtually the US, but I ended up changing directions completely everyone. To put it simply, EPIK (English Program in and decided to pursue a career in education as a result Korea) essentially now functions almost exclusively as a of the positive experiences I had had with education in recruiter for Korea’s National Institute of International Korea. I am originally from a small town in the United Education (NIIED), the real “power” behind the scenes. States named after a specific breed of cattle: Hereford. NIIED is responsible for accepting or denying applicants that EPIK delivers to them. EPIK used to be more Interviewer: So, what motivated you to come to Korea expansive and responsible for more back in the day, but www.gwangjunewsgic.comrather than to the many other destinations there are for its role has been gradually decreased to it now basically 202202.indd 26202202.indd 26 2022-01-24  1:25:252022-01-24  1:25:25

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