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38 he essential moral imperative in the urban I don’t know if the Cheongpungwon Wedding Hall and exploration subculture is to keep the exact location adjoining water park were related to the rest area, but a Tof abandonments secret. You never know what shared parking lot linked them. Imagine an enterprising kind of troublemaker will ruin sites (through vandalism visionary who integrated roadside dining and the carefree or graffiti) and bring negative attention to the whole urbex frenzy of a waterpark with the grace and formality of a community. Of course, there are always some exceptions wedding/banquet hall. Theoretically, the entrepreneur to sharing location information with the world. The took full advantage of the God-given right to participate reasons are countless and warrant an article in itself, but in the free market by making the most money possible this isn’t the place, and I want to share with you a site that by casting a wide net for clientele. In my weird mind, it’s deserves some love and attention – some needed business ideal where antsy kids are encouraged to frolic around as it’s barely hanging on. after being on their best behavior during the exchange of wedding vows. If I were still a kid, this wedding hall/ If you ever find yourself on National Road 13 in Yeongam- waterpark would be the perfect place for a summer gun, more specifically Yeongam-eup, and feel up for some wedding. low-stress, easy urban exploration adventures, set your sights for the Cheongpungwon Rest Area. This rest area At one time, a vast buffet and another undetermined was a one-stop location for food, groceries, swimming, restaurant offered sustenance to a hungry and tired and weddings (yes, you read that correctly). In the vacationer. These days, the rest stop area is bare bones, only 1990s and early 2000s, I imagine this place was once a equipped to meet the basic biological needs of the passerby. constant hub of activity for summer travelers en route A bathroom and a minimally stocked convenience store are to destinations like Jindo or Wando. Perhaps there was a all that survive. A dull cop statue resembling a California big market for combination wedding hall/wedding parks, Highway Patrol officer, withering from the elements, stands akin to the boat-shaped restaurant trend around the same between the rest area and wedding complex, guarding both time. with his hand ready to draw his gun. 2 2 y 20 ebruar F ▲ Take a walk down the aisle... of great savings! Next page, clockwise from top left: ▶ Looking towards the wedding hall, where vendors have a rummage sale on both floors. A weathered policeman remains on guard between the rest area and the wedding complex. The author seriously considered purchasing an Olympic outfit for Halloweens in the years to come. 202202.indd 38202202.indd 38 2022-01-24  1:25:302022-01-24  1:25:30

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