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AUSTRALIAN DESIGNED. AUSTRALIAN MADE Solidteknics Quenched We love nothing more than a home grown success story and Solidteknics is certainly that. This distinctive, seamless, low carbon steel cookware is non toxic, chemical free and commands a cult following. It is healthy, sustainable and built for life. Invented and manufactured in Australia, Minimax is proud to support this home grown game changer in cookware. Until now. Solidteknics required users to season their pans. Answering the call to make the product easier to use, Solidteknics has now done all the hard work for you. Quenched is pre-seasoned at the point of manufacture, using rice bran oil. No need anymore to season your pans in the oven. The more you use you cookware, the better it will perform. It’s never been easier to make the switch to healthy and sustainable cookware and support Australian innovation. Solidteknics’ expertise in engineering and materials makes them bold enough to back their brand with a multi generational warranty. When used in accordance with their care and use instructions, Soliteknics should outlast us all.. That’s with the normal, recommended care of course.

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