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GOOD CITIZEN Stainless Steel French Press $89.95 The durable and stylish option for brewing delicious coffee that retains heat for longer. GOOD CITIZEN Electric Frother $34.95 A quick and ef昀椀cient way to create perfectly frothed milk for your coffee beverages. GOOD CITIZEN Manual Coffee Grinder $49.95 The precise tool that allows you to grind your own coffee beans resulting in a rich and 昀氀avourful cup of coffee. GOOD CITIZEN 2 Piece Coffee Scoop & Clip Set $24.95 Conveniently and accurately measure your coffee using the scoop and keep the rest fresh with the clip.

NEW TO MINIMAX Good Citizen Co昀昀ee Co. Good Citizen Coffee Co. began as a Nashville-based coffee shop, founded in 2018 with a mission to connect with customers and build a community of coffee enthusiasts. From the beginning, they have been dedicated to providing a superior coffee experience to their customers, with a range of premium coffee blends and now a selection of coffee making accessories. The range of accessories are carefully designed to enhance the coffee drinking experience, ensuring that every cup of coffee is rich, full-bodied, and 昀氀avourful. We are thrilled to now stock Good Citizen Coffee Co. accessories in store and online, allowing you to take your coffee brewing experience to the next level. As passionate coffee lovers, we invite you to join us in elevating your coffee game with Good Citizen Coffee Co.

MOTHER’S DAY SUNDAY MAY 14 Gifts She’ll Cherish for Years Show your mum a little love this Mother’s Day with our selection of beautiful gifts. We’ve put together a carefully curated selection of the most thoughtful gift ideas, so you’re sure to 昀椀nd something she’ll love. Whether its something pretty, pampering or practical, Minimax has the perfect gift for mum. ANNABEL TRENDS Slippers $34.95 ea. Pamper your mum’s feet with these super soft and cosy slippers, available in black and pink. ANNABEL TRENDS SILK MAGNOLIA Sports Towel $14.95 ea. Silk Eye Mask $45 Assorted Colours Experience true beauty sleep with Silk Magnolia’s 100% pure Mulberry Silk This lightweight micro昀椀bre eye mask 昀椀lled with luxurious silk 昀氀oss, sports towel is convenient for providing moisture retention and reducing any workout, easily packed up 昀椀ne lines around the eyes, making it the with the attached elastic strap. ultimate wellness accessory. SILK MAGNOLIA Silk AROMA HOME Extra Long Pillowcases $95 ea. Plush Hot Water Bottles $49.95 ea. Treat your mum to ultimate luxury Stay cosy with these extra long and true rejuvenation with these hot water bottles, designed gorgeous silk pillowcases, the to warm your entire body and perfect gift for beauty sleep. provide ultimate comfort.

ANNABEL TRENDS NOBLE WILDE Possum Fur/ Chenille Pink or Black Merino Wool Gloves $39.95 Room Socks $15.95 ea. Assorted Colours Give mum the warmest and Keep mum warm and stylish cosiest hugs for her feet. during the winter months, Featuring a soft and textured designed to keep your hands feel, along with grippers on cosy while adding a touch of the sole for slip-proof safety luxury to your out昀椀t. on tiled or polished 昀氀oors. ANNABEL TRENDS Black & White or Paper Daisy Cosmetics Bag Mini 21cm x 8cm $29.95, Medium 23cm x 13cm $39.95 Treat your mum to the ultimate organisational tool, perfect for organising her valuables, makeup, jewellery, and keepsakes while on-the-go or at home. INTERNET PASSWORD JOURNAL $19.99 Surprise your tech-savvy mum with a practical gift this Mother’s Day - an Internet password journal to securely store her online information in one place. BLUNT Limited Edition Jungle Metro Umbrella $139 In store at Camberwell, Toorak & Brighton. The limited edition jungle print BASE SUPPLY CO. Cloud Collection Bags from $34.95 umbrella is a great way to add Available in Selected Stores. a touch of fun and excitement Treat the trendy mum in your life to the perfect gift! The Base Supply to any rainy day, making it the Co. collection of practical yet seriously cool bags, featuring bold and perfect gift for Mother’s Day. reimagined styles with a soft, cloud-like feel and oversized aesthetic.

GIFT WITH PURCHASE FLOWER BOX LIMITED EDITION FRENCH ROSE & WHITE ROSES & OUD Looking for a touch of elegance to elevate your home? Look no further than Flower Box Home Fragrances, who offer an exquisite collection of scents. They exude captivating aromas reminiscent of blooming roses in a French garden. GIFT WITH PURCHASE: Buy a limited edition French Rose or White Roses & Oud 700ml Hallmark Diffuser and receive an 80g mini Flower & Pear Candle valued at $50* *While stocks last. not to be used in conjunction with other offers.

GIFT WITH PURCHASE PALM BEACH COLLECTION FULL BLOOM Introducing the Palm Beach Collection Full Bloom range, a delightful collection of candles that will transport you to a sunny, spring day with their fragrant and 昀氀oral scents. Experience these blooming aromas that will brighten up any room. GIFT WITH PURCHASE: Spend $50 or more on Palm Beach Collection in selected stores only in one transaction to receive a 30ml Peony & Violet Room Mist valued at $14.95.* PEPPERMINT GROVE IN BLOOM Peppermint Grove’s In Bloom range captures the essence of a blooming garden with its beautiful blend of 昀氀oral scents, including jasmine, rose, and peony. This fragrance is perfect for anyone who loves fresh and 昀氀oral aromas and an ideal gift for mum. *While stocks last. not to be used in conjunction with other offers. Palm Beach offer not available online.

FLOWER OF THE YEAR 2023 Fragonard Narcisse

Delicate & Mesmerising In 2023, Fragonard is celebrating the hypnotic Narcissus 昀氀ower, known for its heady perfume and symbolism of renewal and rebirth. As a renowned French perfumery, Fragonard has captured the essence of this captivating 昀氀ower in its mesmerising Narcisse fragrance. This scent features top notes of mandarin and Italian bergamot, a sensual 昀氀oral heart of narcissus and Egyptian jasmine, and a warm base of honey and wood, creating a light, idyllic, and extremely romantic experience. FRAGONARD 50ml Narcisse Eau de Toilette $59.95 FRAGONARD Narcisse 140g Pebble Soap $15.95 Narcisse Glass Soap Dish $19.95 FRAGONARD 3x 75g Narcisse Mini Soaps $39.95

The breakfast table is a great place to start your day on a positive note. To create a welcoming atmosphere, you’ll need the right tools, including the right dinnerware, a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and perhaps even a delicious homemade granola recipe. By setting the table with care and attention to detail, you can create a warm and inviting space that helps you kick off your day with energy and enthusiasm.

MONTAGUE X MINIMAX Jazz Apple Granola INGREDIENTS 2 JAZZ™ Apples, cored and diced 4. Add the diced JAZZ™ apples to the 1 cup coconut oil, melted mixture and mix until the apples are 1 cup honey evenly distributed. (JAZZ™ hold their shape really well in baking.) 1 tsp ground cinnamon 5. Spread the mixture evenly over the 1 tsp sea salt lined baking trays. 1 tbsp vanilla extract 6. Bake for 30-40 minutes, stirring 8 cups rolled oats every 10-15 minutes, until the granola 1 cup almonds is lightly golden and toasted. 1 cup peanuts 7. Remove from the oven and let it 1/2 cup chia seeds cool completely on the trays. 1/2 cup LSA (Linseed, Sun昀氀ower 8. Once cooled, transfer the granola and Almond mix) to an airtight container and store it at room temperature for up to 2 weeks or in the freezer for up to 3 months. METHOD 9. Serve with Greek yogurt and sliced 1. Preheat the oven to 160°C JAZZ™ apples. (fan-forced) and line 2 large baking trays with baking paper. Note: If you prefer a sweeter granola, 2. In a large mixing bowl, combine you can increase the amount of honey the rolled oats, almonds, peanuts, to 1 1/2 cups or add 1/2 cup of dried chia seeds, and LSA. fruit such as cranberries or raisins 3. Add the sea salt, ground before baking. cinnamon, vanilla extract, melted coconut oil, and honey to the bowl and stir well to combine.

IN SEASON FOR AUTUMN WITH FAMILY & AUSTRALIAN OWNED MONTAGUE Autumn is the perfect time to indulge in the wide world of apples! With so many varieties to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why we headed to Montague Orchard, located in Melbourne’s South-East. The ultimate destination for apple enthusiasts. We sat down with their experts to discover the secrets behind their amazing selection of apples that are currently in season. From sweet-tangy JAZZ™ to sweet Ambrosia™, we learnt about each variety’s unique qualities and why they’re worth trying. Get ready to fall in love with the world of apples at Montague!

Ambrosia™ Kissabel® Ambrosia™ apples are one of the most An exciting play on the senses is to bite aromatic apples. into one and be amazed by the amazing An early Autumn season apple that is pink streaks on the inside. With a unique hand-picked in March and available until 昀氀avour which combines sweet with tangy October. Ambrosia™ boasts a unique ‘berry’ undertones. A unique apple, only sweet 昀氀avour and very low level of acidity. available from April until June. The light melting 昀氀esh make them great for a snack or as the core ingredient in an apple crumble. JAZZ™ envy™ Packed with intense 昀氀avour, JAZZ™ is one The envy™ apple is the sweetest variety in of Australia’s most loved apples. JAZZ™ the range, known for its bright red colour apples burst with crisp, sweet-tangy and its dense, creamy white 昀氀esh. It’s 昀氀avour that’s always refreshing. They’re bright white 昀氀esh makes it ideal to add to the perfect size for on-the-go and hold up platters as it stays white for longer than well when used in baking and salads. most other apples. Available year-around.

THE APPLE EXPERTS What is the orchard experience like at Montague, and what can visitors expect to see and do? The Orchard at Montague is a picturesque destination situated right next to Lyster昀椀eld Park. The property features a delightful on-site restaurant with a spacious outdoor deck that offers stunning views of the orchards, making it an ideal location for events, or simply enjoying a meal. The orchard also has a cafe, fresh produce store, named Bill’s Orchard Gate after Bill Montague, facility & production tours, and a “pick your own fruit” tours, allowing visitors to handpick their own fruit while enjoying the tranquil surroundings. Stella’s Kitchen, the on-site restaurant named after the family matriarch, is open six days a week and serves delicious dishes made with fresh produce from the orchard.

Can you talk about any new apple varieties or products that Montague is currently developing or planning to release? Montague is currently developing and will be releasing an exciting apple called Kissabel®. This unique apple boasts a red or pink 昀氀esh, with two distinct varieties - Kissabel® berry and Kissabel® summer. The company plans to release the apple in small quantities this year, with increasing production in subsequent years. If you’re an apple enthusiast, be sure not to miss this opportunity to try out this zesty and visually stunning new apple! What are the best practices for storing apples at home to ensure maximum freshness and quality? To ensure maximum freshness and quality, there are a few best practices for storing apples at home. While storing apples in your fruit bowl is convenient, we recommend using them within 5 days. For longer term storage, storing them in your fridge will increase their longevity. When you are ready to eat your apple, we suggest taking it out of the fridge and allowing it to reach room temperature before consuming. This will allow the real 昀氀avours to shine through. It’s worth noting that each apple brand has a different shelf life. For instance, JAZZ™ is robust and can last longer than other brands such as Kissabel®, which is best consumed within a week. If you have apples that are getting soft, they are best used in smoothies and baking. This will help prevent any waste and still allow you to enjoy their sweet 昀氀avour.


PREPARATION TIME 15 MINUTES | SERVES 6-8 Jazz music, like salad, bene昀椀ts from variety. In the former, you get it from pacing – rhythm changes up and down to create a crescendo or soothe the ears with a slow sequence. In the latter, textural changes and plenty of colour and movement in the ingredients provide the eater with enough interest to come in again and again. Think of the dressing like a harmony – it’s sharp and acidic, with pops of poppy seed to punctuate like a tappity-tap on the cymbals. POPPYSEED DRESSING METHOD 2 tbsp 昀椀nely chopped or grated To make the dressing, combine Transfer to a platter and serve red onion (see tips) all of the ingredients in a lidded immediately, pausing for applause. 2 tsp English mustard jar, seal tightly, and give it a 6 tbsp apple cider vinegar speakeasy bar shakey-shake. TIPS 2 tbsp honey Taste and correct for seasoning, Slice the cheeks off your red onion 2 tsp poppy seeds and set aside in the jar for the to use for the slaw and save the 昀氀avours to develop. inside panel for grating into the 1 tsp sea salt 昀氀akes In a large bowl, combine the 6 tbsp grapeseed oil dressing. shredded slaw ingredients, bar Freshly ground pepper to taste the apples. Only when close to serving, cut the cheeks off the You can make this up to a day SLAW JAZZ™ apples, slicing half into ahead – just store the sliced matchsticks and half into thin apples in their acidulated water ¼ red cabbage shredded slices and place into acidulated bath with a lid until serving time, very 昀椀nely water (500ml water with the and don’t dress until the very last ¼ wombok shredded juice and the skeletons of 2 minute. very 昀椀nely lemons). 1 carrots 昀椀nely shredded Just before serving, drain the You can 昀椀nely slice by hand, using ½ red onion 昀椀nely sliced prepared apple slices and toss a food processor, a mandolin with 2 tablespoons snipped chives together with the rest of the julienne attachment, or even a 1 handful and young parsley ingredients. Give the dressing julienne peeler. Cut the wombok leaves another good shake and pour and cabbage against the grain for 4 JAZZ™ apples over the salad, tossing again to the best shaped thin slices. coat generously.

GIN GLASS SETS from $54.95 TICK TOCK, IT’S Gin O’ Clock When the clock strikes Gin O’Clock, the world slows down and the fun begins. The beauty of Gin O’clock is that it’s not just about the drink, it’s a moment to relax, unwind and connect with loved ones. It’s a time to catch up on the day’s events and share laughs over a delicious gin and tonic. Our curated collection of the best-selling glasses for Gin O’clock is perfect for those looking to add some extra style to their Gin O’clock routine. From elegant, stemmed glasses to quirky, novelty designs, there’s a glass to suit every taste and mood. Whether you’re a classic gin and tonic fan or prefer to mix things up with a creative cocktail, the right glass can make all the difference. So why not treat yourself to a new set of glasses and make every Gin O’clock feel like a special occasion?

SPRING BAY DISTILLERY X MINIMAX P椀渀k G椀渀 匀漀ur This Pink Gin Sour is a INGREDIENTS delicious cocktail that 60 ml Spring Bay combines the 昀氀oral and fruity Distillery Pink Gin notes of Spring Bay Distillery 15 ml agave nectar Pink Gin with the tangy freshness of fresh lemon juice 2 egg whites and the delightful sweetness 3 raspberries of agave nectar. The juice of half a lemon The addition of egg whites not Ice only creates a frothy texture, Optional: edible rose petals but also adds a luxuriously for garnish velvety feel to the drink. METHOD 1. Add the raspberries, Spring Bay Distillery Pink Gin, agave nectar, egg whites and lemon juice to the shaker. 2. Cover the cocktail shaker and shake vigorously for about 10-15 seconds. 3. Strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass. 4. Optionally, garnish with edible rose petals. Spring Bay Distillery Pink Gin Made in Tasmania, Spring Bay Distillery Pink Gin is lightly infused with raspberries from Westerway Berry Farm located in the Derwent Valley Tasmania, resulting in a uniquely fresh, dry and 昀氀avourful taste.

Spirits of the Bay THE STORY OF TASMANIA’S SPRING BAY DISTILLERY Spring Bay Distillery is the culmination of many years of planning & dreaming by owners Cam and Suzy Brett, who are passionate about making quality, traditional style spirits, without the premium price. From humble beginnings, setting up their distillery at Spring Beach, they now have a second, larger distillery in Cambridge, Tasmania. Both have Cellar Doors open to the public, which gives Cam and Suzy the opportunity to do what they love most – sharing their spirits and the joy of living a coastal lifestyle. The location of the Spring Bay Distillery on Tasmania’s east coast in昀氀uences their spirits in a few ways. Firstly, they use the pristine east coast Tasmanian rainwater in their spirit-making process, which has a slightly salt-infused taste. This soft and sweet rainwater provides a clean palate for all their spirits, which has contributed to their award-winning products. Even now with a second location the rainwater is harvested and transported to Cambridge to maintain the Spring Bay terroir.

were designed for. Ours has Are there any unique processes used 10 botanicals, 3 of which are during production? Tasmanian – the lemon from our garden, toasted wattle-seed We believe that texture and replacing the traditional nut for mouthfeel are just as important its oils, and Mountain Pepper as 昀氀avour in gin, so we make a berry for a Tasmanian twist. lot of choices to ensure a smooth It’s versatile, smooth, and well and full-bodied experience. For balanced in 昀氀avour and texture. example, in our Classic and Pink Gins, we use botanicals How do you recommend like liquorice root instead of serving and enjoying Gin? star anise and lemon peel Spring Bay Gins work very well from our garden for the citrus, with a dry tonic such as Fever which both add oils to lengthen Tree Mediterranean or Capi the palate and add body. Dry, and a squeeze of lime. The Our locally handmade 1200L Pink Gin is especially good with copper pot still, ‘Beauty,’ has a soda, a squeeze of lime and a declining line arm that ensures sprig of rosemary to garnish these oils are carried over into and add aroma. In bars across the spirit. We use rainwater Hobart, both the Classic and captured near the sea, which Pink Gins shine in a Negroni is soft and light and as pure or Martini, as well as all the as the east coast of Tasmania, classics and modern cocktails. with a saline component that enhances 昀氀avours and texture. What is the best way to store Gin? What is your signature We recommend keeping Gin product and why? our Gins in the fridge door, The Classic Gin is our signature which keeps them cool but gin, which is a London Dry – the not frozen, in the dark, and gin we all know and love – the doubles as a very handy one that all the classic cocktails location for quick access!

INGREDIENTS ½ block of milk chocolate 1 ½ cups milk ½ cup cream 1 tbsp brown sugar 1 tsp vanilla extract METHOD 1.Begin by breaking the chocolate into small pieces and placing them in a saucepan. 2.Add the milk, cream, brown sugar, and vanilla extract to the saucepan, and set it over medium-low heat. 3.Stir the mixture gently until the chocolate melts and the ingredients are fully combined. 4.Continue stirring until the hot chocolate reaches a low simmer and has a smooth and slightly thick consistency. 5.Once the hot chocolate has reached the desired consistency, it’s ready to be served. Simply pour it into mugs and enjoy it while it’s still hot and delicious! NOTES This hot chocolate should be thicker than your standard drinking chocolate, but not too thick. If it’s too thin, simmer it a little longer. If it’s too thick, add another 1/4 cup of milk to thin it out. Once your hot chocolate has reached the desired consistency, serve it into mugs and enjoy it immediately. You can even top it with whipped cream, grated chocolate, marshmallows, or a drizzle of chocolate syrup for an extra indulgent treat. PREPARATION TIME 10 MINUTES | SERVES 3

CASERO Penn Steel Set of 4 Mugs $19.95 Exclusive to Minimax, Casero Penn Steel mugs are the perfect vessel for serving your hot chocolate. The mugs’ unique design and high- quality ceramic construction make them an ideal choice for cosying up with a hot chocolate or a hot beverage of any kind on a cold winter’s day.

AN INTERVIEW WITH Mission District Mission District in Ripponlea, Melbourne, is a restaurant that’s dedicated to showcasing the best of Californian-inspired Mexican cuisine, with a strong emphasis on freshness and 昀氀avour. Co-owners Jenna and Tom have travelled extensively across the US and Mexico, gaining valuable insights into the many diverse 昀氀avours and ingredients that make up this vibrant culinary tradition. With years of culinary expertise under their belts, they have distilled their knowledge into a handful of essential pointers that are sure to make your next 昀椀esta a resounding success. In this article, they generously share their insider tips on what you need in the kitchen to create an authentic Mexican 昀椀esta, as well as some invaluable taco making tips.

Where did the inspiration for the restaurant come from? Tom, the owner, was inspired to open the Mission District restaurant after living in California for a year and missing the authentic Californian Mexican food. He found that the Australianised “Tex Mex” version lacked the taste and quality he was looking for. The style of food that he wanted to bring to his restaurant originated in the taquerias of the Mission District in California, where La Taqueria is considered the gold standard. Tom was passionate about bringing this authentic 昀氀avour and quality to the Australian dining scene and felt that the Mission District restaurant was the perfect way to do so.

Explain to our readers what types of cuisine you serve at Mission District? Mission District is a Californian Mexican restaurant named after the area in San Francisco where the Mission-style burrito was invented. The menu features a variety of dishes, including the famous Mission-style burrito, which is a 昀氀our tortilla 昀椀lled with meat, beans, salsa, crema, pico, cheese, and sometimes rice. This burrito is different from the traditional Mexican burrito, which typically has fewer ingredients. The Mission-style burrito has gained popularity globally and is considered the standard burrito in many places. What are the essential tools we must have in the kitchen to create a Mexican 昀椀esta at home? To create a Mexican 昀椀esta at home, you’ll need a few essential kitchen tools. First and foremost, good quality tortillas are crucial as they are the centrepiece of Mexican food. Additionally, you will need a tortilla warmer or something to keep them warm. Limes are also a staple ingredient in most Mexican dishes, so a lime squeezer will come in handy. Another useful tool is a food processor, which can be used to make salsas quickly. If you prefer a more traditional approach, a mortar and pestle can also be used to make salsas and guacamole.

Can you share three tips with our readers on how to make the best tacos at home? Start with high-quality tortillas, such as those from La Tortilleria. Heat them in a sandwich press until they begin to steam. Assemble your tacos quickly and enjoy them while they’re still hot. Flavour is key, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Chipotles in Adobo are a versatile ingredient that can make any dish taste delicious. Create a marinade by blending them with onion, garlic, and lime. For a zesty sauce, mix the marinade with mayo. If you’re feeling daring, try adding chargrilled habaneros for an extra kick of 昀氀avour. Enjoy yourself! Set up all the necessary ingredients for your guests including proteins, salsas, limes, garnishes, and pickled vegetables, and let them create their own tacos according to their preferences. There’s no incorrect way to make a taco.

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Pineapple Margarita INGREDIENTS METHOD 60ml fresh pineapple juice 1. Run a slice of lime around the 4. Pour your margarita into your 30ml freshly squeezed lime juice rim of the glass and dip it into cinnamon sugar rimmed glass 45ml quality tequila blanco a plate of cinnamon sugar to with the ice. A squeeze of agave syrup to create your cinnamon sugar rim. 5. Garnish your margarita your taste (10ml if you want to 2. Combine the ingredients with a lime wedge (we used measure) above for the margarita into a dehydrated lime in ours but Garnishes cocktail shaker. a fresh lime wedge will work Cinnamon Sugar 3. Add ice to your shaker and just 昀椀ne) and leaves from a Lime wedges shake it until the shaker is pineapple. Pineapple leaves (optional) iced to the touch.

THE PREPARA COLLECTION All the Tools of the Taco Trade Bring the 昀椀esta feeling to your home and throw your own PREPARA taco party with this colourful range from Prepara. You’ll have Set of 2 Taco Spoons $14.95 all the tools of the taco trade from exquisitely designed taco holders to the perfectly 昀椀tted taco spoons allowing you to pack your favourite 昀椀llings with less mess. PREPARA 9 Piece Taco Gift Set $89.95 Includes everything you need to create delicious homemade tacos and will add a little fun to your next taco night.

PREPARA Taco Holder $19.95 Keep a pair of tacos upright and prevent them from spilling or falling apart during construction. PREPARA Divided Taco Tray $34.95 The convenient way to serve tacos, allowing you to keep all your PREPARA 昀椀llings separated and organised. Set of 2 Taco Spoons $14.95 Designed to 昀椀t inside your taco shell, scoop and 昀椀ll your tacos with precision, while minimising mess. PREPARA Taco Carousel $49.95 Explore a 昀椀esta of 昀氀avours, the carousel can hold up to ten tacos with plenty of room in the central area to place a bowl of guacamole or salsa.

NEW TO MINIMAX Koala Eco Whether it be a natural cleaning product for your home or an organic skincare product - Koala Eco is committed to providing safe and eco-friendly solutions that respect the environment. With the help of Koala Eco, you can make small changes in your daily routine and enjoy the bene昀椀ts of a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. GIFT WITH PURCHASE OFFER Spend $30 or more on Koala Eco products in the one transaction and receive a 500ml Lemon Myrtle/Mandarin Dish .95 Soap valued at $14 * *While stocks last. not to be used in conjunction with other offers.

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Natural products that actually work Koala Eco products are free from harsh chemicals and toxins, making them safe for you and your family. All products are certi昀椀ed toxic-free, made safe, and allergy certi昀椀ed. Thanks to their plant-based ingredients, Koala Eco’s products perform just as well as their toxic alternatives. Moreover, all products are made with sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients and Australian essential oils. Plus, Koala Eco’s bottles are made from local recycled curb-side plastic and are recyclable and re昀椀llable. Re昀椀lls and glass bottles are also available to further reduce your environmental impact. Choose Koala Eco for a safer, more natural choice for your home. Family 昀椀rst Jessica and Paul, founders of Koala Eco, are passionate about sustainable living. After their younger son’s health scare, they wanted to ensure that their home was a safe haven for them and their loved ones; free from harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients found in many everyday products. With no natural alternatives available on the market, they began to look closer into the ingredients and products they had been using. Reassured that their journey was worthwhile, they set out on a mission to create safe, natural cleaning and home essentials made with plant-based ingredients, recycled and recyclable packaging and renewable materials. Koala Eco is now a leading Australian eco-friendly brand, offering a range of natural cleaning and home products for the whole family.

Koala Eco 500ml Bottles from $14.95

Scallop Toastie with an apple & fennel sauce, crispy bacon, rocket and sharp cheddar

INGREDIENTS (MAKES 2 TOASTIES) 4 slices of sourdough bread 150g unsalted butter 12 scallops Salt and pepper 2 Granny Smith apples 1 fennel bulb (fronds reserved) 1 tbsp fresh thyme leaves 1/2 cup chicken stock 1/2 cup cream 150g streaky bacon 1 cup rocket leaves 100g sharp cheddar, sliced METHOD 1. To make the apple and fennel sauce, cut the tops off the fennel bulb, reserving fennel fronds for later. Core the bulb and dice into 1cm pieces. Peel and core the apples and dice into the same size as the fennel. 2. Heat 50g of butter in a frying pan over medium heat. When melted, add the chopped fennel and apple. Add a good pinch of salt, pepper and thyme leaves. Stir, cooking for 5 minutes or until the apple and fennel is starting to caramelise. Add the chicken stock and let simmer for 1-2 minutes or until the stock has been absorbed. Add the cream, stir to combine and simmer for a few minutes until the mix is nice and thick and the apple and fennel has softened. Remove from the heat and blitz with a stick blender. 3. Slice bacon rashes into thin strips and cook in a dry 5. To build the toasties, place two slices of sourdough frying pan over medium heat until crispy and golden. into a board. Top with cheese, reserved fennel fronds, Remove onto a plate lined with paper towel to absorb rocket, apple and fennel sauce, scallops and bacon excess fat. Set aside. crumb. Place the remaining two slices of bread on top. 4. To cook the scallops, add 50g of butter to the frying 6. Heat the frying pan over medium heat and add pan over medium-high heat. As soon as the butter has the remaining 50g of butter. When melted, add the melted, add the scallops and season them with salt sandwiches and cook for a few minutes either side and pepper. Flip after 1 minute and cook for a further until golden. minute. Remove onto a plate. Serve with a sprinkle of salt and enjoy every mouthful! Recipe by Tim Bone Tim Bone is a Ballarat-based chef who rose to fame during his appearance on MasterChef Australia in 2019. His passion for food is re昀氀ected in his bold and hearty 昀氀avours, and he draws inspiration from famous chefs like Jamie Oliver and Anthony Bourdain. Bone quit his day job and started his own toasted sandwich venture, Tim’s Toasties, which has become a popular destination for foodies. He is known for his kind and entertaining personality, and his dedication to his family and community shines through in his creations. Tim Bone is a chef who stands out for his passion, authenticity, and commitment to his craft.

We are delighted to announce that Minimax has been named the Australian winner of the IHA Global Innovation Awards for 2022-2023. This prestigious award recognises our overall excellence in retail innovation and creative merchandising in the home and housewares retailing industry. We were honoured to have our CEO, Andrea McCormick, accept the award at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. The GIA Awards are presented annually by the International Housewares Association (IHA) and bring together industry leaders, buyers, and media to celebrate the best in retail housewares product design and innovation from around the world. This event is highly anticipated in the industry and provides a great opportunity for businesses to showcase their products and innovations to a global audience.

“We are thrilled that Minimax has been recognised internationally,” enthuses CEO, Andrea McCormick. Ultimately this is an award to recognise the outstanding Minimax team that all work to provide the best possible shopping experience everyday. From sourcing the latest products, to marketing and visual merchandising, and most importantly, customer service, our team strive for excellence in all aspects of our business. And to our customers, we never take anything like this for granted. Our customers are our ultimate decision makers and continue to motivate us to do better. Thank you for your continued support and inspiring us everyday.


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