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The Glencairn CHOOSE The Glencairn glass is for those who enjoy their whisky YOUR neat. With its narrow rim, the Glencairn traps the scent so you WHISKY can savour the aromas of the whisky. Designed speci昀椀cally for whisky, the Glencairn glass is GLASS the 昀椀rst glass to be endorsed by the Scotch Whisky Association. Old fashioned, neat, on the rocks or a shooter? Read our guide to help you choose the The Shot right glass for how you enjoy The shot glass is designed for the your favourite whisky. drinker who doesn’t mess around. It usually contains a single pour that isn’t to be savoured but slammed down as a ‘shooter’. The term shot glass originates from a glass that would be left on the dining table where the lead shot, found in your freshly hunted and cooked food, could be placed. The Tumbler The classic whisky glass is also called an old-fashioned, named after the cocktail. This glass is perfect for those that like their whisky on the rocks and is also great for simple whisky cocktails like its namesake. Its wide brim and often thick base make it ideal for cocktails that involve muddling. The Highball A taller, more slender glass designed for cocktails with lots of ice and where there is a higher proportion of non- alcoholic to alcoholic liquid.

Whisky & Alement Whisky & Alement is an intimate whisky bar located on Russell Street, Melbourne. This unique and iconic bar features a wide range of different whiskies from right around the globe. They sat with us recently to answer a few questions as well as share with you one of their favourite ways to enjoy whisky, the Whisky Sour, a classic cocktail that can be made with a variety of whiskies.

AN INTERVIEW WITH Whisky & Alement Whisky & Alement is more the whiskies they love to drink, shop featuring exclusive than a whisky bar. Please in a friendly, casual atmosphere. bottles only available here. tell our readers what they Whisky & Alement hosts weekly can expect when they There’s no judgement here, and events and whisky classes, walk through the door and we’re more than happy to serve and we have an area upstairs sit down for a drink? anything from an inexpensive where groups can book their whisky and soda highball to own tailored whisky experiences As well as having one of the a rare and collectable whisky with a dedicated whisky expert city’s biggest collections of from our extensive collection. on Friday and Saturday nights. whisky from Scotland and More than anything, we love a all over the world, Whisky & We’re also an Ardbeg Embassy chat and offer a personalised Alement also has an incredible and a Scotch Malt Whisky service to everyone who comes selection of craft beers, Society partner bar, so we have through the door, whether creative cocktails, and tasting some rare whiskies you won’t they’re just dipping their toe 昀氀ights to choose from. Our 昀椀nd anywhere else in Australia. in the whisky waters for the focus is to help people discover We also have an on-site bottle 昀椀rst time or are lifelong fans.

What type of whisky would Bourbon is speci昀椀cally an you recommend to someone American style of whiskey who is just starting on (usually spelt with an “e”) and their whisky journey? must be made in the United States from a base of at least We would generally recommend 51% corn instead of barley. It’s trying something that’s not too aged in brand new barrels, full-on in 昀氀avour and not too so it tends to be quite woody hard on the budget. Everyone’s in 昀氀avour. Scotch is mostly tastes are different, so we like aged in barrels that have been to ask a lot of questions: What used before for other things, kind of 昀氀avours do you like in a so it’s usually not as oaky. drink? Sweet? Smokey? Fruity? Light and refreshing? That way Why and how is Whisky aged? we can narrow down and 昀椀nd something everyone will enjoy. If whisky wasn’t aged, it would be moonshine, or what the Often, we’ll recommend trying Irish call “Poitín”, a rough a few whiskies by the half- and raw spirit without any nip so people can explore a colour. Putting the raw grain little more, or we’ll suggest spirit (all whisky is made from mixing a whisky with soda, or grains) into a wooden cask in a cocktail, to get a feel for does all sorts of fun things. what they’re going to enjoy. The spirit soaks into the What’s the difference wood and picks up 昀氀avour, between Scotch Whisky but the wood also acts as a and Bourbon Whiskey? 昀椀lter which removes some undesirable notes. Over time, Scotch whisky by law must the whisky gains texture, and come from Scotland and is the more volatile elements tend generally made from barley. to evaporate away. Whisky Within Scotch, there’s a is aged in all sorts of casks massive range of 昀氀avours and from freshly charred oak to styles from super light and casks that have previously approachable to big, bold, held wines or other whiskies. smoky, cask-strength whiskies, The result? An incredibly plus everything in-between! complex and diverse spirit. Could you please share with our readers some upcoming events? Some exciting upcoming events we have include intimate tastings with international guests like John McCheyne, the Global Ambassador for the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, and the launch of a new Australian whisky from Cape Byron Distillery in NSW. We’ve got some fun secret projects on the go for later in the year too, so anyone who wants to know more can sign up to our mailing list at and follow our social media at @whiskyandalement!

RECIPE FROM WHISKY & ALEMENT Whisky Sour INGREDIENTS 45ml whisky - we use Port Charlotte 10-year-old single malt Scotch for our house Whisky Sour, because we love them a bit smoky! But any good Scotch, Rye, Bourbon, Australian or Irish whisky will work. 25ml freshly squeezed lemon juice (never the stuff from the little plastic squeezy lemons from the shops) 10ml 2:1 sugar syrup (1 cup sugar dissolved in half a cup boiling water) 20ml fresh egg white (for a vegan version, use the liquid from a can of chic peas or a couple of drops of Wonderfoam) METHOD Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and close tightly. Shake hard with no ice for 10-15 seconds to emulsify the egg white. Open the shaker and add as much ice as will 昀椀t, close tightly and shake for another 10-15 seconds. Strain the drink into a cocktail glass through a 昀椀ne strainer and garnish with a couple of drops of bitters, a cherry, or a twist of fresh lemon peel.

FATHER’S DAY COMPETITION WIN A SET OF WATERFORD EVOLUTION TUMBLERS VALUED AT $479 In 25 words or less share with us a short story about your Dad and the reason why he should win a set of 4 Waterford Lismore Short Stories Evolution Tumblers. Simply send your short story to [email protected] for your chance to win. th Competition ends 4 September, 2022. Click here to view full terms & conditions

Perfect for connoisseurs who appreciate the 昀椀 ner things in life, these elegant crystal glasses will enhance premium quality spirits for ultimate enjoyment. The sophisticated design 昀椀 ts seamlessly into both traditional and contemporary table settings. Waterford available in store at Hobart, Launceston, Camberwell & Toorak. Waterford Heritage Double Old Fashioned Tumblers Set of 6 - $699 Waterford Lismore Evolution Short Stories Set of 4 Tumblers - $479 Waterford Lismore Set of 4 Classic Tumblers - $479

Hello Frankie! Meat Frankie is a burger bar located on Melbourne’s famous Lygon St, specialising in bold American 昀氀avours. We spoke to Frank of Meat Frankie about how the restaurant came about & his passion for the smash burger. Plus he shares some tips on how to master the technique at home.

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Q&A with A Burger Master

Where did the inspiration for Meat Many of us at Minimax are burger Frankie and its fantastic American fanatics but forming the perfect burger bar style menu come from? patty can be diffi cult, is there a trick to making it? The inspiration for Meat Frankie came from my time travelling throughout America. I also lived Constructing the perfect patty comes down to in Toronto, Canada, for two years. Living on a the meat used. For a great smashed patty, the budget meant having a lot of burgers. I loved fat-to-lean ratio is very important. A starting how there was a simple, no-fuss approach to point is to use meat that consists of 70% lean burgers. With a great beef patty and a good to 30% fat. The fat ratio is what gives the bun, you’re pretty much done! I wanted to burger its crispy 昀椀 nish. For a non-smashed create a simple and classic American burger burger, you still want the fat content as it gives in Australia with the consumers’ choice of 昀氀 avour and moisture to the meal. what goes in combined with my personal touch in making the beef and selecting the When choosing the right cut of meat chuck and perfect bun. brisket are a great combination. Also, be sure to mince your beef twice for the optimal texture. Can you give our readers a few If you have a good combination of meat mix, tips of how to grill the burger of you won’t need to add spices and herbs to your their dreams? patty, just a pinch of salt and let your meat do the work. Here at Meat Frankie, we specialise in smashed patties. Smashing the patties on a grill at high heat can create a beautiful crisp texture that leaves the patty 昀椀 lled with 昀氀 avour. A few tips to get your smashed patty right: • Pre-roll your burger mix. Only season with salt and pepper once smashed, and only a bit. The crispiness of the patty can be salty. To make your patty nice and thin, roll it into an 80g to 110g ball of meat. • Use something that will smash your patty onto the grill. You can use a spatula, or a meat mallet, and you can also use a piece of grease-proof paper, so the meat doesn’t stick to the smasher. You want the burger to almost stick to the grill for it to create that ideal crispy texture. • Use a hot grill. If you don’t have access to a grill, use a cast iron pan. You want to use a pan that can safely reach a temperature of about 230 degrees Celsius. • Flip once and don’t smash again.

THE SECRETS BEHIND Brilliant Burgers Now that you have heard from the experts, how can you go about creating restaurant quality burgers at home? Father’s Day celebrations often centre around the barbeque, but the art of cooking the perfect burger can be achieved effortlessly without the backyard in the comfort of your own kitchen, thanks to the range of Lodge cast iron skillets. Made in the USA, Lodge have been forging their premium quality cookware since 1896. Lodge 26cm Skillet - $89.95 Lodge 27cm Square Grill - $99.95 Everyone knows that when it comes to a burger, it’s what’s in the middle that counts. You can press two perfectly round, evenly sized patties to get your burger off to the right start, before it hits the grill, with this double burger press. Maverick Double Burger Press - $19.95

Making your own mince is one way to take your burgers to the next level. A food grinder like this metal KitchenAid stand mixer attachment, allows you to combine your herbs, seasoning and lean-to-fat meat ratio depending on what type of burger you are creating. KitchenAid Metal Food Grinder Attachment (Stand Mixer sold separately) - Currently on sale at $179 Hold your creations together with a pair of these stylish reusable stainless steel burger skewers from Gefu. GEFU Torro Set of 2 Burger Skewers - $24.95 Limited stock and stores. Not available online.

If you enjoy a good sear and the taste of a barbecued meal, you’ll know how important it is to have a reliable set of tools. Take control of your grill with this set of 4 essential BBQ tools. Davis & Waddell Flinders 4 Piece BBQ Set - Just $14.95 Life’s too short for boring socks! These are made from sustainably sourced bamboo for luxuriously soft and breathable comfort. Bamboozld assorted socks - $16.95 Easily decant yEasily decant your wine our wine The perfect gift for with a simple one-handed experienced and novice operation. This aerator bartenders alike, the enhances the aromas and Bar Craft Set of 3 brass 昀氀 avours of your favourite trim cocktail set is sure wine by infusing the wine to make any homemade with oxygen quickly and cocktail shine. Featuring ef昀椀 ciently. a cocktail shaker, strainer and double ended jigger, it’s all the essentials presented in Avanti Deluxe a matte black 昀椀 nish with Wine Aerator stylish accents for with Stand - $39.95 a luxurious touch. Barcraft 3 Piece Brass Trim Cocktail Set- $39.95 FATHER’S DAY - SUNDAY 4TH SEPTEMBER Gifts for Dad Whether you are looking for a items to help host your family the lord of leisure, our selection gift to hint at or searching for and friends without breaking is full of items guaranteed to something special, we have your a sweat, there’s bound to be a surprise, delight, and show Father’s Day gifts sorted. great gift to suit almost anyone. him how much you care this Father’s Day. With a selection of handy Whether he’s the king of the accessories to choose from and kitchen, baron of the bar or

A contemporary take on a classic design. With innovative rotation technology, this Le Creuset lever model corkscrew makes removing a cork effortless. Le Creuset Lever Model Corkscrew with Foil Cutter - $139 A compact, minimalist, Equally as useful behind the bar, architectural addition to any barbecue or in the benchtop or bar, the Aarke workshop, this Carbonator 3 is the cream of apron is made from the sparkling water maker strong, durable crop. Crafted from stainless canvas, features steel, with a precision nozzle plenty of pockets and and mechanism, Aarke’s adjustable straps outstanding function mirrors the beauty of its form. with metal rivets. Aarke Polished Steel Carbonator III Gentleman’s Apron - $49.95 Sparkling Water Maker - $279 until 6/9/22. Also available in black. Carry your keys and accessories without scratching your belongings or waking up the house. Orbitkey helps eliminate key jingles, scratches, and excessive bulk. Add the bottle opener accessory and you’ll always be ready for a cold one. Orbitkey Key Organisers from $32.95, Accessories from $7.95

Steak & Egg FATHER’S DAY LUNCH BY NAOMI SHERMAN Make Dad an epic steak lunch with this foolproof guide to the perfect T-bone steak. With a deeply caramelised crust on the outside and tender juicy meat on the inside, this steak is teamed with a rich red sauce, sweet roasted tomatoes, and gooey egg. Add some wilted greens because we want Dad to eat healthily...right?

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RECIPE SpoilYour DadSteak - - BY NAOMI SHERMAN INGREDIENTS - SERVES 1 METHOD RED SAUCE Make the red sauce by placing all of the ingredients, except the oil, into a 1 cup roasted capsicum small blender and blitzing until well combined. ½ cup fresh parsley, roughly chopped 3 tsp smoked paprika Add to a bowl and pour in the olive oil. Mix to combine. 4 cloves garlic, roughly chopped ½ tsp salt Let your steak sit at room temperature for 30 minutes before cooking. ¼ tsp ground black pepper ¼ cup lemon juice Pat the steak very dry and then rub with 1 tablespoon of oil, and season with ¼ cup apple cider vinegar salt and pepper on both sides. ½ tsp chilli 昀氀 akes (optional) ¼ cup olive oil. Heat a cast-iron skillet like a Lodge pan over high heat on the stove. Heat your pan for 5-10 minutes. The red sauce will keep for a couple of weeks in a jar in the fridge. The key to getting a lovely, caramelised crust on your steak is two things: no moisture on the steak and a very high heat in the pan. STEAK 1 T-bone steak Add the remaining tablespoon of oil to the hot skillet and add the steak when 2 Tbsp olive oil, divided it begins to smoke. 1 Tbsp butter Sear your steak for 2 minutes on each side. Add the butter and transfer the steak to a preheated oven at 200°C Cook until it reaches the desired doneness. As a guide, use the following temperatures: Rare - 50°C - 2 minutes Medium rare - 55°C - 3 minutes Medium - 60°C - 4 minutes Medium Well Done - 65°C - 5 minutes Well Done - 70°C - 6 minutes Transfer steak to a plate or cutting board and let it rest for 5 minutes. Cut steak from the bone to serve. To roast your tomatoes, lay them on a tray and drizzle with olive oil. Season lightly with salt and pepper and roast in the oven for 20 minutes. Serve your steak with some wilted greens, fried eggs, roasted tomato, and a drizzle of the red sauce.

Recipe By Naomi Sherman Naomi Sherman is a food photographer and stylist who creates edible artistry in her studio located in the beautiful Huon Valley. A 昀椀 rm believer that there is no one-size-昀椀 ts-all approach to good health, Naomi loves to create recipes that are fresh and bursting with 昀氀 avour, with an emphasis on gluten and re昀椀 ned sugar free dishes. Her recipes, along with her award-winning cookbook Edible Heirlooms, can be found at

BIALETTI MOKA EXPRESS The Timeless Italian In 1919 Alfonso Bialetti started a workshop in the village of Crusinallo, situated in the lakeside region of Omegna, Italy. The company quickly grew to become a home for designing and manufacturing aluminium products. Fourteen years later in 1933, the Moka Express stovetop coffee maker was born! Alfonso Bialetti decided to revolutionise the daily ritual and bring café-quality coffee into the homes of Italians by creating a simple, easy-to-use solution. Today, the Moka Express has won a place in the hearts and kitchens of many coffee lovers around the world. The Art Deco Moka maker is an international icon and has become a symbol of “Made in Italy”, earning its place in the permanent collection at the Milan Triennale and the MoMA in New York.

Bialetti 3 Cup Moka Express Aluminium Espresso Maker - $59.95 Bialetti 6 Cup Moka Express Aluminium Espresso Maker - $84.95 Bialetti 9 Cup Moka Express Aluminium Espresso Maker - $115 The Moka Express is the only way to make stovetop authentic Italian coffee in just minutes in the comfort of your own home. The aluminium pot features Bialetti’s distinctive 8-sided design for optimal performance. Its convenient features include a 昀氀ip top lid with an easy-clasp knob, a stay-cool black handle, and a side-pour spout.

Affogato is a simple yet satisfying way to end a meal. A quintessentially Italian dessert focusing on the contrast between two high quality ingredients, hot & strong brewed coffee and ice cold vanilla gelato.

Step � Add 2 scoops of ice cream (or vanilla gelato) to a serving bowl or glass. Step � Add chocolate and pistachio shavings or other toppings if desired. Step � Pour 2 shots of hot strong brewed coffee over the ice cream and serve right away.

RETHINKING CUTLERY KROF To set the table is to set the expectation and if the greatest meals are remembered in the 昀椀nest details, then the instruments we eat with should be part of these stories. Tired of the everyday-ordinary of modern cutlery, product designer Nicholas Johnston and restaurateur Kristian Klein have bridged their complementary skills in design and hospitality to challenge the generic prototype. For years, they explored various periods and cultural traditions, assessing the ergonomics of how we eat, how we handle food, and how we set our tables to create this stunning cutlery range. Distinctive, durable, contemporary and functional — their instruments are created for any table worth setting, any guest worth inviting and any meal worth eating. Available online and in selected stores now.

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