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AN INTERVIEW WITH Adam Liaw Adam Liaw is a Malaysian-born Australian cook, television presenter, and author. He has collaborated with Noritake to produce a collection of dinnerware that re昀氀ects the eating habits of contemporary Australia.

We’re so excited to stock your new dinnerware range Adam Liaw Everyday by Noritake, where did the inspiration for the range come from and what is your favourite piece? If I’m to be completely honest, the Everyday range was inspired initially by me getting frustrated at trying to 昀椀t bowls into a dishwasher! I just wondered why we weren’t designing bowls that 昀椀t better in them… so then I designed one myself. It made me think more broadly about what dinnerware could be like if we adapted it – 昀椀rst and foremost – to the practicalities of modern life. We want to live more sustainably. We’re more conscious of our health. We use dishwashers, and we eat a variety of cuisines in a variety of styles. Everyday builds all of that into the design, so while the Everyday pieces might look unassuming, they perform amazingly. From stacking a dishwasher, to choosing how to set the table, to putting away and reheating leftovers – it all just works. My favourite pieces would de昀椀nitely be the medium plate and medium bowl. Rather than being in-between pieces, they’re so useful. The medium plate is great for light meals, and the medium bowl is perfect for everything from Japanese donburi to soup to breakfast cereal.

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Your new book "Tonight's (using frozen potato gems Dinner 2: More Midweek for the top instead of making Recipes From The Cook Up" mashed potato) or Rosé Prawn celebrates mighty meals for Spaghetti are staples in our everyday cooking, can you house, but the recipe from the share with our readers a little book I probably make most bit more about the book and often are the Perfect Pancakes. which dish do you love to cook I don’t mean to brag, but they on a weeknight and why? really are perfect and my kids LOVE them. The book is all about practical home cooking. On The Cook One last question, what’s one Up we have a rule that a dish thing you can’t live without in shouldn’t take me more than your kitchen? about 10 hands-on minutes to make, with allowance for De昀椀 nitely my wok. It’s like a cooking time after that. safety net to me. If ever I’m stumped on what to cook for To me that’s a really exciting dinner, my go-to is always way to cook, because it lets me a simple stir-fried dish and simplify and adapt recipes to a couple of vegetable sides something really practical. that can be ready in just a few minutes. It’s saved me Dishes from the book like the countless times. Potato Gem Shepherd’s Pie

Dinnerware for the Everyday The Adam Liaw Everyday collection by Noritake is crafted from 昀椀ne porcelain and features elegant shaping, soft ivory tones, and a timeless look. With sustainability in mind, the plate and bowls are designed to cover each other for reheating food without the need for plastics. Enjoy a smaller footprint for your storage space and dishwasher. Each set is sold separately, allowing you to create a setting to suit your needs. The ultimate all-rounder for both formal and informal dining.

Noritake Adam Liaw Everyday Set of 4 Large Bowls - $99 Shop the complete Noritake Adam Liaw Everyday range in store or online at, arriving late September.

INTRODUCING A WORK OF ART An iconic family favourite just got better! The new SodaStream Art range makes creating fresh sparkling beverages easier and faster. With an easy pull of the carbonating lever you can turn everyday water into fresh sparkling water ready to team with your favourite fl avours or serve with a simple slice of citrus. Along with a newly imagined retro inspired design complete with stainless steel trim, Art is compatible with Sodatream’s ground breaking Quick Connect carbonating cartridge. Never has the installation of the cartridge been so simple.

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WHAT’S ALL THE FIZZ ABOUT? Retro Styling with a Stainless Steel Trim The sleek and stylish retro design of the SodaStream Art can con昀椀dently sit in any kitchen or of昀椀ce space. A distinct and elegant stainless-steel trim creates an extra layer of contrast and elegance. Empowering Carbonating Lever With just a few pushes of the lever, you can customise your homemade sparkling drinks. Make sparkling water just the way you like it - from a light 昀椀zz to bold and bubbly. New Dishwasher Safe Bottle Minimise the effect of single-use plastic pollution. The new BPA-free plastic bottle included with the Art can be cleaned in your dishwasher. Quick Connect Cylinder Effortlessly insert your cylinder with one click. The Quick Connect CO2 system simpli昀椀es changing cylinders in and out.

SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker - $179 Available in Black and White. Also Available: Organic Soda Syrups from Soda Press Co. Soda Press Co. 500ml Syrups - $9.95ea Soda Press Co. 500ml Syrups - $9.95ea Available in Assorted Flavours

Select the Perfect Glass for your Sparkling Wine Are you celebrating with a bottle of bubbly this spring? Every occasion calls for a different choice of stemware. CHAMPAGNE PROSECCO ASTI SPUMANTE The Flute The Tulip The Coupe Iconic, tall, and A 昀氀ared body with Wide, stylish, and narrow. The 昀氀ute is a tapered mouth. festive. The coupe is often reserved for Experience the aromatics an elegant glass with Champagne and of your wine without the a vintage charm, made celebratory events. quick loss of bubbles. popular in the 1950s. This style of glass is The tulip is the preferred Bubbles will disperse perfect for preserving glass for wine enthusiasts faster which encourages the bubbles in who want to explore a softer and fruitier your bubbly. the full experience. 昀氀avour to your wines.

QUESTION & ANSWER WITH Pizzini Wines Pizzini grows the 昀椀nest Italian varietal wines right in the heart of Victoria’s King Valley. With over 30 years of history, Pizzini is known for producing a refreshingly 昀椀zzy Prosecco, a tangy Pinot Grigio, and a soft and juicy Sangiovese. They produce their wines with love and care by their family winemaker, Joel Pizzini. Explore Pizzini the Italian way.

Pizzini Wines is a family-owned business, and we would love to know how it all started. Our family business started in the early 1960s when Rosetta and Roberto Pizzini immigrated from Italy and began working and cooking school were both alongside their brothers and built, then accommodation sisters-in-laws to build their added a few years later. tobacco growing business in King Valley, in Victoria’s north Pizzini produce Italian wine east. In the late 1970s next varieties including Prosecco, generation Alfred and Katrina Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese and Pizzini diversi昀椀 ed from tobacco Nebbiolo. In true Italian style, to growing grapes and in the these wines are perfect food early 2000s their children pairing wines, they are lighter began working in the business, in style, savoury and elegant, the focus turned from grape they don’t compete with bold growing to winemaking and 昀氀 avours in food, they help to hospitality. Our new cellar door balance them on the palate.

Share with our readers what they can expect and experience when visiting the winery in picturesque King Valley. A warm welcome awaits – in true Italian- style hospitality. We have many different experiences for our guests to enjoy from wine tastings where you can sit and enjoy an antipasto plate while you taste through the range. Guests can book a cooking class in our ‘hands on’ cooking school and if they would like to extend their stay in the King Valley and visit other cellar doors in the region or take in some stunning natural attractions including Paradise Falls or Powers Lookout then they can book a stay in our accommodation. The King Valley is home to Italian wine varieties in Australia, but it is the rolling hills, pristine King River and peaceful vibe that will keep you coming back to visit! For bookings and more information, visit

Now, the question that many at Minimax would like answered! How should wine be store at home? This is a hard one to tailor for all – as each of us have differing amounts of space and storage options and conditions. To keep it as simple as possible it is best to 昀椀nd a space that will experience the least amount of temperature 昀氀uctuations and vibration. Those who store their wines under a staircase may want to reconsider their choice if there is a lot of stair usage. If you have a few wines that you are waiting for that special occasion to open, we suggest to create an occasion – why wait? Cook a beautiful meal, invite some friends around and feast. Also, what are the most important things to consider when pairing wine with food? Italian wine varieties are made to pair with food, their savouriness and gentle acidity help to bring out the 昀氀avours in the food, they compete less on the palate when compared to more fuller bodied wines. There are traditional wine and food matching rules, however, sometimes there isn’t time to create the ‘perfect’ match. With the fusion of 昀氀avours in food and array of wine varieties available to us now it is the perfect opportunity to experiment. If it isn’t perfect, does it matter?

The coolest drink during entertaining season is Prosecco! How do you serve Prosecco and what else can you make with it? Prosecco is so fun and versatile – we serve it in a number of ways. It is fun as is, but we also have a recipe for a Margarita Spritz which involves adding some tequila, lemon juice and sugar syrup and of course a crowd favourite is the Aperol Spritz. We make homemade produce at Pizzini so we also use our Prosecco to make our Raspberry and Prosecco jam and as an integral ingredient in the marshmallow we make to go into our Rocky Prosecco Road.

BAMIX OF SWITZERLAND Your Magic Kitchen Wand Are you looking at investing in a reliable appliance that makes food preparation a breeze and dare we say it, enjoyable? Made in the same Swiss factory for 65 years, the world famous Bamix immersion blender boasts many enviable talents – it can chop, mince, puree, emulsify, mince, shred, froth, grind, pulverise, grate and whip. It takes the fuss out of cooking with its simple, single 昀椀 nger operation and is even backed with a 20-year warranty on its motor.

BAMIX COMPETITION WIN A BAMIX ‘TO GO’ IMMERSION BLENDER SET We’re giving away one Bamix ‘To Go’ blender set, so you can experience the convenience and power of this handy tool for yourself. To enter, simply tell us what you would make with your very own Bamix immersion blender. So, get creative and let us know your culinary creations! How to Enter: 1.) Follow @minimax_aus on Instagram. 2.) Like the competition post on Minimax’s Instagram page. 3.) Share with us in the comments on the competition post what culinary creations you would create with the Bamix To Go immersion blender set? The To Go set includes: Immersion blender with whisk, beater, mincer & multipurpose blades, insulated beaker and recipe book. Competition closes Thursday 6th October 2022. Click here to view full terms & conditions.

This smoothie bowl is deliciously sweet and creamy, despite being vegan and free from any added sugar. Packed full of healthy fats from the avocado and coconut and added antioxidants in the form of cacao nibs and blueberries, it’s the perfect celebration of a new season. INGREDIENTS - MAKES 4 METHOD SMALL OR 2 LARGE BOWLS Place the spinach in the base of a 60 grams baby spinach large, tall blending beaker. (you can blanch this if you like) 500 grams frozen bananas Add the bananas, avocado, mint, 1 avocado and coconut milk in that order. 2 Tablespoon fresh mint 1 cup coconut milk Use the mincer blade to blend TOPPINGS until you have a thick and creamy mixture. Kiwi fruit Blueberries Top with coconut 昀氀 akes, kiwi fruit, Coconut 昀氀 akes blueberries and cacao nibs and Cacao nibs garnish with extra sprigs of mint. Recipe By Naomi Sherman Naomi Sherman is a food photographer and stylist who creates edible artistry in her studio located in the beautiful Huon Valley. A 昀椀 rm believer that there is no one-size-昀椀 ts-all approach to good health, Naomi loves to create recipes that are fresh and bursting with 昀氀 avour, with an emphasis on gluten and re昀椀 ned sugar free dishes. Her recipes, along with her award-winning cookbook Edible Heirlooms, can be found at

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Perfecting Preserved Arrangements WITH

We sat down with Simone Rofaeil, the creative director at The Palmier to discuss her preserved hand-made creations. She sources 昀氀owers from nature’s treasures, preserves and dries them to stand the test of time. She also shared some tips with us on how to preserve 昀氀owers at home.

How did The Palmier decided to do what I never come to life? thought I would, quit my corporate job and take on a The Palmier was birthed studio space to pursue The from a home garage during Palmier full time. Fortunately the 2020 pandemic. I had enough I was able to 昀椀nd the just gone on maternity leave perfect little sunlit studio, from my corporate job with right at the heart of where it my second son. Having lived all began, Port Melbourne. in Port Melbourne for the Since launching our website, past 8 years I used to often we have been blessed and notice fallen fronds and took fortunate enough to have a few home from an evening created for thousands of people walk one night to place in an all around Australia, helping empty vase I had at home. spread the dried 昀氀oral love near and far. I posted a picture on Facebook We have also been given marketplace and overnight had incredible opportunities more than 30 enquires on my to work with some iconic vase / frond concoction. Much Australian brands such to my surprise, I was staggered as Country Road, Gurner at the online interest and Group and Rachel Gilbert. naturally began an Instagram page. Palms were exclusively When putting together the material I was using at the a creation what do time to create wreaths and wall you consider? hangings, hence the origin of the name “The Palmier” which When we create bespoke is merely French for ‘palm’. pieces, it is a very considered As many eyeballs had higher and personalised process that screen-times during repeated involves a few key factors. lockdowns, I was fortunate Initially, we love to see the enough to have my following space we are creating for grow relatively quickly and draw inspiration from and simultaneously dried colours, textures and the 昀氀owers had begun creeping overall aesthetic of the into the market. I began home or corporate of昀椀ce. incorporating dried 昀氀owers with my palms and foraged We then consider key goods and my creations were aspects such as scale, size received extremely well by and functionality of the piece. those following along. The idea of a bespoke creation is that is slots in Very quickly the home studio seamlessly to your home was out-grown and a short and surrounds, as though it one and a half years later I were a piece of furniture.

Share with our readers a few tips on how to preserve 昀氀owers at home? It is not too dif昀椀cult to try drying some of your own 昀氀owers at home. Drying 昀氀owers involves hanging them upside down in a dark, cool area such as a walk- in-robe or cupboard. Some 昀氀owers and foliage will take longer than others to dry, but approximately 2 weeks of hanging should be suf昀椀ce. Foliage such as gum and magnolia are a great place to start with as they are very structural and instantly create an element of bringing the outdoors in. BRING SPRING INTO YOUR HOME Time Tree Vases Time Tree 30cm x 17cm Round Pyramid Vase - $59.95 | Time Tree 19cm x 17.5cm Onion Vase - $59.95 Available in selected stores and view the Time Tree collection online at

Frypans with X Factor

Introducing SearTech™ Anolon X Frypan Twin Pack - $299.95 Introductory offer $119 Includes 21cm and 25cm frypans with SearTech™ non stick surface Introductory offer Valid until 26th September, 2022. Introducing Anolon X, the combines inlaid stainless steel surface keeps the cooking oil in latest innovation in non-stick mesh with a superior non-stick the middle of the pan, directly cookware. This new range is surface for better caramelisation under the food to enhance the engineered for 昀氀avour, making and searing. 昀氀avour for a perfect 昀椀nish. With it the ideal choice for searing SearTech™, you can be sure that steak, 昀椀sh, and other meats. Lock in 昀氀avour and throw away your food will always have that The Anolon X frypan twin the key with the exclusive succulent, seared 昀氀avour that you pack features the latest hybrid SearTech™ technology. The love. So go ahead and sear, sauté, SearTech™ technology which inlaid stainless steel mesh and fry until your heart’s content!

RECIPE Spring Salad BY NAOMI SHERMAN SERVES: 6 PREPARATION TIME: 10 MINUTES You know it’s spring when you sit down to a salad that is bursting with crisp textures and fresh fl avours. Combine that with a hit of zesty lemon dressing and your spring fl ing is complete. You can mix and match the fresh greens, or the herbs, with what you have on hand or your preferred tastes, just make sure to wash and spin the greens to maintain quality and texture. INGREDIENTS METHOD 500 grams zucchini, peeled into Place the rocket leaves and the shaved fennel into cold water and rinse ribbons well, this will not only remove any impurities but will maintain crispness. 300 grams fennel, thinly shaved 120 grams rocket Remove from the water and place in the spinner basket, before spinning ¼ cup mint leaves to remove excess water. 2 Tablespoons dill fronds Lemon zest for garnish Remove the basket and base plate from the glass salad bowl and dry out any remaining water. DRESSING Place the rocket and fennel in the glass bowl and then add the zucchini ½ cup lemon juice (approx. 3 lemons) ribbons, fresh mint, and dill sprigs. Zest of 1 lemon 1 clove garlic, minced 昀椀 nely Use clean hands to toss well until evenly distributed. 1 teaspoons salt ½ teaspoon ground black pepper Place all of the dressing ingredients into your shaker and shake well 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard until emulsi昀椀 ed. 2 Tablespoons honey 1 cup light olive oil Prior to serving, drizzle about ¼ cup of dressing over the salad and toss to coat. This dressing can be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks. Add additional dressing to taste. Return to room temperature and shake well prior to use. Serve with a garnish of fresh lemon zest.

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INTRODUCING Kiln by Denby Denby introduces a collection of warm and calming hues to your home. The organic and timeless shapes are complemented by a hand spray effect, adding a subtle pattern on each ceramic to create a tactile narrative 昀椀 lled with stories and textures. Safe to use in the oven, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher. The Kiln range is a reliable addition to any gathering.

Shop the Denby Kiln range in selected stores or online at


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